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  1. Good for you. Clear and to the point. Too bad they couldn't have included more of your substance, including the specific model you were referring to. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, since I'm not a regular reader of that particular rag.
  2. This morning, Kate woke up to chew:
  3. Thanks guys! I had an insight on Thursday that my next one was available and called my breeder. Turns out he had had his first litter of his dogs (all my spaniel girls are from his dogs' breedings) in three years and there were two girls ready to go. The recession has been hard on discretionary income activities like bird dog trialing. But here's another spaniel girls discovering the comforts of the Pa's lap.:
  4. Kate - born 4/21/11, field stock english springer spaniel. Small, smart, fast and relentless.
  5. This is a curious, and I believe uniquely American concoction: the baked stuffed potato. A baked potato, cut up, with S&P, butter/margarine, and, in this case, crumbled bacon, steamed broccoli, crumbled feta cheese, sour (non-fat) cream, and Tabasco Chipotle hot sauce. It is seasoned "zippy", which is flavorful and the skin on my skull sweats. Glass of cab. I'm down 5 1/2# in April.
  6. A little piece of grilled lamb with oregano, garlic and mint sauce and some steamed vegetables with a glass of cab. And my replacement dishes, silverware and placemats.
  7. WHENEVER! The sauteed mushrooms and veggies sounds particularly succulent.
  8. And I made hot toasty garlic bread.
  9. Cooking is the preparation of food for consumption. Sometimes it involves the application of heat. If you think my salad or mikeymad's raw fish did not involve selction and preparation, perhaps you have another think coming.
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