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  1. EdipisReks1

    Listening Chairs

    Hard to go wrong with the Poang. I haven’t listened in the Eames clone, yet, but I have fallen asleep in it, this week.
  2. EdipisReks1


    My new beater arrived today at the new address.
  3. EdipisReks1


    We are moved in. I’m so glad I hired really good movers. Now comes all the hard part, and there is still a lot to do at the old place. Anyway, the BB58 is 11.9mm tall, which isn’t so bad. The BB58 looks rather like a vintage Tudor, so rather like a vintage Rolex.
  4. EdipisReks1

    Listening Chairs

    Do you have back problems? Here at 215 pounds, my lumbar still screams, looking at that.
  5. EdipisReks1


    I wish it were thinner, but I’m glad it’s no thicker than it is! I see a BB58 in my future, at some point. I’ve been wearing my beater Sistem51 the last couple days, while packing for the move. It’s a nice watch. I’m glad it’s not quartz. The tic-tic-tic has helped me get through some issues (said issues are including the complete demolition and redo of the bathrooms in the new apartment, due to repair work not being acceptable, but that isn’t gonna be much fun: I’m glad we have two bathrooms. Tic-tic-tic).
  6. EdipisReks1


    JLC Master Control would be on my short list, if a dress style watch is acceptable.
  7. EdipisReks1


    What is your budget?
  8. EdipisReks1


    If I were going to buy a tool watch in the price range we are talking about, there is no doubt what I would get: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/blancpain-tribute-to-fifty-fathoms-mil-spec-introducing
  9. EdipisReks1

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Lots of work, today, getting ready for the move. Then this. I dunno if Loosey loved it, but I sure did. Colie got about half an hour of Loosey cuddles, too. Mostly White Cat, our male adult cat, even licked Loosey on the face.
  10. EdipisReks1


    This might seem like a dumb question, but what do you consider to be tool watches?
  11. EdipisReks1


    A Ferrier Galet and a Chronometre Bleu, for instance, would certainly be interesting pieces!
  12. EdipisReks1


    I certainly wasn't expecting it! I also don't have any real way of letting her know how appreciative I am of it, as it's very, very difficult to give her a thank you that she will accept as adequate. I tried my best.
  13. EdipisReks1


    https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/bulgari-octo-finissimo-automatique-review https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/a-long-term-look-at-living-with-the-drive-de-cartier-in-steel I actually meant the ultra-flat, but the regular drive is cool. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/cartier-drive-de-cartier-extra-flat-stainless-steel-yellow-gold-hands-on
  14. EdipisReks1


    I think the large Santos was the right decision. The Santos is gorgeous, and is extremely comfortable (I was able to size it just right). The strap might even be vegetable tanned, but I can't figure out how to get the deployant buckle on (it was not installed from the jeweler). The bracelet is what I'll wear it on, but I'll stop by after my move, next week. My mother also gave me back my dad's watch.
  15. EdipisReks1

    Listening Chairs

    I had meant to put "quality Eames clone."