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On 5/8/2019 at 9:32 PM, Pars said:

Any of you ever across this stuff? Discrete opamps and 78xx/79xx Vregs?


Wonder if the regs are any good and how they compare to Amb's o78/o79?

Sparkoslabs make solid stuff with very detail document. Amb o78/o79 implement tps7a4700/3301, the sparkoslabs output noise is 3uV at 5v compare to 4uV of tps7a4701,  16uV of tps7a3301, PSSR wise, the sparkoslabs win completely at 120db compare to 80db of 4700/3301.

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FWIW, Allo used the Sparkos discrete op amp design in their Kantana Dac.

From following really long Allo thread at diyaudio for a while


it seems that Allo does a lot of work on their designs, so I expect they tried a lot of options before picking the Sparkos.

I also think I've seen good things about their voltage regs, but never tried them myself.

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