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Found 4 results

  1. This is a long time coming, but with the corona virus, I've finally got time to do this. This is my review of the KGSSHV Carbon I had commissioned from @joehpj (thanks!). I've purchased a pair of Stax L300 Limited to replace the Stax Lambda Pros I had been using for some 25 years before Hurricane Harvey flooded my house and destroyed my old headphones. I've upgraded the pads on the L300 with L700 pads--these make a noticeable difference for me, as the thicker pads allow me to get a decent seal even when I wear headphones. I've been driving them with a Stax SRM-252s, and it has become a
  2. As several people have asked for the PSU boards, and some whether caps are available lets probe the interest. Group Buy moving ahead - collecting payments, and then ordering. Please bear in mind that lead time is 12 weeks ... edit: added: "Group Buy moving ahead - collecting payments, and then ordering.", and price confirmation.
  3. EDIT 8/4: attach updated GB details and remov outdated chart EDIT 7/31: attach updated GB details and remov outdated chart EDIT 7/27: attach GB details and remov outdated chart EDIT 7/23: attach PCB cost quotes and limit first time poster to 4 set of amp boards max. EDIT 7/19: proposing use of HV Carbon V5 board to replace both V2 and V3 boards. See posting # 190. EDIT 7/13: attach snapshot of final order entries and board count. EDIT 7/12: This GB is officially closed as of 7/12/2015. Due to the changes Kevin made to the PS boards, it'll take a few more
  4. Hi: I am organizing a mini group buy of HGSSHV PCB boards. I intend to move very fast so please read this post carefully if you are interested. I'll be using the kgsshvampv16mini.zip for the amp boards and kgsshvpsminifinalstn9360.zip for the PSU boards. The amp boards are the one-board-per-channel, off-board heatsink version. Both amp and PSU boards have provisions for current production parts. See here for the Gerber files and the KGSSHV thread for more information. I plan to use SeeedStudio to fabricate the PCB boards. The boards will be 2 layer, 1.6mm thickness, 2oz copper, HA
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