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  1. EdipisReks1


    There is no need to unscrew the crown, just give the watch a few shakes. There is also no harm in unscrewing the crown over and over; the twinlock is very well engineered, precisely machined, and very durable. I do keep my automatics on a winder, but that's mostly because not all of mine have an easy date adjustment. That does look like a nice winder. I have Pangaeas (I'm using a four winder, at the moment, but I have others), which are well built, nearly silent, have excellent settings adjustment and look fine, but they don't look as nice as that one.
  2. EdipisReks1


    They don't look similar, as HemiSam says, and if you like a strap over a bracelet, I think you could do a lot worse! That's Mr. Obama's watch of choice, I do believe, or very similar if not.
  3. EdipisReks1


    I'm looking forward to seeing the strap on the OP.
  4. EdipisReks1


    It doesn't have micro-adjust, unfortunately: it's the only thing I wish the watch had, but the links are small enough that you can get a very good fit.
  5. EdipisReks1


    The only ones that I've tried that really work for me are Cartier's. Unfortunately, the leather is chromed, so I can't war it (and I haven't sent it off to my strap maker yet to see if he can reuse the end links to make me one in Shell Cordovan).
  6. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    Does this photo even need commentary?
  7. EdipisReks1


    I honestly prefer pin buckles. The curve of a deployant often doesn’t match my wrist very well.
  8. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    Dunhill seems back to normal. I'm hoping to not have to deal with the eye drops again for a while.
  9. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    Dunhill is incredibly docile. He lets me pick him up and dance with him for long periods of time with no complaints. He still protested heavily with the drops. He is welded to my hip, right now (and badly wants me to go to bed, where I will be going in a moment), so I guess it worked out okay, in the end. His eye seems much better. One more day of drops (he has been okay after that first day; just like Silver, I think he figured out that the drops were helping, even if they weren't exactly pleasant).
  10. EdipisReks1


    Way too thick. Even thicker than the Tudor “big block” that I owned, and that watch was already too thick (though I liked it a lot otherwise, and should have kept it longer, simply because they have gone way up in value.) I’d probably own one, otherwise.
  11. EdipisReks1


    So, I want to get a motorcycle. I have never ridden a motorcycle. Would a Grom be a terrible choice as a first bike? It's that or a Triumph Thruxton TFC (joke). Honda Rebel, maybe? I'd be gear all the time, but I like fine Japanese leather jackets, and they make kevlar armored raw selvedge jeans, now, so that would be fine.
  12. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    Silver is obsessed with bags. This is where my briefcase ended up, tonight. That is where Silver ended up.
  13. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    I've been having to give Dunhill eye drops. He HATES it. He didn't sleep on the bed with me, last night, over it. That about broke me. It was even worse that he seems to have gone out of his way to not spend time with me today. I guess he has finally forgiven me, now, as he has jumped up next to me and gotten very comfy looking. His eye looks a lot better, too! Are infectious eye issues a thing, or did I just get unlucky? VERY COMFY
  14. EdipisReks1


    One was produced in January of 1969 and sold that same year, the other was produced in September of 2017 and was sold (grey market, and then sold to me brand new) in 2018. Both are two owner watches, I guess. The dealer of the pre-moon was a superb watchmaker, since retired. It keeps excellent time. The Omega extract is worth it, by the way, for vintage watches. Without that extract, I wouldn’t have known what exact Omega box to buy, as they had changed them up right around when this 145.022-69 was being made. I wear the old one a lot more than I wear the new one.
  15. EdipisReks1

    RIP someone or another

    I listened to him today, like I usually do (Such a Night being the best song of The Last Waltz). What a shitty day. I’m listening to Gris Gris for the second time today.