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  1. I'd like to visit there some day. It lives in my imagination thanks to Swallows and Amazons!
  2. I remember the AC-20 had a short range, which makes the imagery even more hilarious. The BattleTech sourcebook writers may have been paid by the word: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/battletech-the-1980s-in-space-forever.751195/ The "Unseen" mechs were a major part of the game for me (I was also a Robotech/anime fan), so the new, ugly Mech designs haven't captured my imagination like the originals.
  3. Yes, I still have the BattleTech Technical Readout: 3025 with the classic Mechs and the first MechWarrior (1986) RPG book. The Clan invasion was interesting, but I'm not sure I like where everything went after the Clan timeline (i.e., when I'm reading on sarna.net and the BattleTech wiki). At least you have a lot of choices for settings and technologies.
  4. Thanks, I lost track of the BattleTech games after the previews of MechWarrior 5 a while ago. Looks like BattleTech is more my speed – I found the pace of the MechWarrior game plodding, even if its graphics are nice. I loved Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun games. Spent a whole summer a few years ago finishing Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong.
  5. Cool. I thought about doing the same thing myself with the old BattleTech board rules (along with CityTech, etc.), but not in Python. RIP, FASA.
  6. Was the game Snake? 🐍 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_(video_game_genre) I've found the 16" MacBook Pro prices insane... paying thousands of dollars for old hardware, middling performance, and fan noise (with external displays) is unacceptable. Or maybe I just don't make enough money from my computers. People are going to be dumping their Intel Macs once their software workflow has moved to native Apple silicon support. The refurb 27" iMacs offer the best performance/value in the Intel Mac lineup, but obviously they aren't portable.
  7. It's also popular in the Philippines. I've never purchased Spam, but I don't have anything against it. My mom used to buy tins of corned beef when we were kids.
  8. What's old is new again... Sound Blaster compatible card for IBM PS/2 Microchannel computers:
  9. Biscuit History Lemonade
  10. I like this Felder PCS sawdrop. Spent the morning reading about brigandine armor – protect all the things!
  11. St. Vincent – Daddy's Home Annie Clark got the funk like Midnight Vultures via Pink Floyd
  12. Thanks, everyone!
  13. Thanks! It's sunny and cool outside today... perfect patio weather.
  14. Lily Allen – Alright, Still Dead Can Dance – The Serpent's Egg
  15. Orbital – Snivilisation Juvenile title aside, this is when the richer, more musical side of Orbital began to emerge from their sparse techno rave tunes. TL;DR, beep boop
  16. Songs from the Cool World The first CD I ever listened to... a lucky and somewhat random library loan, it was particularly eclectic and amazingly it's even more awesome now than I thought back in 1992 (I thought it was overly-simple, repetitive, and varied too much in quality back then... too slight for its playing time). How tastes change. And despite my less-than-astute assessment of the music's merits, I borrowed it again several times over the years, eventually graduating from my dad's stereo, to the family's CD boombox, then my own portable CD player. I didn't know much about the soundtrack artists or their back catalog because the internet as we know it didn't exist yet. Yes, I watched Cool World in the theater. A life-changing album. I ended up getting all of the Thrill Kill Kult albums (even the bad ones) and oddly, I didn't pick up this CD for myself until a few years ago. Sex on wheelz indeed... Two years later, the Kult featured again on a hit soundtrack... you might remember... for The Crow.
  17. I just found out about the Fuji X-T1 IR infrared/ultraviolet camera (law enforcement/military/medical/science). Want one just because... what was seen cannot be unseen. https://www.fujifilm.com/us/en/consumer/digitalcameras/ir-camera
  18. I prefer the fifth generation, but the curves on the first generations were killer. I didn't like the ergonomic issues I've heard about with the early Vipers though (lack of footroom, leg-burning exhaust, interior build quality). The Viper ACR still beats the Corvette ZR1 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife with an unofficial record of 7:01.67 (the Corvette ZR1 did 7:04 and the new C8 did 7:29.9).
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