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  1. Happy Birthday, Jim!!!
  2. I like Nahre Sol's channel on YouTube quite a bit. She has amazing insight on music. This video about pop music is particularly interesting If you like it check others she made about flamenco, jazz, blues and other genres.
  3. Suzanne Vega - An Evening of New York Songs and Stories Available at several online platforms Her voice doesn't seem to have changed much in this quarter of a century.
  4. I'd get the MSI for several reasons: It sports legacy ports without further expense. I need RJ45 and USB. More CPU power. Maybe it's not needed right now, but it will come very handy in a few years when Windows upgrades and updates make anything slower. Same goes for the more powerful GPU MSI has got good reputation in the gaming community (or it used to) for being fast and reliable machines that can cope with overclocking even being laptops. An acquaintance of mine got a MSI like 4 years ago for gaming (not hardcore gamer) and he's still happy with it, zero problems.
  5. Very sad news, Jose. Condolences. Un abrazo.
  6. Happy Birthday, Andrew!!! I wish you have a great day
  7. I think the red flag after Magnussen's breakdown was excessive. Way too much luck for Gasly and Stroll, but hey, these are races and it was a lot of fun
  8. Yup, Honda got a lot worse on qualification.
  9. My condolences, Al, Claire, Steve and family. Fucking tough times, so sorry
  10. I think that's what I said but probably wrongly worded. C natural minor (C aeolian) is the 6th degree of Eb major. Both tonalities are siblings, Eb is the ascending parallel of C, so C is the descending parallel of Eb. When playing C ionian and shifting to C aeolian (what most would say going from C major to C minor) you're "false modulating" from C to Eb. You can improvise on both chord changes (any chord of any of both "tonalities") just going from C major to C minor pentatonic, or even just playing C major pentatonic. Boring but effective. Once you learn to look at single note changes from
  11. The chainings or concatenations (encadenamientos) refer to the groups of modes that derive from the main (root) scale building the whole family. So in the most basic form, which is the diatonic chaining, you start from the diatonic scale (ionian mode) that has seven notes following the pattern of intervals (1 is a whole tone, ½ obviously a half tone) 1-1-½-1-1-1-½-1 (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) take into account that the sixth mode of that chaining is the aeolian mode which also happens to be the "natural minor" scale. This is important because when we speak of minor tonality we're not really speaking of
  12. Thanks, Dusty. My teacher plays mostly jazz so most of his theory lessons are focused on the understanding of harmony, so you have a strong grip to know always where you are and where are you heading, which is very helpful (once you can think fast enough) to improvise melody and also chord melody and comping. He has the conception of a tonality being actually comprised of 5 tonalities that are somewhat siblings, and every tonality and its modes can be arranged in "chainings" (I don't know how that would translate into English) that are based on a specific scale: diatonic, harmonic, major melod
  13. This channel, Beato's, Jens Larsen's and Tomo Fujita's are my favourites for music/guitar improvement. I've tried to use some "hide" or "nsfw" tags to hide a music theory comment, but I didn't get it to work so don't bother to read that follows if you're not into that stuff. My teacher says that Sus2 chords don't exist because they're inversions of another Sus4 chord (Csus2 is Gsus4) but once you add the 7th to the triad the plot thickens, the Sus2 becomes a major chord which if used in inversion provides nice textures. It's a lot of fun looking at music at this structural level.
  14. Good luck and favourable winds, stay safe.
  15. No idea who's this. Starting with that album.
  16. Fuck you, Matt! I had to meet you.
  17. Bill Frisell - Valentine It came out fresh one week ago. Available on many online providers.
  18. A BBC radio show host by Rhiannon Giddens for The Blues Show with Cerys Matthews
  19. John Scofield (with MMW) - A Go Go
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