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  1. Happy Birthday, Mike!!! Enjoy a great day.
  2. There are plenty of Kintsugi kits, lacquer, adhesives, etc on Amazon for that. I'd give it a try.
  3. Happy Birthday, Grahame! I wish it's a wonderful day.
  4. I definitely don't. IMHO In the Air Tonight is one of those almost perfect songs that won't take much "improvement" other than changing the instrument position and relevance in the mix.
  5. Torpedo


    Check Adam Neely's channel at Youtube. He has a few videos about bass lessons and has his educational site at one of his sponsor's web, not sure if Nebula. In his youtube has a lot of interesting videos related to music theory, rhythm, ear training...
  6. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great one, Knucks!
  7. More jazz for a sunny morning. It's 14º (50ºF) outside, that should be 5-6º (41ºF) if things were normal. Enjoying of a few vacation days they owed me. Chick Corea Akoustic Band: Live I think I've posted this before. It's so damn fucking good
  8. Condolences, Todd. RIP Chris.
  9. Rotem Sivan - Antidote It's available on Qobuz and probably other streaming services on better sound quality than free Bandcamp. I found this guitarist on YouTube for he posts some lessons on theory, which end up being more about his perception of music and tone than tips you can use on your playing or training. Either way his music is not conventional yet not being weird or "too free". This album also sounds terrific.
  10. Happy New Year!!! Cheers to a better year.
  11. Happy Birthday, Jacob!!! I hope you celebrate your day and the new year's eve with something stronger and more fun than a coffee
  12. Happy Birthday, Joachim!!!!
  13. Merry Christmas, guys. I truly wish you're having a great time.
  14. I wish that despite the Covid and all the weird things going on these days, you have a merry birthday. Cheers!!!
  15. I rarely browse the forum on the phone or the tablet, so here I can just do what High Sierra allows, but for sure I can try that new feature on the iPhone.
  16. I'm on a Mac that isn't running Monterey, so I can't do that.
  17. It looks very promising. All drivers are FR or they use an active filter? Let us know about the sound when you try them
  18. Unbelievable final race deciding the whole thing in the last lap. There're some claims to be resolved, but I think it's a fair outcome that shouldn't be changed.
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