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  1. Mine has gone from normal to slow as shit. I haven't really discovered a pattern to the timing.
  2. I really like that rug. It really ties the room together.
  3. He's brilliant, for sure!
  4. I haven't read his last two, but AR is one of my favorite writers (I have those two, I just haven't read yet).
  5. Happy birthday, Al: stay home.
  6. Assuming I survive this (as an immunosepressed individual, but one who worked in a BSL3 and had a CDC license, so I have a leg up on most), I plan on getting that new iPad Pro 12.9 with the keyboard.
  7. My Westone ES5 no longer fit, unfortunately (weight loss is a bitch for some things: I should get them remolded, again), but I finally have a pair of JH phones. It's the humble AK x JH Billie Jeans. Funny how a $350 pair of IEMs is now humble. I have HD-800S and Meze Emperyean (and my favorite headphones of all time, my vintage RS-1, but they have a cable fault) at my disposal, at the moment, run from a pretty stacked rig, but the Billie Jeans are my most listened to phones, now that my AirPods have died (I average about 30,000 steps a day, so portability is important to me). I have compared them to my latest somewhat broken pair of Ety ER-4P (I don't even know how many pairs of Etys I've had, at this point: this pair has to be held by hand on the right side to work in stereo), and the Billie Jeans remind me very much of the Etys, but better. I'm very glad to have them. I think they are excellent.
  8. That link has been removed. That suggests it was less than legitimate.
  9. I’m not a real big fan of giant racks of gear in front of my screen...
  10. Minimal compared to that system I saw years ago where a giant horn subwoofer was built into the foundation of the house! I'm sure it's fine with a joint, a cat in your lap, and the lights turned low. Of course, no cat would be allowed in that room, I'm sure.
  11. Apparently the other side of the chair is Dunhill's Saturday rest-spot after lunch-time treats.
  12. He did eventually jump off. He stayed on me for about an hour. It has never happened before and I don’t know why it happened now, but he seemed to like the ride.
  13. A highly strange parrot has been on my shoulder for the last half-hour or so. I had to contort to get his face in the frame: he seemed happy being anonymous, and won't jump off (he is digging into me as I type this).
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