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  1. Clearly OS X.
  2. Ia! Ia!
  3. I'm young, Dusty isn't.
  4. I have to say, I really rather like the Bulgari Octo Finissimo. It's also a lot less expensive than I would have expected.
  5. That was a long time ago, Dusty. I remember those days, too.
  6. It is known.
  7. You've seen Colin eat, right?
  8. No, not really. I've seen much, much, much more limited come up for sale on a pretty regular basis. There is currently a Dufour Simplicity listed. 3557 of each is a larger enough number that it wouldn't be a limited edition, for other brands. Remember that Maurice Lacroix I bought? I had no trouble tracking one down, and they had made about 200 (another watch that was just too thick).
  9. Wait until one pops up on Chrono24 for a price you like. It'll happen, sooner or later.
  10. I miss that DJ a bit. It was too small for my wrist, though.
  11. Yeah, it's like the Big Block I had. I really liked it, but the damned thing was so thick, it just wasn't all that wearable for me. Well, really it was the slab-sidedness more than the thickness, as it was about the same absolute thickness as a Speedy, but a Speedy wears thinner than it is, due to the beveling on the lugs, and the general slope of the crystal and bezel. The big crown would be great if it were a hand-winder. I think the hands are too big (there is a reason chronos usually have fine hands).
  12. Hey everyone, I just wanted to post about the new drop that is currently running. It is for a bead-blasted matte black version of the Pico DAC/Amp, as well as the Slim. it runs through Sunday.
  13. Easily acquired! It's also apparently part of the Prime streaming service, too.
  14. Happy birthday!