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  1. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Raffy, or Mini Me?
  2. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    As evidenced by the demand / rewards at the top of the pile ... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/12/08/tired_of_despairing_of_trump_and_brexit_why_not_despair_about_youtube_stars_instead/
  3. The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    http://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/must_see/42288252/prankster-defends-cementing-head-in-microwave https://www.youtube.com/user/TGFbro/about "We post videos every 5 days and each time it's something completely random/different. We have no set content that we post, we just post anything retarded and cool that we wanna do.. Such as taking a bath in nettles and shit.. Camera's are made from metal, plastic and glass. We like doing stupid as stuff in front of these materials."
  4. What are you EATING right now?

    Lamb Burger (and fingerling potatoes on a stick!)
  5. Get your game on!

  6. Top Gear

    They’re Back (as it’s already December 8th in the UK)
  7. And now what did you do TODAY?

    That sucks, CJ. Thats an argument for 360° Dashcam(s) right there.
  8. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Congrat Jacob!
  9. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Candidate finally showed management potential. Shame.
  10. Happy Birthday skullguise!

    Happy Birthday, Todd!
  11. The Year in Band Names: 2017

    https://www.avclub.com/and-of-course-anal-trump-the-year-in-band-names-2017-1820336004 Much Names. So Win. This needs it's own thread
  12. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Would the collective noun be a Lynne ?
  13. Ye Macce Threade

    Meanwhile ... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/12/01/apple_ios_11_security_downgrade_decried_as_horror_show/