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  1. Snarky Puppy - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
  2. RIP Uderzo. Thanks for so many hours of fun.
  3. Mine is a 2010 MBP which I upgraded to 250GB SSD (removing the optical drive) and added RAM up to 8GB. It's only a Core 2 Duo. I've just learned that Parallels is free for 14 days, then it's 80€/year. Not happy paying for something work related. I guess I might find older "free" versions of IE remote desktop for Mac, but I wouldn't like to use anything remotely contaminated for this work application.
  4. Interesting. Looks like IE Remote Desktop doesn't exist anymore (in Spain at least) but looking for IE Desktop in the AppStore found "Parallels Desktop" which seems should be able to run Windows apps. If IE works I should be ready to go. I'm going to get this new Parallels and see what it does. I tried Wine some time ago for other software apps and stopped using it, not really satisfactory on an older Mac. I should give it another try for IE, thanks for the reminder.
  5. Thank you but I can't do that exactly like you say. By HP I was meaning Hewlett Packard the company developing the piece of shit software that was sold to our very large hospital. I can't openly discuss why or how they made such a foolish decision. I don't have the permissions to set up anything on any computer at work, other than logging into the network and using the software. That would only be allowed if you have a relatively updated IE version, the ones working on W8 and later. Supposedly for security reasons. All they're going to do is delivering to us the permission to access the internal network from our homes if we have such IE. But from your post I should be able to get some workaround using a ghost intermediary computer with Windows installed, were I able to get MS Remote desktop working in my Mac. Thanks! Any other suggestion shall be very welcome
  6. It's to be able to use a HP piece of shit that they're using in my workplace to access a rather large database. For some reason the software is embedded into IE browser. It has to be a relatively modern IE version. My problems are that my Mac is rather old so I don't have much of the SSD space free to install Windows, and that I don't have a Windows 8 or higher to install it using Bootcamp or Fusion. If I can't get this working I won't be able to do some work from home. With the quarantaine I'd much better work from home. My plan B is borrowing a Windows laptop, but I'm having trouble with that too.
  7. Happy Birthday, Al!!!
  8. Is there any secure way to use Internet Explorer on a Mac without installing a Windows? I would need to do that for work reasons.
  9. Yup, with some rhythmic epic touch that reminded me of a movie soundtrack vibe.
  10. Interesting. It's on Tidal as well.
  11. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. RIP McCoy. Truly sad news
  13. Torpedo

    Speaker Porn

    I agree, those look more like Akai, Pioneer or Kenwood to me.
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