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  1. It's a great album. I've got most of her other albums, but this one is special.
  2. One of my big concerns with the old 16" MBP was the reported fan noise from connecting an external monitor. It's nice that they wanted to make sure thermals were under control (without throttling performance), but I prefer a silent computer if possible. The new one should be quiet.
  3. I was looking at the old refurb 16" Intel MacBook Pros last week: had one at near $6,000 and a less extreme one at around $4,000 (32 vs 64GB RAM, 5500M vs 5600M, and 2TB vs 4TB SSD). That's a lot of money to ask for something with a 2018-era CPU and a 2019-era GPU. At least you'll get more performance and battery life out of these new ones. The pricing of the current M1 Mac Minis and MacBook Air computers, especially refurbished, offers one of the better values I've seen from Apple (relatively) in years.
  4. Framework announced their parts marketplace: https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/14/22725935/framework-laptop-modular-marketplace-launches-spare-parts-upgrades-expansions I looked at the new Surface devices, but none of them work particularly well for my coworkers.
  5. I'd like to visit there some day. It lives in my imagination thanks to Swallows and Amazons!
  6. I remember the AC-20 had a short range, which makes the imagery even more hilarious. The BattleTech sourcebook writers may have been paid by the word: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/battletech-the-1980s-in-space-forever.751195/ The "Unseen" mechs were a major part of the game for me (I was also a Robotech/anime fan), so the new, ugly Mech designs haven't captured my imagination like the originals.
  7. Yes, I still have the BattleTech Technical Readout: 3025 with the classic Mechs and the first MechWarrior (1986) RPG book. The Clan invasion was interesting, but I'm not sure I like where everything went after the Clan timeline (i.e., when I'm reading on sarna.net and the BattleTech wiki). At least you have a lot of choices for settings and technologies.
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