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  1. Happy Birthday, Todd!!! I wish you're having a great day indeed.
  2. If I had the muscle to afford it, I'd buy this very print: https://www.magnumphotos.com/shop/collections/elliott-erwitt/16-california-1956-california-kiss/?sku=PRINT-ERE-PLAT-PAR11118-30x40 It's been featured in many LP covers, like this one by Fairground Attraction A great photographer and artist. I find puzzling that after such a long life and thousands of photographies, it can all be resumed in a set of rather few pictures.
  3. So after 20 years you'd better buy a new pair 😪
  4. Peter Gabriel - i/o Available everywhere Double CD, 12 tunes (the same in both discs) by different mixers. Just finished the first one, "the bright". Not bad, but IMHO more for hard core fans. Taking a break before playing the second.
  5. Happy Bday, young lady! And congratulations, Brent. Awesome job.
  6. Happy Birthday, Mikey!!!
  7. New toys by Sony. Kind of impressive that global shutter thing.
  8. Yep, all rumours point towards a 32" iMac Pro which shouldn't be out anytime soon. They want the iMac to be their all in one entry level computer for home use. Probably I don't need more than that, but a 27" display is something that I'd like.
  9. Ugly, demodé, too from the ugly part of the 70's. Definitely an acquired taste.
  10. I was wishing a 27" display iMac. It didn't happen
  11. If you're still in that vein, maybe this is right for you I enjoyed it a lot yesterday.
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