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  1. Have a wonderful birthday man!
  2. purk

    Happy Birthday Pars!

    Have a wonderful birthday, Chris! Stay healthy!
  3. Sure...I will participate as always!
  4. Pictures of this beauty please?
  5. purk


    Love the HD580 but can't stand the Ety ER4s due to comfort issues. I also find the HD-58X from Massdrop a really good buy at $150 or so.
  6. I would like partially assembled boards as well please. Thank you very much for doing this.
  7. I love the Sony IER-Z1R. Tremendously musical and technical competence at the same time and it has full size headphones sense of width and depth.
  8. Awesome Justin! Looking forward to see you man.
  9. purk

    T+A Solitaire

    Looks like they have copied a few ideas from Audio-Technica AtH-HA5050H DAC/amp. Impedance selection as well as VU meters. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/accessories/bd963a3646968df5/index.html
  10. Better than the Gilmore Lite MK2? Love the look of the upgrade cable!
  11. Was holding up quite well until I tried out the Sony IER-Z1R.
  12. purk

    Happy Birthday JP!

    Have a great birthday JP!
  13. purk

    Chord Mojo

    Yes, and it has a balanced headphone out too. The Mojo is likely to sound better but the ZX300 is a really good all in one DAP. It has BT receiver so u can stream music from your smart phone to it.
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