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  1. Hopefully he is turning años, not anos, that'd be painful and inconvenient I guess.
  2. Receive your usual yearly Happy Birthday, Grahame!!!
  3. I never thought I'd post in this thread, but climate change changes things. It's been snowing for 3 days and temperatures are rather low, so we have Madrid, an absolutely unprepared city, covered by snow layer of about 3ft. The problems are that they don't have the machines to remove the snow from the main roads, streets and avenues, nor can spread salt to avoid ice formation. I'm expecting absolute caos and confinement for about 2 weeks considering the temperatures forecast for the next week, most days below 0ºC (32ºF). I'm fearing food shortage. Not even my 83 years old aunt has ever seen su
  4. A documentary about what became the cornerstone of Eva Cassidy's discography: Live at the Blues Alley. The musicians that were backing her up talk about her and the music those nights
  5. Torpedo

    Your Honor

    Oh, I see, thanks, Steve. I'll wait when it's completed so I can watch at my own pace. Not having to wait for weekly episodes is the best thing these streaming services invented.
  6. Torpedo

    Your Honor

    And? Did you end the whole series? Is it worth anyone's time?
  7. An interesting documentary about how Peter Frampton got what was his guitar for 10 years, lost it, to get it back in his hands several decades later
  8. A great Tiny Desk concert (home) by the Iranian-born Sevdaliza. Not much to argue about her 2020 release being one of the best regarded pop albums of the year.
  9. Pat Metheny - Secret Story When this album came out in 1992 my life was complicated and very busy, so I didn't notice. I've just discovered it. It was about time, don't wait that long.
  10. It doesn't sound much like Covid, Dusty. Get well soon.
  11. The New Orleans Nightcrawlers - Funknicity
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