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  1. I've been following them on YouTube since the pandemics. Funny people.
  2. ^ He's releasing a new one by March 17. Preview/pre-order: https://artistic.io/r/c-1x-LhDb4crKMpKkud2gH56JNw-pYjNYVN59QpycS-c92ox6n4.htm
  3. Not much worse than lots of free jazz and "contemporary" jazz
  4. ^What was it? YT isn't showing that video in my country, not even in their website.
  5. the original theme is fine, I liked how they "evolved" it from season 1 to the second, but the remix is kind of too generic. Dance shit.
  6. Just finished The Bear At the beginning it was a bit slow, then it gets better but you need to endure to make it to the last episode. In the end it was worth watching. They leave it open to a season 2, maybe that's why this wasn't just a movie.
  7. I have a friend overseas whose previous old Aune DAC (limited to handle 24/48 PCM) stopped working. Due to lack of most other products availability in his country, he has purchased the Ifi Zen DAC V2. First impressions were not good, but with some tweaking on Windows configuration and playback software he got it working kind of OK. He has found out that Foobar and AIMP (which for some reason he loves) can't deliver to the DAC the files at the same sampling/bit depth that they originally have. They go up or downsampled according to the settings he chooses in the player software, but he can't get the system to send the audio stream thru USB at its original bitrates automatically. Now comes the question: Is there a way on Windows to get some software or configuring Foobar or AIMP to leave the files alone at playback? Is there some "set and forget" setting that would take the most profit of the DAC, not having to manually configure the software to keep the original files untouched? I recall some of you using a systematic resampling to DSD which would be the stream sent to the DAC. I hardly remember my Windows days that passed more than 10 years ago. There was a way to configure Foobar to use some ASIO stuff that could do something like that, but he's not being able to do it. I'm not even sure I was able to play every file at its original definition if not setting it up manually.
  8. Have a fenomenal birthday, Mike
  9. Happy Birthday, Adam!!!
  10. Yasuhiro Kohno Trio + One - Song of Island A private press rarity that few know of, ‘Song of Island’ was the third album from pianist Yasuhiro Kohno’s trio, recorded live at the jazz club and live house (gig venue) ‘Again’ in August 1985. Pressed up in small numbers, ‘Song for Island’ was issued on the private ASCAP Records, set up by pianist and band leader Yasuhiro Kohno. The album is a follow up to Kohno-san’s previous two albums, ‘Peace’ and ‘Roma in the Rain’, released on the cult Aketa’s Disk label. However, unlike the ‘Peace’ and ‘Roma in the Rain’ albums, ‘Song of Island’ has never been reissued before – until now.The title track was included on J Jazz volume 3. This is a very special album that captures a special time in Japanese jazz, when exemplary acoustic jazz was still being performed and recorded by dedicated and talented artists at the height of mid-80s synth pop. ‘Song of Island’ features four original compositions by Yasuhiro Kohno plus a distinctive take on a jazz standard. PERSONNEL: Yasuhiro Kohno - (piano) Masahiro Kanno - (vibes) Tsutomu Numakami - (bass) Hironobu Fujisawa - (drums) Recorded live on August 28th and 29th 1985 at "Live House Again"
  11. RIP Gina Lollobrigida. She died today at 95. One of the very few icons from the golden era of cinema that were left.
  12. I'm two chapters away from finishing this second season. I'm finding it less histrionic than the first one, and more Shakespearean and subtle. All I know is that someone is going to die
  13. Wow, Happy Birthday, Grahame!!! Have a great one. At this age big celebrations must get dosified
  14. Beck, Bogert & Appice: Beck, Bogert, Appice
  15. The important bit here is not the length, it's the gauge
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