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  1. I only have the iPhone and rather shitty light, but hopefully the fine polishing can be appreciated Did I ever post this pic when Jacob asked for it at some other thread? This forum software is kind of weird. I like what Omega is releasing, the 60th anniversary issue of the Speedmaster, Trainmaster and Seamaster looks great too
  2. what's wrong with this thread?
  3. Congratulations, Mike. Family milestone
  4. Happy Birthday, Al!!! I wish you have a great day. ¡Feliz día!
  5. From what I read elsewhere, the headphones could have been of the headband type, perhaps noise cancelling like Bose QuietComfort, using larger rechargeable batteries of the AA or AAA type. I've used this type of batteries of Chinese make and are very very poor quality, nothing to do with the quality of the OEM batteries being used in Apple and other reputed brands products. The fault wasn't on the headphones and their brand, but on the batteries.
  6. I think you've been behaving more chilly than shilly.
  7. Maybe I've missed what exactly the SDR is. What I read following the link to SABF just mentions the half Shure tips mod, which seems rather easy and safe to perform, but I must recognize I didn't read the whole 31 pages. On a more thorough search I've found Tyll's post describing how the "plug" is constructed. In its current version the plug is more complex and different from what a silicon tip would do. Thanks for your reply. I've also found an italian guy selling plugs on ebay. I guess this has nothing to do with you, just a smartass fellow taking profit of the idea.
  8. RIP Chuck.
  9. I purchased a Pono player at the Kickstarter phase. The damn thing sounds really good, I guess the Hansen engineering had something to do, but other than the couple of Herbie Hancock albums this edition had loaded, I haven't been tempted to buy any of the Pono's music. Since it has a big capacity due to the support of microSD cards up to 128GB, I use it when away from home for a few days. Not using it on daily commutes, the shape is just nuts and very impractical. I wish they had made it in a regular flat prism shape.
  10. It looks interesting and makes a lot of sense. I'm rather happy with the Anaxilus mod on mine, but TBH I'm not listening much with headphones, and most of the times I do on commute with IEMs, or with Stax at home. Sorrodje, have you ever tried the silicon tips of the Klipsch IEMs? I'm curious if you chose the Shure ones for some favorable difference over the Klipsch or Comply ones.
  11. Best wishes, Nate, and all the northern pals.
  12. Thundercat - Drunk I was expecting a lot more from a "genius" behind the success of Kendrick Lamar. I can't help experiencing that sort of "heard it all before" feeling in a Doobie Brothers-Stevie Wonder kind of way.
  13. Happy Birthday, Laura!!! we miss you.
  14. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
  15. Phronesis - Parallax (2016) This album is also available at Bandcamp. I've enjoyed it a lot.