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  1. Happy Birthday, Peter!!! I wish you enjoy a great day
  2. That's a shame, yes. Thanks guys.
  3. I haven't been much into watches lately, what's the issue with the BB GMT?
  4. It's all my fault, I started this thread into the TV subforum because I wasn't able to remember in which subforum we are keeping the "Post What You're Watching" one. There wasn't any thread about this in the TV subforum. I think I've just disambiguated it for those not looking at the subforums titles
  5. ^Cued it in my watchlist. Thxs. I watched Ted Lasso's two seasons in just a couple of days. I was expecting more comicity and less emotiveness, but overall I liked it. I'll probably watch a 3rd season if there's one.
  6. It looks great, I bet one can game a lot with that machine.
  7. What computer did you order, Dusty?
  8. Happy Birthday, Jim
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