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    Complicated, yet as boring as most anyone else's.
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    Quite a few, but music takes a lot of my leisure time.
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    Otolaryngologist, ENT surgeon.
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    Playing guitar, reading, movies, joining family and friends for some laughs...
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  1. ^What's your favourite or in the worst case just "goto"?
  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Jim!! I'm glad you had a good Bday weekend. Those are the best
  3. Happy belated BDay, John. I wish that it was a great one.
  4. Happy belated BDay, Andrew. I hope it was a great one.
  5. Her voice reminded me a lot of Olivia Newton John's. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  6. When did Brent get there?
  7. I've just known that Joey DeFrancesco died yesterday. 51. Rest in peace and thanks for the soulful music
  8. Wishing for the best, Dusty.
  9. I watched that last week. I don't know how much of it is cliché and standard characters, but I found it pretty fun.
  10. Joel Harrison - Guitar Talk (from Bandcamp)
  11. Happy Birthday, Ian!!!!
  12. The last episode hasn't been aired here yet, they'll do this evening. I have left to watch 12th and that last one. Considering to re-watch Breaking Bad.
  13. That's something that I've noticed in most of his recordings, they way they're mixed giving him prominence, the cover pictures... His live performances seem to reinforce that feeling of a guy being too glad of meeting himself for he's so important. Whatever, a fine musician nonetheless.
  14. I think his page should be this. I'm in, as usual
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