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  1. purk

    The Headcase Stax thread

    I properly driven SR007 will deliver top tier sound quality. I recommend Mjolnir KGSSHV Mini!
  2. purk

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    Have a happy birthday!
  3. purk

    2SA1968 substitution

    I think there are more ES1 than that. I used to own one ...glad I got a refund from Mikhail when I had the chance. Mikhail told me that toward the end most of his customers are from mainland China and his ES1 & SDS-XLR were selling well. I thought Kerry also made another T2 just like his and sold it for around 18k.
  4. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    MMA is the 4th option. Sadly one of his hand is already too fragile.
  5. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    The summer of Lebron has begun. Staying or leaving to start another super team?
  6. purk

    RIP some fuck or another

    I thought his documentary about the Part Unknown was outstanding. Sad that he didn't seek any help before committed an unthinkable. Sad for his crews too.
  7. purk

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Anthony. Sad for his daughter. Love his shows.
  8. purk

    Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Thank you again. Really appreciate you doing this @cspirou!!
  9. purk

    Best amp/dac for focal utopia

    For DAP, get the Sony NW-ZX2 or go all out with the WM1Z. I would get the Justin Gilmore Lite for desktop.
  10. purk

    Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Please Gael, some of us really want their cases sooner than later. Thanks again.
  11. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    Thanks to JR, now they may not even get one game.
  12. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    I am becoming Lebron fan. I wish he plays like this a long time ago. What a great game!
  13. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    I'm impressed by his performance as well, but Boston was so pathetic on the second half. How many more three will this young team and coach shoot when the conversion rate was below 20%. Its a game 7, play smarter damn it!
  14. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    feel bad for CP3.
  15. purk

    Happy Birthday Brent!

    Take it easy Brent...I wish you guys were still in Chattanooga when I was in town last weekend. Thanks for recommending a good place to eat.