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  1. ^ Uf, that lady is heavily brainwashed and paid to brainwash. To be honest I don't see India supporting unconditionally Russia. China could if it saw a way to yield USA in the journey. IMHO one of the World's priorities at this point would be stopping Trump to rule the USA for a second time.
  2. It's obvious you don't know English, that was a joke too. It's obvious too that you don't know how to express coherent thoughts. Not even having clever ones.
  3. You're way to verbose to fit in this community. You know English, short phrases, lots of stops, one idea at a time.
  4. Is it just me and my slow computer, or is it the thread getting so huge that it takes like forever to load?
  5. I wouldn't say that was a mistake. He couldn't go elsewhere having Leclerc breaking right in front and Max close enough so he couldn't get the outside.
  6. For the second time, Happy Birthday, Shelly!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday, Shelly!!!
  8. For reasons that may seem rather obvious, I've always felt that the Bill Evans saxophonist wasn't worth much attention. However my guitar teacher suggested that I should listen some of his. I'm doing, and I'm rather surprised
  9. Listening now thanks to the "show-reel" feature which I've just discovered https://mixlr.com/illuminator/showreel/test-tone-050622-50623 I'm guessing the first tune is Klaus Schulze's, amirite?
  10. By those days there's not going to be an Europe as you know it, so I'm rather skeptic.
  11. I'm listening to it right now, there's the permanent link for those who couldn't catch it live Hiromi was great. Linda May Han Oh is the epitome of cool in this video. Thanks for sharing this, Dusty.
  12. I watched season 1 when it came out. Not bad, nor great. I'd watch S2. Sunday finished Severance first and only season so far. Hated the cliffhanger ending, so left wishing for a S2.
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