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  1. Definitely an RK50, I did check with the guy and that was a typo buy the seller. He did sell it for that price.
  2. Not electrostatic amp but this is a complete steal here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HEADROOM-MAX-BALANCED-HEADPHONE-AMPLIFIER-Upgraded-50KAX4-Volume-Control-/142279338346 The RK50 by itself is $800 right? I own the Balanced Home with Max Module and this amp is amazing at driving the HD800 and nearly as good as my ECP DSHA-0 prototype. This is supposedly even better. The seller had it on ebay with BIN for $3500 for like 3 months and I made an offer at $2500 and he rejected my offer. Wish I could have bought it for that price.
  3. Great job Vince!!! Super happy on your first KGSSHV Carbon.
  4. Must be a bidding war.
  5. Has anyone tried their new Sonica DAC with the dual 9028pro on board?
  6. Just pure awesomeness John! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
  7. The Elear is impressive Sam just don't expect superb soundstage from them.
  8. Have a great birthday.
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. No need to fee bad. My soon to be next amp, KGST, will comfort me nicely.
  11. I lost by 10 bucks. Didn't want it hard enough obviously. Great deal for a great sounding amp.
  12. But yours likely have the black gates in the PSU correct?
  13. I believe that this amp used to belong to Akwok and he had a tech some where to remove the black gates, and replace with a more conventional caps...then sell the caps on ebay for some profit.
  14. This is just a regular KGSS however given that the ultra special Blackgate capacitors were removed.
  15. Phil had three top ten players of all time, so he had to do okay. MJ, Kobe, and Shaq are once a generation players. What Pop is doing with SA is much more impressive IMO.