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  1. I was just poking fun. The reason I don't like them is there is too much chance of misconnecting something in the future. Crimped connectors (Molex KK, Spox, etc.) do it once and done. I haven't used the phoenix connectors enough to know whether they loosen up over time or not. I suppose they can/could. I do use them when initially building/troubleshooting if applicable, but replace with something else once done.
  2. For the amp portion, I like the layout on the right better, with the tube input boards right along the center. You really are going dual mono, aren't you? For the PSU, that does look tight. I think you might need more heatsinking for the GRLVs, particularly if you are going to be running some speakers judging from the binding posts I see. The GRHV100 is too close to the IEC as it is. How big in VA are the low voltage transformers for the GRLVs? And being team crimped connectors, I'll ignore those phoenix blocks
  3. I think it is just a convenience factor, as all headphones aren't wired for balanced (as well as power amps, etc.). Home audio components still live in a mostly SE world.
  4. I would think for that application it would be the same as how you would wire an SE headphone jack. L+, R+ and PSU gnd for the - for each channel (L and R). For example, look at how Kerry did it for the SS mini dynalo.
  5. Mars Williams, sax player for the Psychedelic Furs. I always kinda liked the Furs and one band that sax added to their sound. Fuck cancer.
  6. Happy Birthday Bryan! I hope you have a great one!
  7. Happy belated Birthday JP! Looks like you had fun (saw your post on FB).
  8. Nice to see you back again Indra (hope I remembered that right). Sorry, can't help you much on DACs as I still only use a CD player, with another as transport for it. People tell me that SPDIF still sounds better than USB, but with your envisioned setup, USB would be much easier unless you wanted to get an interface. The Schitt Yggy seems to be well thought of, but not sure what those run these days. They do seem to come up used fairly often. Someone should pop by shortly with better ideas. Take care!
  9. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you get some good fishing in.
  10. Normally around Thanksgiving in years past, Modushop has done a sale at something like 20% off. A couple of years ago, they included the customizations in that sale, which is where they get expensive with the machining, anodizing, etc. I did my DynaFET and Salas FSP cases on one of those. Still not cheap, but probably quite a bit cheaper than finding a CNC machine shop, designing your own cases, etc. as Kevin did for the T2's.
  11. On the CFP3 that I worked on for purk, built by Dukei/Miroslav I believe, the GRLVs were using A1943/C5200 IIRC and seemed to work just fine.
  12. Pars

    Speaker Porn

    Our cat sometimes sleeps inside the bass drum of my son's drum set, crawling in thru the port on the front head. Helps that he has a small pillow inside as well.
  13. The thread on diyaudio might be of interest to you re: OPA828 vs. OPA627. Schitt equipment seems to be well engineered and built, to very attractive price points. Unlike some others in heavy shilling/pimping these days 9<<cough>> Topping <<cough>> https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/opa828-opa2828-vs-opa627.400109/
  14. I've never built a T2, so take this with a grain of salt, but anytime I see DC levels bouncing all over the place, one of the first things I would suspect is oscillation somewhere.
  15. Will the 5V LT1021 work in shunt mode? I didn't think it did? Kerry posted a design using a MAX6138 reference which would do 5V back in 2018:
  16. That sounds reasonable in terms of the pots and their action. I couldn't comment on voltage before clipping, but I guess around 2.5Vac for a front end sounds reasonable. Kevin could probably tell you, or maybe the guy building the CFP3s on head-fi (sorry, forgot his name). Glad you found the problem with the opamp socket. That is a strange one.
  17. Are you asking about the bias for the ubal-bal tube stage or overall for the CFP2/CFP3? For the CFP2/3, it is generally 150mA, which is also what I run my DynaFET at. Not sure for the tube stage, sorry.
  18. Happy Birthday Wayne!
  19. Happy Birthday Jim! I hope you have a great one!
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