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  1. lulz, I haven't posted on here in years.
  2. why would anyone ever actually wanna talk to me?
  3. hahah unfortunately those are test strips for my blood tester(type 1 diabetic)
  4. I much prefer Bold Leadership 4 a Better World Vert
  5. not the prettiest but eh $468 total not including the gigabeat
  6. <3 null thanks guys for getting me un glined
  7. Hey guys I OD'd I'm dead thanks, Beebs(in heaven)
  8. wow this really is the final straw <Beeble_> http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/7717/olsendeepthroat8qh.gif <Beeble_> DEEP THROAT <Beeble_> SFW <Beeble_> SFW <Beeble_> SFW <Beeble_> that's right <Beeble_> it's safe for work <Bob_McBob> O_o <Beeble_> lol <Beeble_> olsen deep throat <Beeble_> come on <Bob_McBob> Whatever floats your boat. <morph> that's amazing <morph> i can't believe that <morph> Beeble_ are you totally insane? <Vertigo> did you even look at the picture? <morph> yes <morph> and the comment he made <Beeble_> morph I'm doing it in response to your totally insane ways of you still being in here * jjcha-KR has joined #headphone-hifi <morph> this is the most iditoic thing i have ever seen <Vertigo> did it hurt anyone? <jjcha-KR> lo <morph> hi jjcha-KR <Beeble_> morph that's not dumb at all <Beeble_> it's a complete joke <Beeble_> jesus <Beeble_> do you have no sense of humor? <morph> this is a small child <Beeble_> like seriously why are you still in this channel <morph> omg <Beeble_> it's not dirty <morph> unbelievable <Beeble_> so you have no right to bitch <Beeble_> and it's not dumb <Beeble_> seriously you have no sense of humor <cetoole> "Now that I think about it, prison inmates frequently turn to religion. I'm not very religious, but maybe I should be. Sure, Jesus made wine from water, but I did it with a dirty sock and fruit snacks! You tell me what the bigger miracle is. And I'm not even the son of God...or am I?" <cetoole> LMAO <Beeble_> hahah <cetoole> prison wine <Beeble_> seriously though why are you in this chan <Beeble_> noone wants you here <Beeble_> all you've done is create drama <Beeble_> that wasn't here before <Beeble_> you're about the only person who doesn't find that pic amusing <morph> i have been here from the beginning too <Beeble_> but you know nothing about headphones? <morph> what you just pasted just confirms my pbjections <morph> *objections <Beeble_> objections about what <Beeble_> the fact that we're all pissed off that you're trying to run our channel <Bob_McBob> Oh god, not again <morph> sorry Bob_McBob <Beeble_> I stopped bob <morph> i wasn'y going to <Beeble_> morph called my link stupid <Beeble_> and it was a joke <Beeble_> that wasn't even dirty <morph> but i had to say something <Beeble_> no you didn't <morph> yes <morph> this is a small child <fante7> beeble man, give it a rest <Beeble_> DUDE IT'S FUCKING MARY KATE AND ASHLEY OLSEN <Beeble_> who are now over 18 <Beeble_> and it's making fun of them <morph> this is alike a nightmare <Vertigo> hello. I am robovert <Vertigo> I have no humor anymore <Vertigo> please ask me about headphones * Vertigo does the robot <Beeble_> if you don't get the joke then you're lame <cetoole> hey vert, are bose the best evah? <Bob_McBob> Bose > all <Vertigo> *SYSTEM ERROR* <Beeble_> OMG BOSE FOR LIFE <fante7> contradiction <Vertigo> price/performance <Bob_McBob> 4 life <Vertigo> CANNOT DIVIDE BY ZERO <cetoole> heh <fante7> Vertigo - you beat me to it. bastard <Vertigo> I beat everyone to everything <Bob_McBob> back in a bit <Vertigo> and then I beat off in victory <Beeble_> morph stay out of channel politics <Beeble_> especially when it wasn't nasty <morph> Beeble_ how about you not tell me what to do <morph> everybody else in here can, not you <Beeble_> hahahahaha <Beeble_> DUDE THEN YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WHEN IT DOESN'T AFFECT YOU <morph> don't yell at me <Beeble_> you're being a total hypocrite <Beeble_> do you not have the intelligence to realize that <morph> clever <Beeble_> that doesn't even make sense
  9. darkless if you're one of the people who complained to morph than say something to the person offended you. The thing is tonight I had a talk with morph on the chan and he still seems to think that he's above everyone else and that we're all "porn freaks" I dunno if he gives us anymore shit I think we should leave right away
  10. it's not about that grawk it's what we cannot do because morph yells and threatens to Kline us for saying anything he doesn't like or for banning anyone. I got yelled at for banning someone who from the start trolled me and everyone else. Morph literally told me that I couldn't ban him etc...
  11. I dunno efnet is too much of a challenge especially if we want new people. Having to deal with no nickserv or chanserv for a newbie is not a good prospective.
  12. /server sexy.zoite.net if you're on irc.zoite.net it's split from the rest of the network because of bot attacks and only morph will be in there.
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