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  1. Sorry for your loss, Fitz. Enjoy the endless playground Mathilda.
  2. Enjoy your special day!
  3. Happy birthday Hirsch! Still enjoying the R10?
  4. After hearing what these high-end DAPs can do it was an easy choice for me to make. Desktop systems always going to sound better, but something like the iBasso DX220 MAX and slightly modified Sony NW-WM1A/1A have really push the boundary on what portable/transportable DAP can do. It isn't that far behind the mini Dynalo and you can take it with you every where. AT cans are easy to power hence my recommendation. Agreed about buying used. However, one can buy the Black Dragon in bulk at $14/ft or buy DIY litz from Norne (better quality). I usually go with the Black Dragon (BD) bec
  5. I was once a member of a team 4 pin XLR, but earlier this year I reterminated all of my headphones from 4 pin balanced to 4.4 mm balanced. Many top end DAPs are approaching a really good desktop system hence my suggestion plus the L3000 is super easy to drive. You can always make an adapter going from 4.4 mm back to 4 pin XLR or whatever. Furutech makes really good 4.4 mm plugs and Moon audio make a high quality male and female 4.4 mm as well...same can be said for Eidolic. I think you guys will think the same once you give a 4.4 mm balanced a try. Even my HD800 is reterminated with a
  6. Not difficult to recable the L3000 at all. Remove the earpads, screws (4 screws holding the earcups and another 3 holding the driver assembly in place), and you should get to the driver. I suggest a high quality silver cable to enhance the resolution, open up the soundstage, and tighten up the bass impact. I recabled my old pair with Moon SIlver Dragon Gen 1 but this was probably around 7 - 8 years ago before I sold it to a local friend. I recently recabled my 3000ANV with the left over SIlver Dragon and the work was not difficult at all. If you are handy with soldering iron, it can be do
  7. Looking awesome! Get some Eidolic connectors, reterminate your cable for even more awesomeness.
  8. Well the CD1700 actually does not have any weakness after the recabled work that I did. As wonderful as the Cd3000 with similar mod, the treble still can be annoying from time to time. I don’t encounter any issue with the CD1700. The presentation is actually effortless, relaxed, and analog sounding. If you guys come across one and willing to do a bit of DIY, you will be very pleased with the results. They can easily compete with any headphones under a grand and then some.
  9. Circa 1996. Sony MDR-CD1700. I modified it recently for a balanced amplification. Stock is single-end only with wiring going into the left earcup. The CD1700 is seriously awesome after the mod. It is super efficient and sound better than ever. Modded with Moon-Audio Black Dragon and Furutech 4.4 mm plug.
  10. Was only joking. Again, not a fan of Hifiman as a company so I will not support their products. I admit loving the Susvara though.
  11. Not the RAAL but I did try the Empy thanks to Justin. The sound is bassy and beautiful. I found them warmer than neutral but very refined; however, they still sound like most plannars to my ears and not transparent and airy enough. Hate to say it but I thought the Susvara was super wonderful sounding. It was transparent and very musical out of Justin’s GSX mini. Since I don’t like how Hifiman conducts their business, the Susvara is off the table for me. The SDR mod HD800 has really grown on me the last few years. They are very robust, durable, and sound really good out of my
  12. These days I spend more time listening to earphones more than my full size headphones. With less time for listening at home, I spend more time listening at work. I can use a full size cans at work but I prefer a more discrete device 1. Sony IER-Z1R. Seriously good sound for an IEM with really good isolation. Wearing comfort is a top notch to me. So a preferred choice while listen at work. 2. Sony MDR-EX1000. This is a really lovely sounding earphones. Isolation is rather poor so I use it a little less than the IER-Z1R but the sound quality is top notch. In many ways I do p
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