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  1. It mostly means it’s a pain in the ass until you get used to it. It was worth it to me to spend $270 on a scale that fits perfectly on my espresso drip tray and doesn’t encroach on my mirror and auto starts time and weight on the first drops (this is not as useful on an electric machine, but with a lever it makes sense to start on the pre-infusion), but everybody has different needs and wants. I haven’t used the apps much; maybe I will in the future.
  2. The Pearl has impressed me so much that I ordered a Pyxis for espresso.
  3. Got gas. Thanks hit and run brodozer.
  4. I guess this is just telling me what I already knew: depending on grind I’m getting a 4-4:30 total on a 15:1 20 gram dose V60 (I forgot to adjust from the Chemex the other day, so this was long) with the method I use, which isn’t quite James Hoffman’s, but I came up with my method long before I learned his and they aren’t terribly different (some days I stir, some days I swirl). I guess that isn’t super useful. Having said that, I like the Acaia Pearl 2021 a lot. My hands don’t work very well until my Gabapentin kicks in, which I take in the morning before I have coffee, and not having to juggle starting timers while pouring is a luxury I’ll have a hard time going without.
  5. The Acaia Pearl is huge overkill for my needs, but it’s a nice piece of kit. I will, however, not be using it for espresso (at least not here). I had measured, and it technically “works,” but “that ain’t gonna work.” Fortunately I have this other little dingus, and I pull shots based on weight and flow, not time (I set a 25 second alarm on my phone just so I know I’ve hit what I sort of consider my minimum time with my rig). I’m really going to like it for pour over I think, though. That’s what I mostly drink anyway (coffee wise, anyway).
  6. I just grabbed that scale because I hadn’t used it in a while, is all. I had gotten it for espresso originally. Speaking of scales, my Acaia 2021 Pearl is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it! I really like Chemex as well, but it is kinda a sight to see just how much wet paper can seal to glass (that pic was a result of me dumping the rinse water). I do think the unbleached ones might be a bit worse for it. A straw in the spout prevents it and sealing and stalling. I do think I prefer V60.
  7. Bloom. And I forgot that this scale only goes to 250 grams. Too bad I’m going for 15:1 with 20 grams of coffee. Guess I gotta use the ol’ MKI eyeball and my gut feeling.
  8. This is why you need the straw with Chemex: I could have fish in here.
  9. Dunhill is as far from Silver as he can be and still be on the bed. Silver is as close as she can be to Dunhill without driving him off the bed. They have this down pat.
  10. The really dumb thing is that this is decaf, because I want to have espresso later: I got up at 1:30 to do astrophotography, and I’ll want coffee again later. Deeper Roots, from here in town (I’ve known the owner for two decades: Les has his stuff in Whole Foods now). A good cup.
  11. This was my last 50. I’m okay with that* *it says 50.02 and the bed is flat, and I’m making a face because now it says 49.94
  12. This is what frozen beans get you. Yes, sure: the crap burr grinder I’m using has been modified. I designed and 3D printed a new burr holder. It’s still a piece of shit. This is semi-fine for pour-over, ground from frozen. Just three weeks old crap from somebody I like well enough. No fines, no boulders. Frozen coffee beans.
  13. This seems familiar…
  14. Not a TV show, but it’s what I’m watching: Jupiter, Saturn, and a full moon. Not as good as the great conjunction of 2020, but not bad. I watched the new Ted Lasso yesterday. Wonderful.
  15. So the Casa Fagliano Reverso strap gives me a rash. It’s slow and not that irritating (some leather gives me hives within minutes) and I don’t normally wear that watch for 24 hours, so it’s like my other dressy watches. it’s acceptable. I’m happy. If anybody cared this is the update.
  16. I slapped the 1861 Speedy back on. I’ve always hated winding it. By far the least favorite of my hand-winders. Apparently it just needed to be broken in? Bizarre. It isn’t like the Piguet based ebauche in the Drive Extra, or the early 861 in the pre-moon, or the JLC 822/2, all of which are absolute sensory pleasures to wind, but I don’t hate it anymore.
  17. This is just stupidly good. Good Brothers Washed Agro. I froze it about two weeks after it’s roast date. Reduces fines. this is a cup.
  18. Why would I possibly want better pour-over? I don’t even like pour-over. Don’t tell my fiancée. as she has a bunch of shit (so I didn’t have to travel with).
  19. This isn’t entirely awful. Ground with a calibrated piece of shit (the good grinder is for espresso). I was going for 100 on the bloom (I don’t do quite anybody’s method, but I know this coffee)). Second pour and stir was at 200 to .01.
  20. I like it, for sure. It’s a pain in the ass. Might be part of why I like it.
  21. Goes great with basketball shorts.
  22. So far so good! The quality of workmanship and materials is… I don’t even know how to describe it, and I typically wear custom made artisan straps to replace OEM straps from the likes of Cartier. It’s “Good” :). I bought this as a demo strap from a jeweler in Australia (it was removed from a watch they sold and replaced with the OEM alligator strap, which is a strap of extremely high quality, in and of itself), so I paid a small percentage of the new strap for one worn the same amount of wear you would put on it strapping it on for the first time. Having said that, I one hundred percent understand why these are like $1200 new. The only thing I don’t care for is that it doesn’t come with a taper to 16mm unless you custom order. I have a 16mm (two, now that I think about it) JLC buckle, so maybe I’ll look into that now that I’m reasonably sure I can wear the strap.
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