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  1. HEDD-ADAM ATM we are beyond thrilled to announce HEDDphone® - the first full-range headphone design based on HEDD / ADAM founder and speaker veteran Klaus Heinz’ world-known Air Motion Transformer driver!! The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than common voice coil, magnetostatic (planar) or electrostatic systems. Their traditional piston-like movement is overcome by a folded diaphragm that squeezes out air four times faster: A breakthrough for capturing more details in any audio recording. In order to reproduce the
  2. Edifier CEO talks to KitGuru about STAX OMEGA headphones and more ! Published on Jan 8, 2019 We recently had some time to sit down with Edifier CEO WenDong Zhang and he talked about them buying STAX and their relationship with the iconic headphone maker. He goes over other information on their speakers as well. Its an interesting interview if you are interested in audio.
  3. So thats a bit of a bummer then, especially if you buy a new set and find they are old stock using the old drivers. So the SZ3- prefix is no guarantee then. So if I decide to replace my existing Mk2 with another, how sonically will I know if I've got the newest version?
  4. @spritzer I know you have said before that trying to use Stax serial numbers to determine when the headphones were produced is unreliable. I think you said previously its the 007's with the latest diaphragms which you now rate as the best iteration of this model. Is there any easy way or external distinguishing features that enables one to say a particular 007 is fitted with the preferred drivers?
  5. AH the W A F !! (wife acceptance factor) Like keeping your workbench clean and tidy
  6. Jecklins uncomfortable - how come? If you want uncomfortable then its Grados or Audeze! Lovely Birgir - Peter Walker would be proud! Are these the Quad Musik style frames?
  7. Still at the prototype stage I believe. Has anyone had chance to hear a set? Short video discussing the prototype
  8. I've always found DSP processing sucks so thats bad news. Seems the so called revolutionary material was originally designed for other purposes not for high end audio as per the piece written by Tyll
  9. Can you post the link to the video please? From the blurb on the web site it implies they are not available to buy at the moment as you are asked to register interest so perhaps they are looking to see how many potential punters there may be. Might be worth asking Tyll to use some of his contacts to find out where they are with production units. They may have a prototype or pre-production unit he could get his hands on
  10. Anyone seen or heard these? https://sonomaacoustics.com/sonoma-model-one-headphone-system/ THE SONOMA MODEL ONE ELECTROSTATIC HEADPHONE SYSTEM NEW TRANSDUCER TECHNOLOGY The M1 Headphone System is the world’s first headphone to use a High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate Transducer (HPEL) developed by Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd. This patented technology ushers in a new paradigm in electrostatic transducers offering all of the benefits of traditional electrostatics, but manufactured with unprecedented consistency and matching between transducers. HPEL Transduce
  11. You should write reviews for 6MOONS!
  12. Sennheiser say their target markets are First division footballers, Oil Sheikhs and Drug dealers Wonder if they might have some B stock models for sale, slight chip to the marble
  13. Having both the 007Mk1 and the 009 I have always been torn between the two. When I first had the 009 it came over as very bright but I put this down primarily to the source as the 009 helped me to hear how artificial some of the recordings sounded. I gradually moved to a Non Over Sampling DAC which sounded much more natural, smoother and less artificial, I have never moved back. Compared to the 007 the 009 is like opening a window, letting in greater clarity and detail so I was quite surprised at Bob's comments. However; moving directly from the 007 to to 009 is aurally quite a shock to the e
  14. Interesting video Of Bob Katz talking about his work and mastering philosophy
  15. Bob Katz is an audio mastering engineer and author of a popular book on audio mastering. Katz has mastered three Grammy Award-winning albums and one nominated album. He has received acclaim from audiophiles and his book on mastering has received acclaim, with some considering it the "definitive work on mastering Spritzer is cited in the video regarding his Stax expertise, mods, amplifier design and building - Congratulations !
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