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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
  2. The indy repair guys will look at the 5. They'll charge 40 euros if they manage to fix it. Seems like a fair deal. We'll know more on Friday.
  3. I can't speak for the guy, nor for Apple's policies, but I'm let's say 99% sure that nothing shorted during the battery replacement. I did a pretty surgical work. I didn't use any metal tool to pull off the battery contact board or the battery itself, and the screwdrivers are magnetic, so the screws would stay attached to them and wouldn't fall accidentally on the board. Still something unnoticed could have happened. For what I found searching is that there's a batch of early iPhone 5's having some difference in a chip that would stop working when the unit is opened, and the symptoms are like that, the home and sleep buttons would stop working. Anyway, the SE is a nice device, same size yet faster and with a lot more of room to store music and pics. Today it's going to be the first day using it as the commute music source.
  4. I've had to buy a new phone. I got the SE The guy at the repair facility, not directly an Apple Store but an authorised service, said that I'd need to put back in the original Apple battery, otherwise they cannot even look inside it He said that it smells like they won't be able to repair it, so they'd charge the full fee (311 euros) to get a new 5 in exchange of the old one. Wife says it doesn't sound that bad and that she could give some use to that iphone. This is world first, she hates cell phones, she doesn't use hers for other than emergencies and most of the times she has it off and out of charge. I'm going to try the chinese "indy" guys, I haven't visited them yet. We'll see, this could be the confirmation of Apple sabotaging the iPhone for you replacing the battery yourself.
  5. For a 45% discount on a Carbon I would write a review in Swahili and open a Facebook account to shill out
  6. When I had the chance to compare a LG true OLED display side by side with a Samsung QLED one, I liked the LG better. Big difference IMHO. I didn't see any plastic film on them, the stickers seemed directly on the panel surface.
  7. I'm starting to be beyond the glasses breaking point, although not fully there yet, I still do well on the 5's screen. If I used Whatsapp and other writing apps more than I do, I'd be happier on a larger screen, that's sure. Those tiny buttons
  8. My aging eyes like larger screens, but my pants and scrubs pockets don't. Ah, decisions, decisions
  9. Thanks. I can imagine the SE is better than the oldish 5. Do you know if there are rational reasons (not that it's the HC style) or some other kind of reasons to get the 7 instead of the SE?
  10. Yes, some people say it's a good solution for it has the closest to 0 Ohm output impedance among many portable players. I can do that over a fixed 5 too Decent sounds like "good enough" to me. I can do decent when commuting to work, and if I found a large difference compared to the Touch, I still can use it at on-call shifts or vacation trips. That's my guess too. I'm fearing they want their fee for a battery replacement, so if you don't pay the 101 euros for a new battery, you gotta pay them to unlock the phone I've found an official Apple approved place selling the SE like 80 euros cheaper than the Apple Store. With the savings I could have the 5 repaired The SE is getting more votes so far.
  11. I'll try to have it fixed, it can't be that broken, and the battery is brand new already. i'm starting to consider getting a new 128GB. I like the looks and features of the 7, but I hate it not having a proper minijack audio output, so I find the SE very tempting, it's like 300 euros cheaper and the same size of the 5, which I love. My idea would be using it for music too, and retiring the iPod Touch, so I'd be thankful if someone had an opinion about the audio quality of the SE vs the 7 with that dongle.
  12. Hell no, that's what Apple charges in Spain. No idea what the chinese indy guys would charge, not even if they'd accept the job. I see them more focused in easy things like replacing glasses, screens and batteries.
  13. Sure that, just for changing the battery they'd charge 101 euros. For trying and see what's going on, the bill is 311 euros, then if the fix is simpler they'd return part of that charge on your CC.
  14. I received today the spare home button circuit-cable and replaced it. It still doesn't work I get the thing to the point as if brand new asks for pushing the home button to start, but it won't respond. Funnily enough it recognises the SIM card, its code, and connects to the 4G network, but as soon as the rest mode kicks in, it's dead. One knows it's alive by pushing the mute button, so it would vibrate a couple of times. If connected to the computer, I've received a phone call, but once unplugged from the computer if I call that number I receive a telephone busy message from the network's answering machine. At this point I'm thinking Apple produced some block to force me to take the iPhone to their store, then billing me for a silly simple fix so they can recoup what they lost for changing the batteries myself Would you try an "independent" repair place (I have one a few blocks away) or would you take it to Apple?
  15. Yes, I had a lot of fun on this race too. Alonso seemed to have a great time battling for the points, until his car gave up... once more Lewis did a great job, I still don't get why Mercedes didn't put the ultrasoft tires on his car, maybe they were afraid he'd burn them out a couple of turns before the end of the race. Still worth trying, it would have been a miracle that he had managed to overtake Vettel using the same tires. The question now is will McLaren keep using Honda engines all this season? I read on some newspaper rumours about that, commenting that it wouldn't be the first time a team changed the engines provider at midseason.