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  1. Rafiq Bhatia - Standards Vol.1 It's an EP released this year on Bandcamp. Cecile McLorin contributes to the second tune.
  2. Rick & Morty, 4th season.
  3. Mikhail Pletnev - Edvard Grieg: Lyric Pieces Not exactly the same edition, but same tracks from the original Melodiya recording of 1986, available on several streaming services.
  4. I've been watching a French TV show available on Netflix called "The Eddy". About a jazz club in Paris. Good music, interesting plot... They say it's a "mini series" but it's 8 episodes almost 1 hour long each.
  5. Yup, I watched the NPR's show yesterday. My favourite is her first album "Tomorrow is my Turn". Not sure I can make the live stream the 12th, thanks.
  6. Esperanza Spalding and Fred Hersch - Live at the Village Vanguard It's available only at Bandcamp through June, if purchased the profits go to the Jazz Foundation of America. I never heard Esperanza singing this good.
  7. I'm a big Rhiannon Giddens fan. I listened to this a few days ago, now again Looking at the health care personnel pics in that video I can't help thinking that it's been the same shit all the world around. Tough times, but as usual, only for some.
  8. I'd say that this Is not a lie. He's doing to the best of his ability
  9. Thanks for the replies. If grapevine is right it'd take more than 8 months a new iMac to be released, and if it's released it'd be a whole new architecture which might be good, or rather bad until refined. I don't do video editing, nor heavy images processing, although I might occasionally play some racing or flight simulator game which I haven't done in 10 years. Most of my computer use is light stuff in the streaming TV, text processing, audio processing, net surfing, filesharing... My plan is getting a 27" iMac with 6-core i5 3.7GHz (9th gen), 8GB (upgrading to 3rd party RAM would be considered), 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 580X. I might consider upgrading the graphic card to VEGA or having the i9 installed, but I don't think any of those is worth the expense for me. As a matter of fact I'm assuming that such device would be a waste, so a much cheaper 8th gen processor with the lower Radeon Pro 570 would be equally good, but possibly more reliable for producing less heat. Any opinions and advice?
  10. RIP Jimmy. I read the news in a Spanish newspaper
  11. Kandace Springs - The Women Who Raised Me Available on any streaming service of your choice
  12. Happy Birthday, Brent! I wish you a very great day, with your kids, and all the people that these weird days allow around you. Big hugs
  13. According to MacRumours one shouldn't buy a new iMac now since it's due to replacement soon. However looking at the update times once the 380 days barrier is passed, next update may take as long as 6xx days. We're now at 43x days since last update. Do you have any information that could be useful to a prospective iMac buyer? I'm not in a hurry but waiting for the new iMac to be released for another year might be a bit too long.
  14. Happy Birthday!!!
  15. Happy Birthday, Rob!!!
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