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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin!!!
  2. What a race! Not sure if this has been the craziest one this season, but it definitely qualifies for the title. Vettel is a damn whiny kid He deserved a black flag for his hitting Hamilton. In football (soccer) that action had warranted a red card, no doubt.
  3. Try to give your neck a rest, move it slowly and don't force extreme movements. Some NSAIs and muscle relaxants might help. Poor lady, you're doing the right thing helping her. Most people are just ungrateful and so selfish that can't even give in exchange, so forget anything resembling giving for free, expecting nothing in return. We're pretty pathetic species
  4. Not really. I don't have reliable statistics, but I don't think it's more than 10% prevalence, probably less.
  5. I liked it better when they made them from real feathers. I gave a set of pretty heavy ones with feather tails to my father for one of his birthdays, around 38. I don't like darts with plastic tip and those horrible pinhole dartboards. The Hammer Head look good.
  6. in this country not with that name
  7. I had seen that thing long ago.
  8. or a snipper.
  9. Good luck, Jacob. It's sounding great to these ears
  10. Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Happy Birthday, Kerry
  12. Lee Konitz - frescalalto Available at Spotify
  13. Honda can build motors, yet not for Formula 1
  14. mothersfookers