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  1. @spritzer I would like to ask your opinion on Sony MDR-R10 please. I mean I'm looking for Euphoric signature kind of type, the 007 is one of that for sure. but have heard the R10 may keep up with the 007 or surpress it. P.S.: Oops, I thought this is the stax theard, it may out of topic but I already posted it
  2. Seems you don't like any warm-ish signature (according to CBRN theard) 😄
  3. I use the Stax setup at home. Here are the phones list Sony R10 (Hard to find), Sr-4070, ZMF Verite, Focal Stellia Any suggestion so far?
  4. @spritzer I'm getting a new SR-007A. I already have SR-007 MK1 but the ribbon cable seems dead and every things tearing apart and old(earpads, headband) Not sure how to make it sound like the best version. Scenario 1 1. Move the spring from mk-1 to 007A 2. Blutak mod with 007A Scenario 2 (but 007 Mk1 is old) 1. Move every things from 007A to MK1, earpads, headband, cable ribbon(soldering) Thank you.
  5. T2 sells on yahoo.auction page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e1047809231
  6. I also looking for this one and the replacement cable.
  7. I'm waiting for the review since my 007 is broken. Let's see where you will place it in the list
  8. FR X9000 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/stax-sr-x9000.959852/page-55#post-16804109
  9. Thank you for your impression 😄 What is your TOP 5 all-time greats (before x9000) 🙂
  10. It's definitely cable issue (I've tested with ESP-95X, that's real dust in the driver). Sometime the sound gone in the right driver, until I rotate it. Anyway, I found impression video of x9000 on youtube.
  11. I hear some buzz sound from o2. Anyone here knows how to fix it? Maybe dust. I'm not sure.
  12. Does anyone know the 'KGSS-A' which mentioned here https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fs-stax-kgss-a-aka-srm-727a-with-kgsshv-output-stage-price-dropped.773487/ Looking to build one, but can't find the instruction. "KGSS-A", aka a Stax SRM727A modified with Kevin Gilmore's instructions, in order to replace the original output stage of the 727 with KGSSHV output stage, by replacing several of the original transistors with the 2sa1968 and improving some parts of the signal path."
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