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  1. Well, I wasn’t really expecting to be the only bidder on an Hermes Arceau 28mm (for Heather; I already had her birthday gift, this was just a whim). Now no more watches! At least this one isn’t for me.
  2. I think I have the Speedy on a likely strap; a suede green/grey Rally from worn and wound.
  3. I don’t quite have it (should be Monday: shipped to my best friend, in another state, to avoid tax), but I think I’ll be done with watches for a while. I can’t wait (well, I can and will) to have it on my wrist.
  4. I’ll probably end up buying one, but I’m pretty happy with the setup right now. It’s just FOMO and GAS.
  5. I’m glad that worked out so well, Mikey! It’s a solid upgrade for cheap, right? I’m still thinking about the Weber Unibasket, though…
  6. I think you’ll like it. You should get a bit more extraction.
  7. Here’s to hoping; I won’t have it for a few days.
  8. I traded my 116170LN for a Santos Dumont in rose gold plus a good bit of cash. Rolex prices high/precious metal watches low. It’s not the fanciest watch in the world, but the gold Santos Dumont has been a grail for me. It just took two years of never wearing the GMT Master 2 to get me to do something about it, I guess.
  9. It’s not filtering, particularly, it’s simply spreading the water the way a shower screen does, but more evenly. Keep in mind that the Flair 58 doesn’t have a shower screen/ I wouldn’t put a filter on top on a regular machine probably.
  10. Yep: in place of the puck screen, on top of the coffee. Works great. You can get 58mm filters on Amazon for about a penny each. Like AeroPress filters they can be rinsed and reused a couple times.
  11. That’s a beauty, Stretch! About the same dimensions as my Hermes, so I bet it wears like a dream. I love that blue.
  12. I hate replacing a permanent piece of gear with something disposable, but I really prefer using a paper filter instead of the puck screen with the Flair. Great pull just now, and no screen to always have to deal with.
  13. The Apple Watch Ultra is pretty big, but in practice feels like a 44mm on the wrist. I like it.
  14. I have a couple IMS and a couple VST. Honestly I grab them pretty indiscriminately. I used to be careful with my dose matching the basket, but I shove a 20gram dose into all of them.
  15. I’m thinking about getting a Weber Unibasket. It’s absurdly expensive for a basket, and if I like it I’ll have to get two (one for the Flair one for the Breville as I don’t like having to switch gear over; there is a reason why I have three Acaia and two Timemore scales), but I find myself rather intrigued by it. And I like Weber stuff. Anybody have any thoughts on the supposed benefits or have used the Unifilter? I have IMS and VST baskets already; quite the jump in price.
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