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  1. A box arrived, today. The case work is gorgeous.
  2. Just buy a guard mongoose.
  3. I bought that exact watch for my ex-brother in law, a couple Christmases ago. He loved it, and I thought it was very nice for the money, though the strap isn't amazing. I think that model winds counter-clockwise only, on a watch winder. Regarding the clasp being upside down, you can just swap the straps. The funny thing is that the fine china is going to stand up to the rigors of regular use a lot better than the cheap stuff.
  4. I took some naproxen before I went to bed, and my neck is feeling better. I took some advil when I got up. I think I'm okay. The neck pain could have been from anything. Yeah, it's a bad situation. Honestly, she should be in a nursing home, but I think she's refused to go.
  5. I was wearing a flannel shirt. I got scratched more than my watch did, I'm sure. It was hot as fuck, too, so the flannel shirt didn't appreciate it. Wabi Sabi. I used to get irritated when my knives got scratched. What's the fucking point of having them if they don't get used for the intended use? I finally realized what Steve Jobs realized a long time ago. I wish I had a ground up iPod. It would be honest. Perfect looking backpacking boots just means you haven't been backpacking. That ultra thin JLC is scratched up. I wore it, and I scratched it up.
  6. if a tool watch can't take all of that, it's not a tool watch. No matter how expensive. I chopped wood wearing my pre-moon Speedy, last weekend. Did I scratch it? Probably. We all die, and every mechanical device breaks down. We only have the wear to show for it.
  7. I think it's a wonderful watch.
  8. I don't really believe in beaters. If you are worried about being robbed, just don't wear a watch. I wouldn't wear that on a "night on the town." Nights on the town imply a jacket, for me, at minimum, so I wear my ultra thin JLC.
  9. That is a killer Seiko! Nice quasi-Breguet numerals, and I love the straight-grained dial. Who was the strap maker?
  10. I think I might have whiplash. My neck didn't start hurting until after I dug a spare TV antenna out for my 90 year old neighbor across the hall, when she broke hers. I'm ashamed that I did think, briefly, to just tell her her TV was broken, since I'm sick of hearing ABC at 110 decibels every night, but I didn't. When she had a medical emergency, last month, she gave my info as her son (she has family, family that she has given every ounce of herself and finances to supporting, so that should say something about what she has gotten in return), so I guess I'm just being familial. My neck is killing me now, though.
  11. My mother forgetting how to use her email = me rear ended. No superficial damage, but I'm on the phone with my insurance company, now. The other driver literally threw his paper insurance card at me and drove off, after we determined that nobody was injured.
  12. I'd rather have this several of this Metaxa:
  13. How many foils are you going to go through? And I don't think ordering in Italian is going to held in Salt Late.
  14. Thanks Chris!
  15. Thanks, Dusty. I hope that is this HR person. I'm sick of being runner up! Eventually everybody better than me is going to get a job, right?