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Spatial audio


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Does anybody else not give a flying fuck that it sounds “artificial?” I’ve had Max for a while (and I adore them), but my shitty Ankers that I used for exercise gave up the ghost (they were good enough until they didn’t work anymore), so I bought a pair of AirPods Pro (my backup “Letscom” weren’t doing it for me).

This pair had the non-spatial firmware out of the box. Took a day for it to update (Apple seriously needs to fix the firmware update situation). Spatial on the Pro sounds nothing like “natural.”  It sounds fucking great on the Esther Phillips I’m currently listening to, though. I could listen to my JH on the go, but then I have to deal with a cable, and what not, and I don’t even know if they would sound better. They would sound more “natural,” though, I’m sure.

This isn’t even the future. 

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