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  1. What a race!!! Fernando driver of the day for a reason. Alpine and Ocon must be very thankful. The second start is something I hadn't even imagined was possible
  2. Happy Birthday, Todd!!!! I wish you an awesome day.
  3. I think this is interesting, inspiring and beautiful
  4. Thank you very much, mates ❤️ It was a nice day. Celebrations were thoughtful, not only due to Covid, but for having a long work session awaiting today.
  5. I finished The Leftovers yesterday, all three seasons. Not bad, last season is IMO weaker.
  6. I thought that for the tiny link, but can a bot provide a reply making sense to the thread? AI is getting a lot better
  7. What did impel you to reply in a 3 year old thread with such an obvious advice? Not a very good presentation.
  8. Just finished American Utopia, the concert/documentary by David Byrne directed by Spike Lee. I needed this to remind me why Talking Heads was one of my favourite bands.
  9. This. Congratulations for your build.
  10. Interesting, on Chrome that's not showing with the progress and the percentage, just the supergoldwhatever.
  11. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Jose! que lo pases muy bien.
  12. I'm surprised we don't have this in the first TV subforum page. I finished yesterday the first and only season (so far) of "Mare of Easttown" on HBO. I really liked it, very well acted, Kate Winslet did a fantastic job.
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