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  1. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Voltron!

    Happy Birthday, Al!!! I wish you enjoy a great day.
  2. Torpedo


    ^ That's awesome. It's a proof of music being a matter of aesthetics.
  3. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Colleen. Condolences Bryan, I'm sorry for cancer stealing another young life
  4. Torpedo

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Bill Mobley - Hittin' Home (2016) Bass – Essiet Okon Essiet*, Phil Palombi Guitar – Russell Malone Marimba – Kevin Norton Percussion – Clint Mobley Piano – Heather Bennett (2), Kenny Barron Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Bill Mobley Vibraphone – Steve Nelson
  5. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    Yup, pretty shocking. RIP Charlie
  6. Torpedo


    A swinging concert by a bunch of hardbop era giants
  7. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Seed Lady!

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    Too young. RIP Luke.
  9. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Nate!

    Happy Birthday, Nate! Have a great one.
  10. Torpedo

    The Headcase Stax thread

    What do you mean with "front volume", the air chamber in front of the driver, between it and the ear?
  11. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Craig Sawyers!

    Happy Birthday, Craig!!!
  12. Torpedo

    Home spin bikes

    Or freshen your groins, in the worst case.
  13. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Naaman!

    Happy Birthday, Naaman!!!
  14. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Mark.