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  1. Torpedo

    The official Head Case broadcast thread

    Currently listening to it on showreel
  2. Torpedo


    A trio concert by Teddy Wilson for the Norwegian TV in 1973. https://tv.nrk.no/program/FUHA01005473
  3. Torpedo

    Post what you're watching

    I'm watching it too, but the noisy loud music and the unnecessarily loud tension creating sound effects annoy me to no end. There should be a law that no music or effects should sound any louder than a shout out dialogue.
  4. Torpedo

    Amplifier porn

    I have no idea how the Phonitor sounds and if it's worth the price of admission, but it's one of the coolest with all the pots and the VU meters.
  5. Torpedo

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    Oh, sorry for missing it, Jose. Happy belated Birthday!!!
  6. Torpedo

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Cool. In my teens I had a (pirate) CB radio at home for like three years which allowed me to get in touch with people far away, the farthest was Australia, almost our antipodes, then passed the tests to get a license for a larger station, but never managed to buy and install the gears, so I guess it expired. Now the laws have changed and it seems easier to get a license. Are you planning to set up a serious home station?
  7. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    Rest in peace, João. Thanks for the beautiful music
  8. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday - Tyrion!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mike!!!
  9. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Spritzer!

    Happy Birthday, my friend! Have a great one indeed.
  10. Torpedo

    Ye Macce Threade

    I tried it long ago. A far cry from the F2K in Windows [emoji17]
  11. Torpedo

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Mr Iacocca.
  12. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Greg!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. Torpedo

    Formula 1 Thread

    Yup, a pretty good show
  14. Torpedo

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    Happy Birthday, Justin!!!
  15. Torpedo

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    ^Fingers crossed