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Stax SR Lambda making noise


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hi all,

i am a new owner of a lambda SR. i found it cheap on craigslist, was not expecting to see one, went and snatched it up for cheap. it looks fairly dirty on the inside and i have been looking at some guides where people describe cleaning lambdas but the process is a bit intimidating...

it looks like there is a lot of dirt inside. i wasn't aware dirt was so hard to clean off of them before i bought them, and there are 2 visible specks of dirt on the left driver on the inside. that driver usually buzzes a bit, sometimes not too bad but sometimes a bit louder. when you look down into the driver housings you can see lots of dirt that looks nasty and gross.

i am using a new SRM 323S i bought from Stax USA website. i do not have any other stax headphones to use with the amp but since i can see the headphones need a good cleaning. where do i go from here?

i am not scared of working on electronics, this is just such a precision device i am scared i'll damage something.

p.s. how do you remove a lambda headband? the headband on this is very gross and i wish to wash it off a bit.


(edit: didn't notice there was a stax thread like a big idiot, tried to delete this thread and re-post my message there but please remove this thread if necessary)

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