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  1. That crema shot was when the bottomless portafilter, BTW.
  2. I'm so sorry about Hunter, Todd. I'm dreading my Dunhill's exit, as he ages. I love him so much and want to pretend I'll have had him for more than a few short years, but he is... starting to fade.
  3. I think I have my Flair dialed in. The pressure gauge is a must have. This was a delicious shot made with light roast yirgacheffe, just from a grocery store, and ground just with a Bodum Bistro (you can get away with more with a manual machine, since you have complete control). It’s a pain in the ass to make coffee this way (and I use a NanoFoamer for milk), but I rarely drink coffee, and I love the Flair. I like that it’s a pain in the ass. 16/32 in 31 seconds, not quite 9 bar. Sweet, complex, moderate acidity, good texture. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect puck or a prettier sh
  4. Now that I think about it, my math was way off: 20 years until it’s really mine, since he bought it in 1970 and died in 2006. My accounting professors would be appalled.
  5. I mean it won’t really be mine until then, as I’ve only had it for 15 years at this point.
  6. I won’t own this 1675 for another 10 years. Happy Father’s Day, dad.
  7. A couple months in with it: if you have a Speedy with a 20mm lug width, and you don’t like the bracelet it’s on or came with, the Forstner flat link is amazing. It’s not “nice” (as I mentioned earlier it’s a modernized JB Champion, and JBC made garbage), but it’s a really wonderful wear: it’s perfectly modified garbage I guess. I have my 1861 on my wrist a lot due to it.
  8. I haven’t set the 1675 in months (I haven’t worn it in months), and it hasn’t been serviced in 5 years. I guess it is still keeping good time.
  9. I put my 116710LN on for the first time in a couple months a little while ago. I figured it would be way off, living on a winder and given the date wheel issue. 9 years old. Never serviced. On a winder for two months. It was +19. That’s hard to not be impressed by, I think.
  10. I don’t know if I’m buying a watch this year or not. I told Heather I wouldn’t, but it wasn’t because she cared if I did, but more a reason for me to simply enjoy what I already have. The Seamaster 300 that was announced today might change my mind on that. I don’t know. My Omega/Cartier AD closed last year (before pandemic, the owner retired and her kids didn’t want to take over), so I don’t know if I would be able to get 25 percent anywhere else. Probably not. I probably wouldn’t have gotten that on a new model anyway, not for a while. But it’s a looker. Also I would wear
  11. I’m going to send them to Grado. There will be a note taped in several places that says “do not replace the drivers.” It’s the same thing I do before I have surgery: “don’t cut this leg off,” with sharpie. Last time I had limb surgery the main surgical nurse laughed when he saw that I had already done it.
  12. Can you tell that this has gotten a lot of wear? I'll probably never have it polished. Maybe the brush on the lugs. I can't imagine a better daily wear.
  13. The phones can stay where the are for the future. Thank you, Nate.
  14. My late 90's RS-1, which is my absolute favorite headphones (I don't know what words to use; is it a trouser or a pair; if anybody should know it should be me) in the world, need to be fixed. I think it's just a solder joint that became brittle. They have been like this for a while, but I could sort of nudge them. I called Grado about replacing the cable, and the woman (I assume a Grado relative, given her accent) could not promise that the drivers would't be replaced. In fact, she immediately mentioned that the drivers would be replaced, and I had to question her on that. The drivers
  15. My partner has gotten into watches a bit (I should never have given her that Timex last year, literally just off my coffee table where I had forgotten I had thrown it), and I bought a Tissot Lovely Square for her. The packaging is trying way too hard. The thing on top is a 280 page illustrated history of Tissot, which is included with a catalog that is basically a miniature coffee-table book. I wonder if anybody has ever read that history of Tissot. I bet she'll like it, being a literature professor and all. I also got a Seiko "Tank" for her, which is a surprisingly hard watch to get cons
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