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Mjölnir Audio DIY Parts


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I'm quickly donning my MOTMOTMOTMOT hat here.  :)  I working on updating the DIY part of my website and putting all the stuff that was in the old F/S threads here up there.  Some stuff is still missing as I just forgot about it while wondering how did I accumulate all this stuff.  ;D




Some new stuff too as I finally think I have enough 2SC4686A's to go around.  Also a small PCB to use 12VA PCB mount transformers for the low voltage supply of the KGST.  This means the Antek 275V transformer can be used easily and this is far cheaper than using custom iron. 


Also KGST boards with the mini KGSSHV psu.  The new KGSSHV onboard design, the first amp boards to be labeled "final". 

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