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  1. A slight update on the Sony Walkman DAP, the formerly Japan-only NW-A307. Difficult to find, barely discussed. Android still seems to be a weakness described in other online A307 reviews... mediocre battery life and performance and that compromised user interface from the small display:
  2. I don't know much about cameras, but the Lumix S9 caught my interest too. I've set my sights on the new Fujifilm X-T50, however... I think it has more flexibility. 📸
  3. A return to platform games... Penny's Big Breakaway:
  4. BBC Planet Earth II (2016)
  5. I'm not surprised by the price hike at all. This will be a very small volume of cars, probably sold over a shortened life cycle until the hybrid or electric variants take over. The subjective reviews should be interesting - has Ferrari made the driving experience too electronic, or does it feel natural at speed?
  6. I like the way it looks - I wasn't sure at first, as most new "electric-era" cars seem to be similar-looking. I'm not sure about the reliability of the electronics and systems in the long run. No doubt it will be very fast, but I wonder how thoroughly they test these things. Obviously, flagship V12 grand tourers are mostly low-mileage showpieces, but I really wonder how they hold up with more driving on long trips. I thought they'd have a higher list price considering current inflation, but they might have achieved more efficiencies in their manufacturing processes.
  7. MINAxRaon: Queen Fox Bass Remix Yuki D_Drive: Out of Swan Lake
  8. Anthony Garcia & Los Diablos Tejanos: Apparitions Live at the Mucky Duck (Houston)
  9. I listened to a pair of Avantgarde horn speakers a while ago (one of the larger sets hooked up to some first-rate electronics, like their current Trio G3) - it wasn't honky-sounding at all. Definitely worth an audition! You need a lot of space for that kind of horn speaker, though. I listened to a budget set of Klipsch horn tweeter towers and they sounded weird for sure. Not "honky", but not great.
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