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  1. I think I spent several hours on and off trying to get Migration Assistant to run on Catalina (it kept signing out)... I thought it was because I had upgraded an unsupported Mac, but maybe there is a bug in the current version. Some of the macOS install problems come from expired certificates. I've had to install older versions of macOS on some computers and I got the "Install macOS application is damaged" error – deleting one of the .plist files can fix it as described here (Method 2): https://osxdaily.com/2019/10/24/fix-install-macos-application-damaged-cant-be-used-error-mac/
  2. I agree. It's good to have another computer in case things go wrong and especially if there isn't an urgent reason to upgrade. I did a lot of research before I decided to upgrade and I performed the first upgrade on a computer that I could afford to lose (i.e., one that nobody wants). The upgrade process itself doesn't take much longer than a normal macOS upgrade, but you want to be sure your data is safe before proceeding. I haven't tried doing the upgrade version of the process, only erasing drives completely and installing a fresh copy of macOS (and then migrating data back in afterwar
  3. I'm lucky enough to have several spare Macs at work. So far, I've upgraded a 2009 MacBook (white plastic), a 2010 13" MacBook Pro, and a 2008 MacBook (aluminum unibody) to macOS 10.15.7 without problems. In this case, I did it as an experiment and there was no risk as the previous user had upgraded to a newer Mac (i.e., complete drive erase and new macOS install for each of the Macs), but I haven't done any kind of benchmark testing after updating to macOS Catalina. macOS 10.15 seems to have some GUI optimizations that make Catalina feel snappier as well as background security and stabili
  4. Beastie Boys "Sabotage" Interview on CIAO LA
  5. I've been buying mostly Logitech K380 for my coworkers. The Apple keyboards are ok too, but super expensive. I bought a Macally (once) for a cowoker – the letters wore off the keys in a matter of months and I was not impressed (glad my coworker is a touch typist).
  6. I would always go for the quad core i7, but replacing the hard drive is trickier than I'd like: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Mac+mini+Late+2012+Hard+Drive+Replacement/11716 I'd also consider a used or refurb 2018 Mac Mini if it was in the same ballpark (under $900, 16GB RAM).
  7. The Grassy Knoll (1994) Like a David Lynch dance party. One of my desert island discs.
  8. It's the first time I've watched one of her videos. Normally I ignore product tie-ins, but this one is kind of nice. Online price seems to be around $600, but I'm not sure if these have been officially released yet.
  9. Seiko Street Fighter V It would be the red Ken watch (Rush 'n' Blaze) for me... Shoryuken!
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