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  1. stax mafia circuit boards

    Anywhere I can find Uberamp 2 board files? Or better spare boards.
  2. 2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots

    Paid, thanks sbelyo
  3. 2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots

    I would like to have 2 or 3 sets.
  4. What Are You Building Today

    Made a sleeve for 6mm shaft to use IBM typewrite ball as volume knob.
  5. What Are You Building Today

    I'm using a Monoprice/Duplicator D6 at home. For bigger and more detailed builds I can use objet and carbon from work. Having a 3d printer at home really helps with my procrastination problem. My builds always die during waiting for new parts.
  6. What Are You Building Today

    I paused my SS Dynalo project for almot 2 years because I'm too lazy to drill holes on the base plate, and moved cross country for a new job. Now I'm back, still dont want to drill holes, so I 3d printed adapter plates for everything.
  7. The Quad thread

    Diavelet as their class D amps? People seem to have polarized opinions on class D and ESL. For 1k budget, I can swing a pair of Hypex NC400. But I have no idea if that would be a good fit.
  8. The Quad thread

    Dear Quad gurus I'm looking to upgrade amplifiers for my Quad 63, preferably solid state. Budget is around $1000, new, used, and DIY kits anything goes. Suggestions?
  9. The Quad thread

    I think minidsp 4x10HD will be sufficient if not overkill in this case. Unfortunately being broke and living in the bay area I have to choose smaller subs.
  10. The Quad thread

    I've been toying the idea of using minidsp or hypex dclp to integrate a (pair) of sub into the system. E.g. http://www.rythmikaudio.com/GRci.html 12" OB baffle Any recommendations?
  11. The Quad thread

    Scored a pair from a local collector.
  12. Torture Devices - Do as I say not as I do

    If you are brave enough.
  13. transconductance amp

    Probably a really silly question: Can I use this amp as I/V stage for a DAC if integrated in one box?
  14. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    I tried a member's dynalo mk2 in San Jose meet today. I think it's neutral and well controlled and beats Nelson Pass headphone amp (which is shown side by side) easily.
  15. Hifiman Shangri-La, new Electrostatic

    Bian said it would be more expensive than his BYD "Tang" which is an electronic vehicle with MSRP from 180k to 440k RMB (27k - 66k USD).