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  1. EdipisReks1


    I think it looks great!
  2. EdipisReks1

    Kitty Talk

    I miss my cats.
  3. EdipisReks1


    I rather like his reviews of tech products.
  4. EdipisReks1


    I'm not in a position to buy these phones at the moment (medical bills are fun!), but the reviews that I've read suggest that they are the phones I've been looking for, and I should be financially whole, and hopefully healthy, in early 2019. Has anybody had a chance to listen to them yet? I'd drive them with my KG-perfected SP Extreme.
  5. EdipisReks1


    Honestly, as much as I like Jan's work, I'd buy that strap you linked, if it is the right length, and the appropriately sized deployant buckle. Omega makes both 16mm and 18mm, so it should be easy enough to source one. I really prefer pin buckles, but I totally understand why you want that combo.
  6. EdipisReks1


    Yes, the problem would be sourcing the alligator hide (it's not easy, and definitely not cheap, to get it in small quantities and high enough quality for artisan work). It wouldn't be any cheaper than that Rousseau strap, FYI.
  7. EdipisReks1


    It’s very likely that is the reason if it’s a modular movement. It’s a good looking watch!
  8. EdipisReks1


    Get your mind out of the gutter: my strap maker only makes the finest strap-on straps for the most elegant perverts. Anyway, Jan can make you anything you want, Marc, and the quality is superb and the prices reasonable. PM me your email.
  9. EdipisReks1


    Nice! Want me to put you in touch with my strap maker?
  10. EdipisReks1


    There isn't anything about it that I don't like. Even the flaws are charming (for instance, it is a bit of a slab-sided watch, but at only 9mm, with a break in the side due to the bezel, it looks nice). The dial is about as simple as it gets: square matte silver with no guilloche, and a simply braced date.
  11. EdipisReks1


    You know, the Santos is so good that I think I could just wear it for the rest of my life. Cartier knocked it out of the park.
  12. EdipisReks1


    That is badass! Unexpected familial watches are... fun isn't the right word. Important.
  13. EdipisReks1


    Funny! I really do have too many watches, though. I don't have enough watches.
  14. EdipisReks1


    I'd trade most of what I have for that. What a monster piece! Better with every scratch, just like how the best tuxedo is something handmade, Italian, with the occasional moth hole.
  15. EdipisReks1


    Accuracy of new watches: 117610LN, a watch that is several years old and hasn't been serviced since new: ~+1 sec per week. Seriously. That is either on my wrist or on the watch winder. Cartier Santos (a brand new watch): +1-3 sec per week. Again, seriously, with it either on my wrist (which has been a lot) or on the winder! New Speedmaster: I can't quite tell, as I need to set it each time I wear it (too many watches!), but it seems to be about... drumroll... +1-3 sec a week. Man, modern mechanical watches rock.