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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Interesting indeed. Still a welcomed news to have.
  3. I would get something in a $350 range with an i3 processor and 4GB of ram at the minimum. I own one of those newer Celeron and it is slow.
  4. Good job Vince!! Big congrats to you!
  5. So when I can read this on headfi, Birgir? Hurry up ...it is already Sunday here in Atalanta, GA.
  6. Nice one Todd. The DSHA-3 with lower output impedance should be a great match to the Utopia.
  7. So who else will join us? I will bring my ECP L3.
  8. Can you get Dan to send one of the prototype to the May 7th ATL meet? I can supply the amp.
  9. Although it had a lot of power on tap but the sound was not transparent when I heard it. Still, can we get anything better commercially at that same price bracket?
  10. Well, we did eat at a nice Brazilian steak house in Buckhead area. I can't confirm nor deny of what Justin and Brent attended afterward. Though I did made a few suggestions.
  11. Really though it is about impedance issues on the Utopia. I was having similar problems with the ECP-L3 and Utopia combo but absolutely loving it with the Dynahi, GSX, and DSHA-2. Ultimately, the smallish soundstage may lead to me selling it.
  12. I think the Utopia needs a low output impedance amplifier to work best. Doug actually informed me that it has a poor damping factor and I totally agreed. Out of my L3 (high output impedance amp), the Utopia's bass is all over the place while the Utopia becomes a TOTL headphones out of my DSHA-0/2 and Headamp GSX as well as the SuSy Dynahi. You should try to the Utopia out of a portable source and you may like it even more. I personally find the Utopia's small and compact soundstage its biggest weakness. Otherwise, I find them quite awesome.
  13. Superb Justin!!! Brazilian steakhouse again?
  14. I plan to attend as always.