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  1. Can you have contact with him? I am also happy to buy these modules. I found them myself a few months ago ( find my post on diyaudio forum) but I have no friends in Japan. Without these chips I will not finish this amplifier.
  2. As for your pcb board: You have big cohones, dude !! BTW: Can you share the source of lt8365 chips in japan ? - I can order them there because only this is what I still need to finish the project.
  3. Inside is Kevin Gilmore estat portable with my modification and you can't buy it - it's d.i.y.
  4. Born in pain - no semiconductors on the market- but case is here ! Introduction my portable estat with necessary modifications
  5. Got it, thanks for explaining this !
  6. Hi ! I get this unit, but I'm confusing with offset voltage - I measured the output offset voltage and it is far from 0V - I do not know if these stax amplifiers have that, but mine has, respectively: 8.8V, 5.4V, 12V and -0.6V? Electrostats are rather new to me, but here the DC voltage at the output should be close to 0V, as in conventional amplifiers? Is it not damaged? Does anyone have a list of the correct voltages in this model?
  7. Now all works - I had a short break with electronics so I was a bit rusty
  8. Thank's, but my problem is when I connect them single amp like on a kerry pcb together, the simulation does not work. And I can see that it works in real - maybe I'm doing something wrong in the simulation ??
  9. Nice joke I simulated your schematic in topology from pcb and it does not work in any way - only in single mode, not bridge. And I know it works to you - some "king of magic" I always liked to check the circuit in the simulation before I did something - we have something in common
  10. I have a certain idea - you could add a direct input for a balanced signal - my qudelix gives 4V rms in this mode - bypassing the potentiometer, which is not of high quality - anyway, it is unnecessary in this configuration because the gain control is taken over by the phone or the qudelix itself (of course it writes about my case)
  11. I have one more, maybe a stupid question - how are these four amplifiers connected - there is no phase inverter there and looking at the pcb I can see that the inputs in the channels are connected (?) - I'm tired of this matter and I can't sleep because of it - can you explain it to me ?
  12. I understand, and when will it be ready to buy?
  13. Ok, sorry for that. I don't distrube you
  14. I don't know if I'm looking wrong but I can't find a schematic for cfaelectrostatic, besides, there are no gerberas too for this project either. Are they available somewhere?
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