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  1. Happy Birthday, Naaman! I wish you have a great day.
  2. A couple of tunes released as the Black History Month Sessions by Rhiannon Giddens on Deezer I like this woman's music. Kind of heartfelt.
  3. I can't help being deeply bored by the Beach Boys and Wilson's work. And god only knows how much I've tried to find the genius part in their stuff.
  4. This amazing 13 y.o. pianist playing Mendelssohn. Remember her name
  5. It looks good. I like it better than most of the new Ω bracelets on their own watches
  6. Happy Birthday, Dan!!! Enjoy your day.
  7. IMHO the pleasure of commuting to work by walk is well worth any other shortcomings. And there may be a few. Good luck!
  8. One thing I've learned the hard way is that HDD hate sudden power cuts. I guess SDD units are immune to that limitation, are they?
  9. I've had failures with IBM, WD, Seagate, Hitachi and Maxtor that I can recall. The Seagate seem to me the more durable, and if setting a large size NAS or RAID I think I'll go for their Iron Wolf or Iron Wolf Pro disks.
  10. 33 dB(A) isn't unnoticeable at almost 1m away, but I guess this MBP gets louder when busy. I don't have a good calibrated SPL meter but I can make a good approximation with an app I got for the iPhone. Now time to ponder and to make other decisions. Thanks for the help, guys, you're awesome.
  11. Happy Birthday, Al!!! I wish you have a joyful day.
  12. That unit looks very good. No idea what is their RAID implementation, but I guess it's all relaying on software. It's very affordable, Amazon is selling it very cheap, shipping is half that price I'll try to find it at any EU reseller. The fan looks big so hopefully it spins more slowly and is less noisy than OWC's. That was my idea, but 10, being 1+0 should provide some speed advantage over 1 on four disks that supposedly would be filling one disk after another while making the redundant backup writes. Still I haven't found a clear and definitive explanation for RAID 1 over 4 drives.
  13. Thank you, Steve, very informative though a bit disappointing. I had found a reputable dealer that could deliver it already imported into Spain at a decent price, and had learned a couple of things, one of them being that SoftRAID isn't working adequately in Big Sur 11.1 and 11.2, but that could be fixed, being an OSX's problem, in the 11.3 update. The software developer is beta-testing a workaround meanwhile. Until that works it's not possible any configuration more complex than RAID 0 and RAID 1. I'm aiming to a 10 RAID, although I don't completely see the difference between a RAID 1 or 10 w
  14. Yes thanks, I know, but I have no use for a NAS, wife is more a reader than a watcher or listener, and most of my multimedia activities are around the computer, so having stuff attached to it, being small and silent, is more desirable in my case.
  15. I might when the drives get larger and more affordable. In this moment I would consider a cheapo approach with 4 mechanical HDD which I'd be upgrading when SATA SSD ones get larger and cheaper. BTW, that M.2 thingie is very handsome.
  16. Amazing, that's what I was thinking about. It doesn't seem to be a very popular idea for there're not alternatives at more affordable prices. As if SSD drives weren't expensive enough. Thank you, Dan.
  17. If I still were able to listen to headphones for a long time at decent volumes, I'd be so much in. If just only for the pleasure of comparing them to my early series HD800 that have the resonant trap mod installed and sound wonderful.
  18. I'm considering the idea of building a very small size RAID box using 2.5" SSD drives, so it probably wouldn't need a fan nor a built-in PS. I'd fit 4 drives for a RAID-1 configuration. Since it'd be in a Mac computer, it's not necessary the box has built-in RAID firmware and it could be either USB-C 3.1 or Thunderbolt for faster performance. My google mojo seems to be really bad for this, everything I find are conventional 3.5" drive RAID boxes (large, noisy and pricey), single drive enclosures or in the best case, those docks that can fit 2 internal HDD drives (I've had one already for
  19. Happy Birthday, Colin!!! have a great one
  20. Sorry, Steve. Keep us posted on the diagnosis. Get well.
  21. With a 35Ω impedance and a 105dB/mW sensitivity they shouldn't be much harder to drive than a pair of Grado. They look comfortable like the rest of the Focal line, but they don't provide a figure nor explain the build for noise isolation. I'm guessing they're more concerned for the surrounds not listening to your music than vice versa.
  22. Have a wonderful and very Happy Birthday, Steve
  23. NO, you can't say penis, you must say dick.
  24. They might (or even should) partner with an electronics leading company that could compete with Apple, so they would sell tons of headphones and soundbars in the largest markets, or the ones with huge growth potential, which are these days chinese and india. Perhaps Huawei, Xiaomi, or Samsung in the worst case. That would allow them to sell the kind of products that people want, those tiny wireless noise-cancelling shitty things, and adapted wireless 3D faking soundbars for their monitors and TVs. I'm afraid that wired headphones are going to be an even more niche market that will be led
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