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  1. Happy Birthday Jeffy! AI Tim Apple wishes you a Happy Birthday as well.
  2. More culture. https://marinsymphony.org/tickets-events/2023-24-season/set5/
  3. Upcoming: https://www.townofross.org/recreation/page/live-common-1 Question for all the Swifty's out there: Exactly how big of a pile of money will we need to set fire to, to recreate the authentic experience?
  4. RIP O.J. / Nordberg https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68792486
  5. Toast and home made orange marmalade, nice cup of tea.
  6. Yes it is. And it is suitably bitter, rich, orangy and tart. Far superior to store bought, according to my co-marmalade maker
  7. Piper Park Picnic* *Sufficient fruit, Steve?
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