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  1. There is a small market for high-end universal-fit IEMs, but I guess they're about to find out how small. 😓
  2. Tintin´s Adventure with Frank Gardner (an exploration of Tintin's first adventure in Soviet Russia):
  3. Not reading this (GoodReads reviews are mixed), but I like the cover and I was listening to Rumours again, wondering about the production method: Shorter, but effective (surprisingly close to disaster) – Rumours: https://vintageking.com/blog/2017/11/fleetwood-mac-rumours/ and Tango in the Night (ditto): https://www.salonhttps://www.salon.com/2017/04/02/he-could-be-brash-he-could-be-harsh-he-was-very-motivated-the-real-story-behind-fleetwood-macs-tango-in-the-night/.com/2017/04/02/he-could-be-brash-he-could-be-harsh-he-was-very-motivated-the-real-story-behind-fleetwood-macs-tango-in-t
  4. Found a great video describing the knife edge burr (formed after sharpening) and removing it with a strop: Razor blade:
  5. 24 Titles from Columbia That Belong in Every Jazz Collection – The Jazz Shepherd:
  6. I'm glad it's back. Life without you guys just wasn't the same.
  7. I reverted to iTunes on macOS 10.13. At least it works properly with my iPod Shuffle.
  8. Rachel Hardy & Kaiser Cat Cinema – Wayfaring Stranger Sershen & Zaritskaya – Barracuda Gin Wigmore – Hey Ho The Weather Station – Parking Lot
  9. Massive Attack – Protection
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