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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I'm working on a little project with my old SRD-6 energizer and a cheapo TA2020 amp. I'm trying to put together a compact transportable setup for my SR-5s. I have done a few modifications to this box already, such as wiring the transformers directly to the speaker taps on the back of the box and directly to the Stax socket on the front, completely bypassing the bias board and the loudspeaker switch. Those mods have done great things in terms of sound quality, but what I'm interested in now is modifying the bias circuit to operate as a self biasing one. As I understand it, Stax accomplishes this by tapping some of the output signal from one of the transformers, then passes it through a small transformer to step it up some more before sending it to, more or less, the same bias circuit as in the standard models. This seems pretty straightforward, but in my search for information, I've been unable to track down solid details about what type/values of transformer is used, and if there are any other important components in the self bias circuit (resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) that I'm not aware of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My ultimate goal is to have a system that runs solely off of 12v dc so it can be run off a battery if need be. Thanks!
  2. I happened to be reading the Head-Fi DIY forum today for the first time in probably a month or more and came across a thread that pointed at Par-Metals site. The short of it is there appears to have been a semi-catestrophic fire at Par-Metals office/warehouse at the end of January which has currently halted all production of enclosures. I checked Antec's site (the one I actually care about) and they are very limited in what they have as of 2/4 but are saying that they'll be restocked in one to two months. Anyway, just figured I'd give folks a heads up. I can work around the delay on for my project so it's no big deal.
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