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  1. Happy Birthday EdWood!

    happy birthday!
  2. Happy birthday, Steve (swt61)!!!

    Happy birthday!
  3. And now what did you do TODAY?

    I've thought a lot, today. My wife is genderqueer (she is very open so I don't feel uncomfortable mentioning that) and much more plugged in to things than I am, me at the grand ol' age of 37. She told me the other day that she considers me to be part of the queer community. Some of my friends here, I don't really remember which beyond Shell and Steve, have known for years that I have been, and am, sexually attracted to men. Not every man. Some men. I think I've mentioned it on occasion. I've never acted on it, for a lot of reasons. I'm generally more attracted to women, and I just think that I wasn't part of the right generation to act on a bisexual tendency in a casual way. I don't know if my time has passed, or what. I know that Colie would support me exploring that aspect of my personality, but honestly I don't really feel that strong of an urge. I'm very happily married, and, even when accepted, I would consider that to be cheating, and I'm not real big on infidelity. It's still there, though. I think it has informed other parts of my life, parts that I have acted on in non-sexual ways. I'm not sure I feel comfortable claiming that I'm part of the queer community. I "pass." That's not even the right word. How can you "pass" when nobody even thinks that you aren't whatever you are "passing" for? I'm certainly a fellow traveler, but that's not the same thing. I really don't care what I'm called or considered. I don't really consider this a coming out. It would be a shitty one, if it were. I also know that this is in a public forum, so don't worry that I've put this in the wrong place. I just kinda feel like I should do something, just for myself. Talking openly feels like doing something for myself.
  4. Deals

    If anybody wants some Merino v-neck sweaters, these are a stupid deal. Baldo is well-known for their cashmere line (they describe themselves as offering excellent value at $400 MSRP on cashmere: I'm not sure they are wrong). I verified with Luigi Baldo that they are real (they wanted copious pictures). They feel as nice as my Zegna sweater (which is too small, but might work some day). Fit is a bit slimmer than Banana Republic merino, at least in XXL, which is perfect for me, as the BR merino is too loose on the v-necks (pretty good on the cardigans). The feel of the fabric is amazing.
  5. And now what did you do TODAY?

    That's looks familiar. I got the ankle and the midpoint of the tibia, too. I hope you heal well and fast!
  6. Watches

    I know, I was just joking. This is a day-to-day watch, so I want it to look dressy. I'd say that my Bulova Lunar Pilot watches are my real beaters. Anyway, my issue isn't that the watches will get scratched (I'm mister "Just wear the watch, things get scratched"), it's that a 50 year old Rolex or Omega costs a fucking fortune to service, and they aren't very shock resistant.
  7. Watches

    They sure were in the late 1960s.
  8. Watches

    You mean like all of my tool watches?
  9. Watches

    I finally realized that wearing vintage and otherwise luxury watches to a job where I run around and bump into shit constantly was maybe not a good idea, so I used some of said store credit. I still needed something that would easily fit under a cuff. This Citizen Signature is a great watch. I didn't like the gold accents in the web pics, but it's really nice in person. Good complications. Build quality is way, way above the price range, quality wise.
  10. Ye Macce Threade

    Yeah, me too. I've had an iPhone X and a pair of AirPods for all of a day, though, so I think that is my Apple allowance for a while. I love both of them.
  11. Hey Head-Case, what's your bandwidth like?

    Spectrum gave me a free upgrade. It's not bad. I wish the upload were better.
  12. Watches

    If you mean the Silver LE Lunar Pilot (the Chronograph in the first pic is also on the right!), you can get it with bracelet, I believe.
  13. Watches

    We were at a jewelry store getting a piece repaired for Colie, when I saw that they had the silver limited edition Bulova Lunar Pilot, which is no longer made and long out of stock in their inventory system (I've asked). No idea where it came from. I wanted it, of course, but didn't want to buy something for myself without getting something for her. Unfortunately, I have a credit line with this store, so we looked slightly to the right of the Lunar Pilot. Colie really liked the Bulova Chronograph C, so... I really rather like it. Funny enough, due to the date window and the modern, as opposed to the vintage, typeface that is on the older, silver LE, the black PVD watch actually looks more vintage, especially with the strap I have it on.
  14. Watches

    Yes. The master calendar is an annual calendar, not a perpetual, though, right? Shouldn't be quite as expensive. Still expensive. Cartier watches usually get a decent discount at the AD. I bet you can pick one up for under $5k, in the summer.
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    That sounds like a "I couldn't be bothered to carry the boxes," rather than a phantom welder.