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  1. For the 7th year in a row, I am hosting a spring meet in Bayside NY, on Saturday, March 19th. It would be great if any head-Caser's could come. If you can make it, please post in the thread over at Head-Fi. Brownies and a good time is guaranteed for all. Aaron
  2. The Asgard and the Valhalla are both decent amps, especially for their price. I'm not saying that they are going to make you lose sleep every night, having the well known disease of "needing to listen to one more song-itis". But, for the price, you are getting an amp (tubed or not) that sounds slightly better than it costs, made in America with good customer service. I wonder if the name actually has any meaning to it? Did Grandpa Schitt innovate part of the circuitry? That would make some sense, especially since the three amps have a naming convention surrounding a common theme. Also, I w
  3. On these lines, I believe that Kerry (who is extremely and overly cautious), when building his version of the Blue Hawaii, which I named "BHKE", or "Blue Hawaii Kerry Edition", made some wise choices. First of all, he ran the AC and DC from the P/S to the amp, in 2 separate umbilicals. Secondly, he created a small circuit, so that if the umbilical is not plugged into the amp, the voltage is shut down via relay as not to enable a situation for the possibility for any kind of shock. Small amount of time spent (although tossing and turning might have been involved while brainstorming the situa
  4. Like the Vikings in a Capital One commercial, or the Gorilla in the Samsonite commercials? I just want to know what I'm dealing with here. After all, I was in his room drinking Duggeh's 40 proof beer, and don't want to be woken up, chained to the hotel wall with weapons of small destruction being hurled in my general direction
  5. Talking factually, how are RSA products unreliable, badly designed, unsafe for the end user, and have a iffy warranty? Ray and I haven't talked for months, so I am not asking these questions as any kind of friend of his. I've owned multiple products of his over the years, as well as many manufacturers and have not ran into any issues. Not liking someone is one thing, but making these statements is showing things other than dislike.
  6. OK. I'm officially jealous. We have some really nice roads up in Upper Westchester and Orange County (yes, that's the same one where OCC is). What people who don't come from NY don't know (double negative) is that 20 minutes away from NYC is all mountains (or hills) and go a little farther north and you are in the Catskills and the Adirondacks. All you have to do, is make it out of the city limits alive, and there's some twisties and scenery that will rival a good percentage of roadways in the country. We do have a lot of one-eyed cops with lasers in their faces all over the place especially
  7. Hi Tyll!!!! When I hit a high speed (especially where I live) it's never for more than 3 seconds, then, it's back down to earth. The rest of the time is spent enjoying the ride. As far as deer is concerned...not too many near the highways within a 30 mile radius where I get to ride. Now, rats, on the other hand....
  8. You can still use your own bike, but you have to remove the mirrors and turn signals, and cover up your front and rear lights. But the ZX-14 is too much of an elephant to get full enjoyment out of the track. It needs to drop 75 lbs.
  9. There is a company in the same boat as Headamp, that this site does not like very much, but the fact that it follows the same American business model is a fact that cannot be disputed.
  10. Wish I would have gotten this info a little earlier. They are already on their way to me in a very cold truck from Montana. Thanks, though. Not sure if he carries all of the Harbeth line. His site points towards some of the higher price units.
  11. If anyone can burst my bubble, it would be a guy who blocks my sunshine even when it's raining. The big 4 Japanese sportsbike manufacturers in agreement with US policy, all have their bikes limited at 189 mph. But, for less than $300 you can install a simple TRE that will eliminate the retard and allow a bike to do what it was built to do. Kawasaki claims that it's stock motor will do 220 mph. Do I believe every manufacturer claim? Hell no, but there have been many reports, dyno backing amongst other means, that the ZX-14 engine will do close to that speed without any significant mods. How c
  12. Thanks for all the responses and other links. Miguel, this is not for computer speakers. This is for Exemplar Modded Oppo BDP-83 or Meridian G08>Dared 13 watt 300B's>bedroom nearfield listening sessions (maybe 5-7 feet). *Edit - I originally said the Oppo model was the BDP-5 when it is the BDP-83*
  13. He must be a redneck, if he has a working television sitting on top of a non-working television. Huge Harley Chapters in CT. Very few sportbikes.
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