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  1. Marimite on Toast, Banana Smash toast, Nice Cup of Tea.
  2. Joanne made some apple cinnamon muffins, so I'm having one with a nice cup of tea for elevenses.
  3. It's on the inside of the filter https://www.blueair.com/us/air-purifier-filters/blue-filters/blue-pure-211-series-smokeblock-filter/3360.html https://www.blueair.com/us/air-purifier-filters/blue-filters/blue-pure-411-particle-carbon/3362.html
  4. New fire season, new air (purifier) filters. The old one's definitely worked, and did their job.
  5. Grahame


    From the comments in the NYT article "I have a 17 year old writing for me who tells me most of his peers don’t have patience or attention span for whole songs. For them songs are for “old people”. I wish that was a joke but it’s not."
  6. Grahame


    Want to Enjoy Music More? Stop Streaming It. Build a real music collection. Reintroduce intimacy to the songs you care about. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/19/magazine/music-not-streaming.html?unlocked_article_code=TtA88rDFywnGU7A_zghf62EYONr1XhmJZtKhyfZnNHFc6NHJjFO_O9bEXfyqAPGFTckToezToo9axpF4dOJMLmNl19DuG_xPO6SIoJkWNRHyrqs6-7HbiiqEIULK5QCjFoO6vM8zrJo7ygWuxW-aNzTc6biJwBp8Ct4bUsqOWaZPvKqvZYc2nzPvjtTKjp9ugl5U9SE3krmlfoZWO6kr9PvgDncjyVSV32yH_P9NOuUh9j6Z04FPQEFUuhf3UO2ElgrRdHCNINX5au5Zg1Z1KL_MKXrUxuK668ty5-tWBLQ2ojpQzoIwwvr4fGzxZwIBChu025CkDTdBX73X7Q7-&smid=url-share
  7. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Who knew there were so many options in Atlanta? https://discoveratlanta.com/stories/things-to-do/top-13-things-to-do-for-adult-birthday-parties-in-atlanta/ Why do I think #8 is most likely (for you)? Are there really people who call it A-Town? https://www.peerspace.com/resources/atlanta-birthday-ideas/ Have a great day!
  8. Yoghurt Shop* Pizza *(A loving cup & apizza) . Italian Sausage, something Steve may be familiar with, along with other unasked questions.
  9. https://stairwayfreedom.weebly.com/mill-valley--sausalito/the-famous-dipsea-steps
  10. Banana oat milk soft serve coconut mango sundae
  11. Hot and sour soup And an outstanding Honey Hawthorne Chicken @ https://eatmamahuhu.com/ Mill Valley
  12. Yes, we have no bananas today, with a green curry - Bananas go with Indian Curries, not Thai Curries.
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