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  1. What Are You Building Today

    I'm using a Monoprice/Duplicator D6 at home. For bigger and more detailed builds I can use objet and carbon from work. Having a 3d printer at home really helps with my procrastination problem. My builds always die during waiting for new parts.
  2. What Are You Building Today

    I paused my SS Dynalo project for almot 2 years because I'm too lazy to drill holes on the base plate, and moved cross country for a new job. Now I'm back, still dont want to drill holes, so I 3d printed adapter plates for everything.
  3. The Quad thread

    Diavelet as their class D amps? People seem to have polarized opinions on class D and ESL. For 1k budget, I can swing a pair of Hypex NC400. But I have no idea if that would be a good fit.
  4. The Quad thread

    Dear Quad gurus I'm looking to upgrade amplifiers for my Quad 63, preferably solid state. Budget is around $1000, new, used, and DIY kits anything goes. Suggestions?
  5. The Quad thread

    I think minidsp 4x10HD will be sufficient if not overkill in this case. Unfortunately being broke and living in the bay area I have to choose smaller subs.
  6. The Quad thread

    I've been toying the idea of using minidsp or hypex dclp to integrate a (pair) of sub into the system. E.g. http://www.rythmikaudio.com/GRci.html 12" OB baffle Any recommendations?
  7. The Quad thread

    Scored a pair from a local collector.
  8. Torture Devices - Do as I say not as I do

    If you are brave enough.
  9. transconductance amp

    Probably a really silly question: Can I use this amp as I/V stage for a DAC if integrated in one box?
  10. The Multi Amp aka Dynalo Mk2

    I tried a member's dynalo mk2 in San Jose meet today. I think it's neutral and well controlled and beats Nelson Pass headphone amp (which is shown side by side) easily.
  11. Hifiman Shangri-La, new Electrostatic

    Bian said it would be more expensive than his BYD "Tang" which is an electronic vehicle with MSRP from 180k to 440k RMB (27k - 66k USD).
  12. Soekris discrete R2R DAC?

    I'm using it as my 2nd rig for awhile now. Good dac, great bang for the buck, even better with power supply modifications. Really natural organic non-GMO sound, not tiring at all. Probably not in the same tier with TotalDAC but can definitely compete with some DACs in 1k range.
  13. Closed - Group Buy - Caps 680uF/550V

    Got mine last week. Those caps are so solid!
  14. Is the caps GB still going? I can't edit the google sheet.