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  1. A La Flor Dominicana Colorado gordo. Much more delicate than I expected. Very good. I went to a very nice cigar shop in Greensboro, gave the sales person my preferences and what I wanted to spend, and let him choose. It was a mixture of things I have had (mostly sticks I would have gotten if I were choosing), and things I hadn’t had. This is one of the latter. I haven’t been disappointed by any, and I’ll be back there when I see Heather again in NC.
  2. Right? The bracelet on the new Master Chrono Speedies are very nice, but also an expensive replacement, assuming you can even get one. I looked at the bracelet that came with this watch and immediately put it on a strap.
  3. The Forstner flat-link came today. Adjustment is a little fiddly, but even I managed it without too much difficulty. I’m very happy with it. It’s a long bracelet (I took out six links), but has a short buckle, so it should work with a lot of wrist sizes. If anybody gets one, I would suggest sizing it slightly tight, as it has three expansion links. It feels like a well worn in vintage Jubilee bracelet, though obviously not as solid; it’s a modern interpretation of a shitty JB Champion, after all! The Forstner bracelets are much better made than anything JBC ever made, but retain the vintage c
  4. Forstner JB Champion Flat Link bracelet (brushed) ordered for my 1861 Speedy. I hate the bracelet that came with it, and have always worn it on a strap because of that, and I also don’t really want to spend the $1,000 or whatever it will be for the bracelet that was introduced with the new coaxial Speedy (it has been confirmed to fit the older models, maybe requiring a kiss of a grinder if you want it to be perfectly flush). The bracelet on my Pre-Moon is more or less perfect, and the Flat-Link should be similar. I’ll report back. This is a “normal” bracelet, so I won’t have the issues th
  5. We both made it through our procedures (there was a cancellation so he had his early, yesterday). We both miss our teeth, though. I had never had to give a solid pill to a cat before (pain meds). It wasn’t too bad, but the liquid antibiotic is a lot easier.
  6. the 116170LN GMT2 has been on my wrist for the last few days, after an absence. I would take advantage of the Rolex steel sports watch boom (bare watches are going for crazy prices, and I have box and papers and receipt) if it weren't just such a fucking good watch, and super comfortable.
  7. I’m not out of Opus X, but they are a bit spendy. An Onyx will have to do.
  8. Thanks guys! Dunhill seems much more comfortable after the initial pain shot and antibiotic, which is very good, as he had been obviously miserable.
  9. Dunhill gave a loud shriek and tried to bite me, Saturday night, when I petted his jaw. He has never acted violently towards me at any time for even when he has been sick or injured, in the past. I assume he has been in pain for a while, and it just wasn’t obvious to hairless apes, and he just couldn’t take chin scratches anymore (I pay a lot of attention to their behavior, which has caught some things before they got bad; not this time). I unfortunately wasn’t able to get him into the vet until today (and I called around, believe you me). He requires substantial surgery for resorptive lesions
  10. I think it's really good. I should have the vinyl tomorrow, or maybe Thursday. Sounds great on Tidal.
  11. Wearing a watch, just because I have a wrist, feels... amazing. I should have done this a long time ago.
  12. I'm giving in here in 2021. I'm gonna do a Jack Forster dual-wrist. Today is two square watches. Every day will be at least one square watch. It's both strange and liberating.
  13. That’s a beautiful humidor. Mine is still my Sterelite document box
  14. Opus X Forbidden 13. Truly excellent.
  15. Boy am I dumb: I listened to I and II, and am about to listen to III (on Tidal). I have listened to this NM US first a few times, but the rice paper sleeves are so fragile that I hadn't noticed that, well: unplayed 45 single. My 40th birthday is December 31. I'll listen to it then.
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