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  1. HiWire

    Happy Birthday Adam (TMoney)

    Happy Birthday!
  2. HiWire

    Electric Light Orchestra

    Thanks! There's a 14-page thread about it on the Steve Hoffmann forums: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/electric-light-orchestra-out-of-the-blue-new-remastered-cd-sounds-good.106924/ Gonna take a while to get through this...
  3. Painkiller – Judas Priest guitar cover by Yuki from D_Drive I am getting their album, Maximum Impact and D_Drive will be touring in the US this year. Voices Moar guitar
  4. HiWire

    Electric Light Orchestra

    So I'm looking at buying the Out of the Blue CD, but there seem to be 2 main editions, the regular 17-track release and the 30th anniversary with 3 bonus tracks released in 2007. Which one should I get and also – what is your favorite ELO album and song?
  5. Ride On – Celtic Woman – they're like a classy version of the Corrs (j/k) ❤️ Siúil a Rún
  6. HiWire

    Music Making

    Yes, the Deluge looks great too. The 3.0 firmware updates look pretty cool. They seem to do similar things differently – I'm looking at the heavy-duty MPC units out of curiosity – the MPC Live, MPC X, and also the Force.
  7. HiWire

    Music Making

    The Akai MPC One just got a lot of press at NAMM 2020. The $699 price seems to be a big part of its appeal – it looks like an easy way to get into music making without a PC workstation... https://www.akaipro.com/mpc-one
  8. HiWire

    Bose Close

    Bose will be closing all of its retail stores in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia in a few months: https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/15/21067715/bose-shutting-down-retail-stores-layoffs-north-america-europe-japan-australia They were the closest thing to a mass-market high-end stereo manufacturer for most people. It's almost more interesting to see which regions were exempted from the shutdown – still some strength in those markets.
  9. HiWire

    Recommend me a blu-ray player

    That's why I got the Sony UHP-H1. The current Sony UBP-X1100ES has analog outputs, but it's a bit pricey, and there are also the Panasonic DP-UB820, Panasonic DP-UB9000, and Pioneer UDP-LX500.
  10. HiWire

    Recommend me a blu-ray player

    They are mostly the same for 1080p at this point. There aren't major differences in picture quality between the big players – Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, and Oppo.
  11. After watching that list, I feel lucky that I escaped the '90s (mostly) intact... the horror. So much crap. 😦OMG Whigfield amirite? I think the lesson here is that #1 hits are not necessarily the most beloved music, simply the most popular at some given time. I get a lot fewer warm fuzzies watching '90s videos, having lived through all of it.
  12. HiWire

    Deluxe Flat Pads for Grado Headphones

    Thanks! They seemed like a lot of money at the time they came out, which is why I didn't buy them for years... every time I look at the HP-2, I feel like I should be listening to them every day, all day.
  13. HiWire

    Coffee Drinkers?

    I bought my brother a hand grinder for Christmas – a local coffee place roasts their own coffee, so I bought him two bags to start. Personally, I've been cutting down on coffee, but I still drink it a few times a week – it's more of a treat that way: https://www.hario.jp/seihin/productdetail.php?product=MMSP-1-HSV I have a little Bialetti Moka Express stove top coffee maker that I sometimes use – definitely not for fancy coffee... it's old school, but fun to use once in a while:
  14. Big in Germany – All German #1s of the 80s: Just as random from YouTube... a vocal critique of Elizabeth Fraser singing in Massive Attack's Teardrop (from Mezzanine)
  15. HiWire


    I don't like the idea of holograms, or at least treating them like a performance. I get that they give event promoters something to sell, but, in my opinion, this is "dead music", not live music.