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GE LED+ Bulbs


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Okay, consider this a recommendation coming from very low expectations, and I know they've been around awhile, but picked up one of those GE LED+ BR30 bulbs (battery backup, multi-color, or Bluetooth speaker extra "addition") with the speaker option and it isn't half bad. The surrounding can rattles a little with bass, and should be considered, but not the bulb's fault. I mean again have proper expectations (think of the same mono driver in a similar sized, cheap desktop speaker), but it's kinda cool if you have a use case. Anyone else using? 



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If this had a microphone, it would be a great subject for one of those Russian reversal jokes... 

As it is, a number of party-oriented Bluetooth speakers have light capabilities already, so it makes sense to go the other way as well in the name of convergence.

This might make for a handy audiobook reader or talk-radio speaker if its frequency range is oriented towards the midrange.

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