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  1. Have you listened to the Steve Wilson remixes? They made CD and vinyl releases in 2018. Now listening to this Andy Bey - Ballads Blues & Bey Looks like it's only available at iTunes/Apple https://album.link/i/215944320 I got it elsewhere. Sweet beautiful music for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  2. Still do you like better the vinyl than the Mofi?
  3. Happy Birthday, Brent! I wish it's a memorable one
  4. Cool. At least it has EVF. Will it have mechanical shutter?
  5. No mechanical shutter, no EVF, no flash... not that amazing for $1500 plus glass. Maybe that LUT thing is of interest to some people.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. I guess "original record" for Fragile means first CD edition, or would you be comparing the vinyl too? I'm not a big Yes fan, but I'd be interested in reading your thought about the different releases.
  8. I don't have a dream system anymore. Maybe a dream room to put a decent system inside. What would I set up in that room? I don't know, I'd need to trial and error a lot of stuff. Nothing that's going to happen in this lifetime of mine. Nobody asked before being born. Meantime, attending live concerts in real venues should be enough.
  9. I'm not sure they're stupid, or stupider than their elder. It's just that they're so self absorbed that they won't listen to the question.
  10. Condolences, Jose. I'm hoping your condition is a thing of the past, if not yet, soon enough. There's no such thing as a small cancer requiring chemo for treatment. Best wishes, and share/vent as you want.
  11. Steve, it's a waste of time and energy. Really not worth it. An 80 year old bigot woman isn't even able to think clearly. Just let it flow. Flow with the water...
  12. Happy Birthday!!!
  13. Brad Mehldau - Après Fauré Very different from the Bach II. This is a lot more classical-newagey. Not really my thing but very listenable. As usual it's everywhere and beyond
  14. Brad Mehldau - After Bach II Available almost everywhere and beyond Amazing. Favorite 2024 album so far.
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