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  1. EdipisReks1


    I doubt it's more than $800.
  2. EdipisReks1


    I think it's going to look awesome, Sam!
  3. EdipisReks1


    Straps wear out. They are like tires. Just wear the damned watch the way it was made.
  4. EdipisReks1

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Third time is the charm?
  5. EdipisReks1

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    I am finalizing my 50% 401k transfer, today. I decided to wear an outfit that is much more expensive than the transfer. I'm also taking "Scout" (my new partner) to school. And then I get dinner with my mentor, tonight. I said "no" to Colie, the other day. She hated it. Scout was indifferent.
  6. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    Silver had to go to the vet, today, for an upper respiratory infcection. You would have thought she was being murdered. Now she is very sleepy.
  7. EdipisReks1

    Post what you're watching

    Season three of The Expanse. It's a huge upgrade over already good seasons. Amazon did something right! Now all they need to to do is fix Amazon Logistics so that I actually get my packages.
  8. EdipisReks1


    It looks great!
  9. EdipisReks1


    I'm glad I wasn't the only person to notice that. The "digital" pocket watches are also wonderful.
  10. EdipisReks1


    That looks very nice, but I would still stick with the strap that came with it. I really like taper on straps for elegant watches, but I agree that it would be great on the GS. I received a mid-80s Leonard Paris 36x36" scarf that I found on eBay.
  11. EdipisReks1


    I have two Rolexes, two Omegas, a Cartier, a JLC, an Oris, and two Apple Watches (and other things, like G Shocks). The last thing I need is more watches. I think I just need more clothes with red hues. I wear a lot of pink dress shirts, and I have a Bonobos military jacket in Burgundy, and some red jeans: a start!
  12. EdipisReks1


    I'd love to have the grape, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't go with enough of my clothing.
  13. EdipisReks1

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    I think this picture speaks for itself, about my day.
  14. EdipisReks1


    It certainly looks nice!
  15. EdipisReks1


    Apparently adding a second Apple Watch makes notifications fail on both, so I'm having to slum it.