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  1. lkong

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    I think somewhere in this thread said 100k
  2. lkong

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Had common.net installed one of these on my roof. Now I'm part of wireless mesh.
  3. lkong

    The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    If I were to replace input BJTs with JFETs(toshiba or linear), what IDSS range should I aim for?
  4. lkong

    The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

    Are those holes drilled by a shotgun?
  5. lkong

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    I need to make/buy some very short and soft (5-10cm) USB cables. Any suggestions?
  6. lkong

    and now for something completely different part 3

    All in those two google drives: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7egryukiT7_TFlEQlBRejdVdDQ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_iJFfZStuVhSE5nOHBVdTByR1k
  7. lkong

    Speaker Porn

    Are you a cop?
  8. lkong

    Speaker Porn

    Were you on Reddit too? Saw this earlier from Reddit.
  9. lkong

    and now for something completely different part 3

    Planning to use the amp to drive my Quad ESL 63. Somewhere there might be a pair of Magnepan 3.7 with my name on it, but that's down the road.
  10. lkong

    and now for something completely different part 3

    25amp draw that's for 4 boards or 2 boards? If it's 25amp for 2 boards, the 800W PS should do 2 boards nicely. If not there's always 2kW ones.
  11. lkong

    Happy Birthday Kerry!

    Happy Birthday Kerry!
  12. lkong

    and now for something completely different part 3

    I think congo5 used xicon, which you will have to bend the legs. That's fine for me. I believe the Uberamp drive board runs on +/- 40Vdc. It can certainly run on lower rails. It will be a two chassis solution in my case. I was inspired by Benchmark AHB2. Is it a good idea to use SMPS for the unreg power supply? Like this one: http://connexelectronic.com/product/smps800re/ +/- 50 for unreg, and GRLV drops it to +/- 40 for reg.
  13. lkong

    and now for something completely different part 3

    Got my Uberamp boards. Here's my version of BOM if it helps anybody: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EIAvFJHqTJL5zzM43FIhz-wJhd_scJiClbLd24QNv9s/edit?usp=sharing Here are a few questions: 1 Power rating of the big .47 resistors. The best option for 10W seems to be this: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Xicon/280-CR10-047-RC?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtbXrIkmrvidMioh4DscLtBmqbN3KPTLlY%3d Although the lead space is shorter than the length of the resistor. There are a lot more options at 5W. 2 What's the 5k trim pot for? 3 How to wire it for balanced setup (2 boards per channel)? Also what are +/- reg drvier for?
  14. lkong

    Constant pressure tube substitution

  15. lkong

    Constant pressure tube substitution

    My guess is pressure = 压力 = 电压 = voltage? stable pressure = 稳压 = voltage regulation? So the whole thing translate to: I'm gonna be rude here, but you will have to give me the answer.