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6SN7 and srm-006Ts


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I’m going to use 6SN7 in my 006Ts and would like to choose something modern; going through tube specs from Psvane and Linlai it is not clear if their 6SN7 (and CV181… as here they declare only 600mA for filament that is quite strange) can work up to 330V that is the value inside the 006

in their spec (when available) we have
Ua (static) … 250V
Ua (maximum)…. 450V
here is an example … http://www.psvane.com/en/hifiseries/327.html

is there anybody that have experience about?
are modern tubes suitable for use inside 006 (and similar)? 
any suggestion about which one should/could be choose?
thks 🙂


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so... remain only the NOS market...

but... I have read that in the past, tube manufacturers sometimes used to brand tubes according to market demands ... cases of tubes initially sold as 6SN7 ... then 6SN7GT (which is the same) ... then GTA or GTB, which should be different

the question that arises is: so were the 6SN7 tubes already capable of working with higher voltages? ... or are there GTBs around that do not work as specified?

(I don't trust chinese specs too)

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I think Stax use the new Tung Sol GTB in the 700T so that is new production.  Whether you can get them anymore... I'm not sure as they are made in Russia. 

As for the voltage, the GTB tops out at 450V so it's better than the regular version but still a long way from the 6S4A etc.  There is also the 6BL7 but no new production that I know of. 

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