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  1. @spritzer


    I'm getting a new SR-007A.

    I already have SR-007 MK1 but the ribbon cable seems dead and every things tearing apart and old(earpads, headband) 


    Not sure how to make it sound like the best version.

    Scenario 1

    1. Move the spring from mk-1 to 007A

    2. Blutak mod with 007A


    Scenario 2 (but 007 Mk1 is old)

    1. Move every things from 007A to MK1, earpads, headband, cable ribbon(soldering) 


    Thank you.

  2. 5 minutes ago, nopants said:

    Do you guys know if there's an easy way to get a replacement headband for the 007mk1? I don't even know if Stax still makes that stuff...


    I also looking for this one and the replacement cable.



  3. 6 hours ago, spritzer said:

    I've had them for a week now so a review is incoming. 


    I'm waiting for the review since my 007 is broken.


    Let's see where you will place it in the list :prettyprincess:

    On 11/5/2021 at 12:09 AM, spritzer said:

    I doubt the X9000 will be on that list but we'll see:


    SR-007Mk2 (latest version)



    SR-Lambda Nova Signature (which the CRBN replaces)

    Congrats!!  :)  I was slow to order them as I really had to talk myself into getting a high end Stax again... 

    ECC99's sound bad in that circuit so I'd stick with the 6CG7's. 


  4. 4 hours ago, spritzer said:

    Finally, I’ve had some time to sit down and dot down my final thoughts on the CRBN.  They’ve been here for a couple of months, but I really wanted to have a Carbon CC up and running to try them on before I wrote anything final.  I rustled up some pretty ghetto front and back panels this week, so I finally have one for my own system.  Feeding it is a Denafrips Terminator DAC but I’ve tried it with a number of other sources plus whatever amps I’ve up and running at any given point, KGSSHV, KGST, CCS modified Stax amps etc. 

    Now I want to start with how it’s been living with them for the past two months, in a word flawless.  No issues at all with this second set, no imbalance, noises from the drivers… nothing like that.  They are also supremely comfortable, and I’ve worn them for hours on end with no discomfort.  Now this is Iceland so not exactly warm and the all-leather earpads might be an issue in warmer climates.  Audeze might make hybrid pads like the Sennheiser HE60/90 but here I just open a window to cool down... 😉   

    Also, a word on driving them.  They are inefficient and do need a lot of power.  Anybody claiming otherwise is just full of it and thinks gain and position of the volume knob has anything to do with power levels.  They are not quite 007 bad in this regard but they do reward a more powerful amp when pushing them.  Baseline for excellent performance would be the KGST/KGSSHV line but even with the CCS modified Stax amps they work well at moderate volume levels.  Push them though and yeah… you need power behind them. 

    So how do they sound… well TLDR, how I’ve always wished the Sennheiser HE90 should have sounded but never did.  These were my first impressions, slightly oversized soundstage and not as precise as others but far from the mess that is the HE90.  Plenty of deep, well controlled bass too but not quite up to the 007 level.  They can get bright when the source calls for it, slightly excessively so at times, but far from the forward nature of the 009’s.  The soundstage is a bit larger than life, but it makes for plenty of presence and separation so while not pinpoint accurate, they are very close to it.  Overall, they are just so balanced and pleasant to listen to regardless of what you feed them. 

    Now for the only real issue, the damping is something which has annoyed me more and more.  Now as some might know… I’m a bit picky… just a tiny bit…  😛 and while it is not always apparent, some songs or parts of them just sound off to me.   This generally true for every headphones I use so I remove all damping when I can.  Also, a large part of why I like the 007’s so much due to their innovative air damping.  Now on the CRBN the damping is damn good, but I can still tell it is there.  This is not like the Sennheiser HE-1 for instance, where that bloody amp with its mosfet based output stage and joke of a front end just spreads its dirty fingerprints on everything.  This is far more subtle and only affects some tracks so for instance, it is too closed in when it shouldn’t be, bass has a twang to it that shouldn’t be there… something like that. This is a very minor gripe, and this is me being super picky so take it as you wish.   Still, I’d love to try these drivers with less damping…  🙂

    So, this aside, there is so much to recommend here.  They are certainly not cheap but just holding them you can see where the money has gone.  Plug them into a good amp yeah, they will impress.  The only issue for me it they have rekindled an old project, take some LCD-2’s and fit them with custom electrostatic drivers.  Anybody know of a cheap set I can buy?  😉

    Now I’ve not received my SR-X9000000000000 yet so I can’t compare them but on its own the CRBN is a great product.  They are not perfect (what is?) but as a first stab at making electrostatics, they are damn impressive.  I’m adding this set to my collection, and they are certainly in my top 5 all-time greats.  I really must say they are a breath of fresh air as the releases over the last few years have been such a disappointment.  It really has been a 10-year slump now so here’s hoping we get something excellent over the next 10 years. 


    Thank you for your impression 😄


    What is your TOP 5 all-time greats (before x9000) 🙂


    3 hours ago, spritzer said:

    It might be a cable issue so try moving it close to the headset and see if anything changes.  If it is dust inside the drivers, there is not much that can be done.  Simply opening up the driver will expose it to further dust contamination and this is so small you can barely see it without some instrumentation. 

    It's definitely cable issue (I've tested with ESP-95X, that's real dust in the driver). Sometime the sound gone in the right driver, until I rotate it. 


    Anyway, I found impression video of x9000 on youtube.




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  6. Does anyone know the 'KGSS-A' which mentioned here https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fs-stax-kgss-a-aka-srm-727a-with-kgsshv-output-stage-price-dropped.773487/

    Looking to build one, but can't find the instruction.

    "KGSS-A", aka a Stax SRM727A modified with Kevin Gilmore's instructions, in order to replace the original output stage of the 727 with KGSSHV output stage, by replacing several of the original transistors with the 2sa1968 and improving some parts of the signal path."

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