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  1. Oh, I thought you had purchased it already, I was meaning pics of the device.
  2. Pictures or it didn't happen. Maybe some YT video.
  3. Torpedo

    ZMF x Vibro

    This is different to other forums. Read your welcome message.
  4. Thanks. I've needed to search more deeply (Amazon search engine sucks) but I found it. They have OWC 2x32 modules at 360€ ($426) all included. They have Crucial memory, same specs and size, a bit cheaper at 340€ ($403). When I was more into building my PCs Crucial had a good reputation, I don't know if that still stands.
  5. That's what I was thinking, plus no one can assure us that Apple is going to develop a groundbreaking processor any better than Intel would be in three years. The only concern would be that Apple managed to make an awesome way over the top device that could deem obsolete this new model in three years, so it won't support any OSX update. I don't think that's going to happen, Apple is selling right now many other products which have more limited performance, based on Intel hardware, whose owners won't be happy if that happens. I'll keep an eye on the RAM specifications, those Corsair are DR4 2666GHz PC4 21300 modules compatible with 9 and 10th generation Intel based computers. Could these new Macs sport any faster? It'll be more expensive...
  6. Thanks, that seems a good price, better than I can find over here. At Amazon.es they have 32GB modules starting at 152€, however I wouldn't have any shipping nor customs or other fees. Is this good? Can this iMac work with just a single RAM module or must they be arranged in same memory size pairs?
  7. Mid 2010 and going strong hahaha. Thanks for the input guys. That's how I see it, just the much larger screen and the faster USB (this MBP is still USB 2) will be very noticeable to me. What pisses me most of Apple is their RAM prices policy and the low amount that get their basic offers. 8GB is too low and they'll give me a chip that won't be of use if I plan to upgrade to 64 in the future.
  8. I get it, it's probably not the same the GPU raw performance than the GPU on a certain hardware configuration. TBH I have no idea for how long have those Radeon models been out. I should do some homework
  9. I lost track on GPUs when I quit PC gaming like 18 years ago. Is the difference between 5300 and the 5700 that relevant? Would the standard 5500 in the i7 machine be enough for someone not editing videos nor playing video games? I would apply the savings on upgrading the RAM to 32. 1TB of SSD is more than enough for me, most of my stuff is on external big drives.
  10. I'll give them some time to sort out any first units shortcomings that tend to happen when new models come out, and probably will get a new one after the summer holidays. If they let me enjoying them.
  11. Great! The 27" is already available at Apple Online shop. The glass is very expensive, I think it's better getting larger SSD and the 2nd tier GPU. Any idea if RAM will be user upgradeable? I couldn't read the news in the link you provided, some disagreement with their cookies policy.
  12. I'm somewhat glad of that, Innefidelity was Tyll's child and no one, less that stupid pretentious ignorant of an editor they hired, would replace him. What they were trying to do, which is converting headphones into another unknowing rich people niche of consumerism at absurdly unreachable prices, won't work. Now if they want to keep a working headphones magazine they need to hire someone knowing about sound, music and headphones.
  13. Happy Birthday, Todd!!! I wish it's a very very good one.
  14. What are the differences between the Clear and Elear? The Elear should be the very same as the Elex that Massdrop is selling and the price is rather acceptable, is it?
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