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I have a friend overseas whose previous old Aune DAC (limited to handle 24/48 PCM) stopped working. Due to lack of most other products availability in his country, he has purchased the Ifi Zen DAC V2. First impressions were not good, but with some tweaking on Windows configuration and playback software he got it working kind of OK. He has found out that Foobar and AIMP (which for some reason he loves) can't deliver to the DAC the files at the same sampling/bit depth that they originally have. They go up or downsampled according to the settings he chooses in the player software, but he can't get the system to send the audio stream thru USB at its original bitrates automatically.

Now comes the question: Is there a way on Windows to get some software or configuring Foobar or AIMP to leave the files alone at playback? Is there some "set and forget" setting that would take the most profit of the DAC, not having to manually configure the software to keep the original files untouched? I recall some of you using a systematic resampling to DSD which would be the stream sent to the DAC.

I hardly remember my Windows days that passed more than 10 years ago. There was a way to configure Foobar to use some ASIO stuff that could do something like that, but he's not being able to do it. I'm not even sure I was able to play every file at its original definition if not setting it up manually.


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