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  1. St. Vincent – Daddy's Home Annie Clark got the funk like Midnight Vultures via Pink Floyd
  2. Thanks! It's sunny and cool outside today... perfect patio weather.
  3. Lily Allen – Alright, Still Dead Can Dance – The Serpent's Egg
  4. Orbital – Snivilisation Juvenile title aside, this is when the richer, more musical side of Orbital began to emerge from their sparse techno rave tunes. TL;DR, beep boop
  5. Songs from the Cool World The first CD I ever listened to... a lucky and somewhat random library loan, it was particularly eclectic and amazingly it's even more awesome now than I thought back in 1992 (I thought it was overly-simple, repetitive, and varied too much in quality back then... too slight for its playing time). How tastes change. And despite my less-than-astute assessment of the music's merits, I borrowed it again several times over the years, eventually graduating from my dad's stereo, to the family's CD boombox, then my own portable CD player. I didn't know much about the soundtrack artists or their back catalog because the internet as we know it didn't exist yet. Yes, I watched Cool World in the theater. A life-changing album. I ended up getting all of the Thrill Kill Kult albums (even the bad ones) and oddly, I didn't pick up this CD for myself until a few years ago. Sex on wheelz indeed... Two years later, the Kult featured again on a hit soundtrack... you might remember... for The Crow.
  6. I just found out about the Fuji X-T1 IR infrared/ultraviolet camera (law enforcement/military/medical/science). Want one just because... what was seen cannot be unseen. https://www.fujifilm.com/us/en/consumer/digitalcameras/ir-camera
  7. I prefer the fifth generation, but the curves on the first generations were killer. I didn't like the ergonomic issues I've heard about with the early Vipers though (lack of footroom, leg-burning exhaust, interior build quality). The Viper ACR still beats the Corvette ZR1 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife with an unofficial record of 7:01.67 (the Corvette ZR1 did 7:04 and the new C8 did 7:29.9).
  8. Dire Straits (1978) Matthew Sweet – In Reverse
  9. RIP Richard Donner.
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. I have most of the Zenph discs. The binaural piano performances are kind of redundant... there was not a huge amount to be gained there, in my opinion.
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