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  1. Old Enough! (Netflix). Does this ever get old?
  2. It actually looks worse than that now. It seems a very Silicon Valley neighborhood. Dilapidated Smug Mug, RV park for homeless, car repair shops, Mozilla and Atlassian HQs, my 100 unit complex, dead flower shop complex/new 451 housing complex, new low/medium income housing/old Opera browser US HQ, gas station. Its mostly built on early silicon processing companies land so you sign wavers when you buy on the poisoned soil. So you know, basically paradise.
  3. One of the Goth Seeds and his computer desktop..:
  4. Will be listening to. In case others have interest...
  5. ^ What went into making Exile on Main Street again? 🥴
  6. Anyone know if Jeff Beck sales ever suffered because he couldn’t fit his long name on LP covers?
  7. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis all morning. La Panthère Des Neiges/Carnage/Ghosteen.
  8. Counting down to the mornings excitement… https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/12/science/black-hole-photo.html?referringSource=articleShare EDIT: Okay, maybe not the most exciting presentation. Better feed:
  9. Kinda fun to go back. I still remember when/where I first saw one.
  10. Happy Birthday to the "currently on subway train X" Twitter bot master.
  11. Hope it’s a great day Shelly.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to type the above and I agree with much you said about the season being more disjointed and about Max's beautiful growth. Where we may disagree is the purpose of those other character changes or reverting actions. [spoilers] Although the series has always been about protection and acceptance, this season seemed to double down there, less in supporting individuals/representatives, but more in looking at Sam's criticism of others in her life. She's a little challenged now. After giving Sunny and Rich feedback in multiple speeches and likely TV's longest laugh, she accepts and supports Sunny's choice (which after all is hers and isn't that unrealistic). Phyll is going to always be Phyll and you can continue to fight it or accept (and realize the parts in you). What lead to Max's secret from her mother and does she trust and believe her choice for support - which obviously she has a lot to do with ("And she was with you? She's okay?")? Etc. And a whole lot of stuff about aging out and letting go. So, while not denying some issues with the last season, I thought after four seasons of us riding and laughing with Sam's cynical judgement of the world, the final season looked at those judgements (which she probably needs to adjust a little, with love, understanding, and acceptance in focus through the discomfort). Everyone close to her made choices she disagreed with (some with reverting). And she came to peace-ish with them. The ending's end may be all delusion (hey LA aurora!), which itself may be a criticism of what immediately proceeded it, but it leans in the right direction, and I buy it.
  13. I've always wondered when a joke becomes a dad joke. I guess when it's apparent.
  14. Yeah, cloud 7 is pretty rare/non-existent here, but the connection to 7th Heaven, which honestly at this point isn’t very popular here either, I didn’t know. That said Frank Borzage‘s amazing late silent, 20s film (by that name) certainly references. Here’s its most famous scene (and largest technical innovation).
  15. This cloud 7 vs. cloud 9 stuff is a little confusing to me, but a Google search on cloud 8 seems it’s at least a little easier to understand.
  16. Triple TV post (and a sign I’m lazy after a crazy work week). Ozark just returned with the final half-season wind down and at least the first two episodes (all I’ve seen) are as solid as any other time in recent seasons.
  17. For any fans of The Wire (or just great television), the limited series We Own This City (HBO) by Justin Fenton, George Pelecanos, and yep, David Simon, has a really strong pilot. Second episode hits in a couple days.
  18. Held off answering until I got to the last two episodes. Well, the pandemic was the second disruption to the show (Louis CK being the first) expanding time between seasons and shifting the tone of the show (and likely writing team). I thought it started off particularly poorly and being the known last season a lot of nostalgic scenes, but still it contained its fair share of magic moments that 90% of other complete show runs never have. Has plenty of proposals that makes me question my individual and especially parenting choices. It continued a female (not feminine) world I still know too little about. It's gonna sound mansplaining, but why isn't this touted from the rooftops as a huge feminist success? And not to sound too serious, so warmly cynical, and fun while doing it. I'm still amazed this thing got to air. So that said, no, it wasn't my favorite season, and probably compromised that Celia Imrie (Phyllis) was stuck in the UK by Covid, but it was plenty good enough for me (<- even that seems undervaluing) and had me tearing up a few times mid-late in the season. However I grow or shrink in the future I want to revisit this show in a decade and see what it continues to offer. What did you think of the season and show overall?
  19. Where did the “same error, looking for simple solution” request go? 🤔
  20. https://www.stereogum.com/2184752/bob-dylan-t-bone-burnett-new-audio-format/news/ 🤔🥴
  21. One of the fun things that happened early in the pandemic was I got to run a little corp virtual concert with her. She was pretty much outside my radar until then and I have to say she seems like a decent person and a beautiful voice. I'll also say sheltering in place, so having her kids be crew/tech support, has its ah downsides. Well, most of the songs were heard anyway. 😜
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