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  1. Was on the phone with Cartier for a warranty service (not mine: a watch of my mother’s). I was given a date. I looked at my watch, which has no date dial (GRUT): fuck you Hodnnkee date window weirdos. Phonecall made me want to change watches. Wrist check: goes great with my Birkenstocks and basketball shorts. Also no date wheel. The Casa Fagliano straps are so much better than anything else in the Richemont group (JLC and ALS have the same strap suppliers, but only JLC gets the Casa Fagliano, first or second hand: third hand anything goes) that it’s sorta crazy. And I normally have custom straps made. FYI. Wish I had one on this.
  2. I would go slightly finer. The Lido OG is really more a scientific instrument than a coffee grinder: I would do a couple microns finer next time, with this anaerobic bean. I can’t reliably do finer adjustments than that (+/- 5, supposedly). If the next version of the OG required a loupe for micro adjust I would be very happy.
  3. That time includes a manual pre-infusion. I pull the shot once the Pyxis detects drops. So really more like 26-7 seconds (I click my watch as soon as pressure is reached: I have to surf this machine).
  4. A very pretty shot: 17.5 in 40 out in 32 seconds. Ethiopian anaerobic. Ground with the OG (I would go a little finer next time). Hoo boy this coffee is both delicious and really difficult.
  5. Travel packs: each 3.000 ounces (according to the Pearl 2021: yes, I chose individual beans at the end of that measurement, no I don’t think it’s 3.000 ounces. Pretty close to 3 ounces, though). I figure that is 4 cups/5 shots each bean with a bit of leeway. I’m traveling with a fair amount of coffee gear. The main reason (excuse) of why I have the Flair stuff and the hand grinders and why I bought my partner pour over stuff: to have coffee I’m willing to drink when I get to NC.
  6. The flavors listed aren’t quite what I got. But it was a lot of chocolate. To the point where I kinda wondered “does his have cocoa powder?” I’m still thinking about that cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll make another in the morning.
  7. Except that is a 46 mm or so funnel. It’s for my Flair Pro 2, which isn’t a standard portafilter.
  8. I can’t speak to it for espresso (I haven’t had it long enough), but if you are doing pour-over I can’t recommend this coffee enough. I did a precise 20/320 16:1. 4:30 on the dot. 60 bloom, swirl, three pours. Off boil. Lido OG bang on 1200. V60. God-damned it’s good, and this is coming from me, and I’m fucking jaded. I’m still thinking about it and I finished that cup 20 minutes ago.
  9. I think it’s a coincidence, but the Flair Pro 2 funnel fits perfectly on the Option-O Remi dosing cup.
  10. Apparently these are getting along? I’ll have to wipe the iPad off, I guess.
  11. Not the ugliest shot I’ve ever pulled. A bit fast, but not bad. 18:40 in about 25 seconds. I did a manual pre-infusion. This is the anaerobic Ethiopian. Quite tasty. Slightly sour and under-extracted. I’ll go finer next (this was with the Option-O), but quite tasty
  12. The Cyimbili Rwanda is delicious: V60 15:1, 4 minute draw down, OG* at 1200. First time I’ve used the OG for pour over: I guessed 1200 and got it about right. Just delightful. It smells like it has cocoa powder, and is balanced and sweet, with a lot of Meyer lemon, but it’s not super acidic. Drying, but not too twiggy. Round. My mouth feels like I have had a good cup of Darjeeling: you know that puckered sensation in your soft palate that lingers? The sweetness lingers too. Recommended. Thanks again, Covered_Ears. *like any scientific instrument, the OG is complicated until you get it, and then it’s easy. It’s an exceptionally good grinder. I recommend completely disassembling it and reassembling, and calibrating, if you get one: not because it needs calibration out of the box, but to understand how it works. The “recommended” way to thread it back is not necessary if you aren’t a fuck up: just don’t fuck it up. I consider it a design flaw, personally, but it’s not something you’ll need to do much over the 50+ year life span of the grinder.
  13. I don’t know what I’ll be doing, but I gotta get up early in the morning and you can bet I’ll make coffee. It’s not a Decent, but I have decided that my worthless dining room table can maybe be something else. Anybody who wants to come over can have a shot: I can pull a few in a row. Assume I have a kettle. Everything will be covered in cat hair by the morning
  14. Had a re-do of impressions for a dental implant. They did it four times. I guess I’m just a difficult mouth. Probably because I don’t stop fucking talking.
  15. Two bags of beans (thank you, Covered_Ears for the Cyimbili: I can smell it through the valve!) and a funnel for my Orphan grinders? My new Bottomeless porta is supposed to arrive today, too. A good coffee day. I might even make coffee tomorrow.
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