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  1. Happy Birthday Ian!

    Happy birthday!
  2. There is a lot of marketing speak on that website. As somebody who works in marketing, it makes me suspicious.
  3. Watches

    Well, it worked!
  4. The analog thread.

    Close enough for me! I only have it on CD.
  5. The analog thread.

    What 6-eye do you have spinning there? Edit: Never mind, I zoomed in.
  6. Watches

    Did you buy a Galet, Stretch? That micro-rotor is so sexy.
  7. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Those tomatoes look fantastic, Al!
  8. And now what did you do TODAY?

    I got routine blood test results. My triglyceride levels were 489 mg/dl, right before I became a vegetarian. Two years later, it's at 160. Still a little higher than I'd like (high triglyceride levels run in the family; for instance, my mother weighs a hundred and twenty pounds and has as pretty low calorie diet, but has a triglyceride level over three hundred, despite statins), but I think that's a pretty darned good result. Everything else in the lipid panel were squarely in the "normal" zone. Fasting blood sugar is under 100 (everybody on both sides of my family over the age of 30 has diabetes except for me and my mother, so I think this is a triumph!), my resting pulse has fallen under 75 (again, still higher than I want, but it was over 100 two years ago). Blood pressure has been good despite reducing the amount of medication I take. I think I'm doing pretty darned well.
  9. Watches

    Well, I mean, there is no guarantee that a time traveling dinosaur won't sit on your bicycle tomorrow. Old watches can be made waterproof the same way new ones can. The watchmaker fucked up. That sounds shitty all around, though.
  10. Watches

    The brown lume plots put my teeth on edge. I do hope whoever serviced that watch paid for repairs.
  11. Watches

    Well, Pieces of Time, who I bought the watch from, is going to take a look at it for me for free. That's a load off my mind.
  12. Watches

    It was a small amount of water ingress, but it needs to be serviced post haste.
  13. Watches

    Well, so much for the Omega. Condensation showed up inside the crystal, this morning. Having the watch sit in silica gel with the crown open didn't fix it, so off to ABC Watchwerks. They are going to let me pay whenever I'm able to, which is awfully nice, but it means I won't have it on my wrist for at least a month. My guess is a gasket is already going (seems kinda soon, since it was serviced when I bought it, Spring 2015). I was soaked by a sudden rainstorm a few days ago. I dried the watch off completely before activating any of the complications (I think I timed something Friday, so it was perfectly dry), and that is the only time I know the watch encountered significant moisture since I bought it.
  14. Mattresses

    Have you looked at Ikea? They have rubber mattresses that don''t have any foam, or at least used to. Well, it probably depends on what you call "foam." Most mattresses probably have some foam on the top and bottom, for the quilted layer.