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  1. I'm very sorry, Fitz. Hugs, RIP Matilda.
  2. Christian McBride Big Band - For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver Available on many streaming providers Old school damn fun big band jazz. Joey DeFrancesco on B3, Mark Whitfield on guitar.
  3. The Tiny Desk (Home) Concert by Katie Pruitt https://www.npr.org/2020/10/26/927197751/katie-pruitt-tiny-desk-home-concert A discovery for me. Wonderful voice, great singing.
  4. Thank you for the elaborated reply. I visited the dosdude page and watched the video, it seemed somewhat time consuming to implement the upgrade, that's why asked if it's worth it. I hadn't considered the security implications and the compatibility issues with the newest versions of software. I'm not an intensive user, I might try it once I get the new machine.
  5. Do you recommend update to Catalina on such old machines, did you notice any performance improvement or something justifying the work and risk?
  6. Happy Birthday, Marc!! Enjoy the day a lot.
  7. Happy Birthday, Dusty!!! I wish you have a blast of a day.
  8. This is a birthday epidemic. Happy Birthday, Peter!
  9. Happy Birthday, Vicki!!! Have a great one
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