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  1. Happy belated birthday, Jim
  2. I think this video could interest the early 15 adopters
  3. When I had a Windows PC I used to play with the F1 official game. By the days Schumacher used to win, before Alonso's titles. Suzuka was one of my favourite circuits, all those turns, so difficult to memorize and drive right. A lot of fun. Hopefully this is a nice race, on FP2 Naranjito didn't seem that superior, though not as behind as in Singapore.
  4. Torpedo


    I've just learned that Apple bought the classical music label BIS. Ted Gioia "The honest broker" has what IMHO is a very strong point about it here. About three years ago I started to notice a growth of shady editions of XXth century artists at other streaming platforms, and his view would explain that. These days everything is business, from education to health, having arts in between. I don't think any society can survive that while having everybody well attended and satisfied.
  5. The only race that I couldn't watch ended with Carlos winning and Naranjito (little orange boy) out of the podium.
  6. Happy belated birthday, Andrew. I hope it was a great one.
  7. Happy very belated BD, John.
  8. I must recognize that Doug has a point, but I'm afraid Knuckles is right. In no time we'll be seeing videos of things that never happened looking as if they did. The deeper we go in this hole, the happier I am of not having successors of this cursed lineage of mine.
  9. Dear lord, some of those are really disgusting
  10. Enjoying this concert which I wish had been able to attend live
  11. Thank you, just what I needed to know to be pretty sure that I'm not going to spend my precious time watching the "adventures" of a bunch of people that doesn't have any interest to me.
  12. The lady is stupid and gave the son whatever he wanted, now he steals a kiss from a player at a very inconvenient moment, the guy should resign, the mother shows how stupid she is. Nothing you haven't seen elsewhere
  13. Those AT are the modern equivalent of the trusted Technics 1200.
  14. I think I'd get one of these Audio Technica offers. Nothing to adjust, good speed control, and what is more important to me, a more than decent cartridge.
  15. IMHO the "problem" is not the number of parties. The problem is that their delegates in the chambers and government work for their own agendas and lobbies, for their personal benefit, not for the people that put them there and is paying their wages and gifted lives. They're incapable of working together for a general common good, finding compromises and agreements to make things to work and to improve. They just don't care and what's worse, they play the game of making people enemies of each other by pulling emotional strings based on lies, stupidity, beliefs and whatever can be used to not let us think.
  16. MSM Schmidt - Life (2017) Some sort of jazz fusion that I found by serendipity, and enjoying so far. It features Allan Holdsworth (a crazy guitarist that I fancy for unknown to me reasons). Available on many platforms even Qobuz.
  17. Jon Batiste - World Music Radio I'm amazed that these guys at Odesli keep adding streaming services but they won't include Qobuz
  18. IMHO this is a very good example of filmmaking and storytelling.
  19. And this is why we're facing extinction
  20. Thanks for the elaborated reply, Brent. How easy is to send pictures, videos and other files from the phone to the Mac/iPad? That's one of the problems I'm experiencing now for the current phone being a very different OS generation, not updateable. I think I can't wait for the the next new Samsung model. My ISP/phone provider would give me the Z4 for free just for keeping my current data/TV pack for the next 4 years, which I was most likely going to do. I've been a client since 1997. Other models are available but may need a rather small monthly payment. The Z5 is not expected to be included in the offer, but I can ask.
  21. Yes, I'm talking about that kind of phones, Samsung Z-Flip 5, Motorola Razr+, Oppo N2, etc. I think they don't have jacks either, but all have the extra, compared to the 14, of being much smaller and fitting in a pocket. I also like the smallish outer screen that offers quick message replying and other gadgets. The day you see me buying anything Woo Audio call a neurologist
  22. I've been using iPhone iterations for some years. I like the Apple ecosystem and all that, but I dislike their phones being larger and larger, those protruding camera lenses and their not having headphone jack. I think I could enjoy one of those foldable phones that fit into the front pocket of your jeans. Any experiences that you may share?
  23. Happy Birthday, Todd!!! I wish it's a great one
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