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  1. RIP Bill. Game Over, man. Indeed.
  2. Really? Happy Birthday, Naaman!
  3. In that case, Jeff, you'd be fine with Killing Floor 2 and Titanfall 2. That approach can also be applied to Project CARS
  4. Hearty Lamb Stew
  5. Meanwhile ... esp. From the FAQ's IS THERE A LIMIT ON HOW MUCH BACON AND BEER IS SERVED? Each brewery will serve 3 ounce samples of two signature beers. Attendees can sample every bacon-infused dish on site. I DON'T DRINK. CAN I STILL ATTEND? Yes, of course! We always provide water, and offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverage options at select venues. hmm...
  6. Meanwhile ...
  7. Happy Birthday, Dan.
  8. Happy Birthday, other Al.
  9. Happy Birthday, Colin!
  10. Happy Birthday, Steve People tell me it will be a tremendous birthday, yuuuuge, believe me.
  11. Happy Birthday Ed, Here's to a heathy Ed 2.0, and Many More!
  12. Meanwhile ... Via: Some mean tweets on recode No, Just No!
  13. Something to lipread
  14. Deciding how much chocolate scone to have. Settled on a very un-head-case half Due to recovering from the 'flu and not really eating much. On the plus side, when I went to the doctors I was down six pounds from my previous pre New York / Bar Bacon weigh in. So There's that. The half was improved by warming it to slightly melt the chocolate, and, *whisper it* dunking it.
  15. Happy Birthday, Jeff!, However many BAI's you spent on yourself.