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Fidelix Staccato Stax Solid State Driver


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The Fidelix Staccato

There seems to be a Japanese maker of high-end audio equipment that makes his own Stax driver. Looks very cleanly-made, but I don't know how much of this is a unique build versus knowledge already known in the Western Stax community. I'm particularly interested in hearing the DIY group's thoughts on the simplified schematic he's posted. Is this anything unique/interesting? Or just a rehash of existing designs?


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It is very much a rehash of older designs and nothing unique there.  The "special bias supply" also doesn't hold a lot of water but good for them to get somebody to give them a patent on something nobody cares about. 

In terms of performance this is worse than the new SRM-400S for a lot more...and the 400S is a pretty crummy amplifier.  A huge step back for Stax in performance. 

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