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  1. had a TH series panasonic plasma monitor for almost 9 years, the kind you see in bars and airports, 42 inches but no sound or TV tuner - it worked perfectly every day, using a DVR/cable box and 2.1 stereo. sadly I left it behind when I moved this week (too cumbersome to take the mount off the wall etc), and I already miss the image quality now that I'm watching on a 40" samsung LCD. but I'm not tempted to buy just because there may not be any new panasonic plasmas. if that was a rationale to live by, I'd have to live in a museum of obsolete tech...
  2. alright, don't shoot - I moved into a house this week that has an old bose acoustimass system in the living room. I cannot seem to get it to work. is it worth trying? cables distribute from the woofer through the walls to these little speakers mounted around the ceiling... I have no idea how that would sound when it works. anyone with experience or ideas, please let me know what your advice might be: use the cabling and replace all the speakers? fix the bose system? call bose and find someone who can get it to work? rip it all out?
  3. please delete this profile and membership

  4. for me it wasn't as much actually. I like the ACS tips quite a lot. they do provide almost as much isolation as the comply tips, and are at least as comfy; plus these customs will last longer and sound slightly better than the exchangeable comply tips. - for those who like to rationalize such purchases: by the time you buy a few supplies of soft tips, you are getting close to what the ACS cost ;-)
  5. melomaniac

    X-box or PS3?

    yep. I'd add that with a good screen, the graphics of the PS3 are no better than what you can get out of an xbox360 on HDMI. but if you have an older screen or do not connect via HDMI, then there are differences in resolution. hope you can use HDMI. I opted for the xbox360, it's a bit cheaper, it has more games, and the live capability is a little less important to me (I let it lapse recently).
  6. the comply ones fit okay with my ER4P, but I did print out the custom coupon, have yet to make an appt. for them. it's not 150 but 100, I believe. might be worth a try, reading what episiarch says here
  7. have a relaxing day. I'm almost always one for substituting a nice roast goose, though. just put four apples inside!
  8. Mozart Requiem, 24-96 vinyl rip from Karajan's 1962 recording
  9. beefy got it right IMHO - espresso or nothing. and espresso machines need not be expensive (don't buy by the cup in stores, it's big money down the drain). however, my spouse likes french press (rough ground, top with water, press down). my sister stays with drip (can be okay depending on filters and how well the coffee is roasted and ground, usually rather bitter though). my dad makes turkish coffee (finely ground, boiled with sugar until it foams three times). well, this is a gadget lovers' forum, you can find many other methods. in the end, coffee will be better for your than the corn-syrupy softdrinks you're trying to kick, but only marginally. keep caffeine intake to healthy levels please, or your ears will ring! and nobody here will endorse that side-effect, I hope.
  10. so, does anyone have any info about what's next? how do these companies plan to keep us riveted through innovation and marketing? rumors?
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