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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    This time I won't be an early adopter. Maybe not even a later one, hopefully not a late one.
  2. The Headcase Stax thread

    What's your source, what's its rated output voltage?
  3. Happy Birthday Jeffy!

    Happy Birthday, Jeffy!!! I wish you have a great day.
  4. ecp audio

  5. Happy Birthday Sherwood!

    Happy Birthday, Tyler!!!
  6. Happy Birthday mulveling !!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Doug (dsavitsk)

    Happy Birthday, Doug!!!
  8. BACCH4Mac

    Have you tried this DSP software bundle with calibrating interface? I just saw it advertised on a HDTracks newsletter. https://www.theoretica.us/bacch4mac/CheskyLanding16.html I think it's very expensive and the charge for annual tech service seems... ludicrous? yet if it really works well it could be interesting for headphone listening or even speakers 3D enhancement.
  9. Headamp Pico DAC/Amp power requirements?

    The charger is 12V and 1A output. I'm not sure if the output polarity is + in the center ring and - the shield, it's not displayed in the description, but I can check if you need it. I purchased one of these units in Amazon that have variable output voltage, up to 1.5A and allow for reversing polarity, so it works with a guitar pedal that has 9V and the polarity is inverted with the - in the center ring. The ones I've checked at Amazon US wouldn't allow reversing polarity.
  10. What are you listening to Part the Third

    casually I've been listening to Brad Mehldau's recent release of "After Bach"
  11. What are you listening to Part the Third

    Unexpected set of live recordings by Miles Davis post Kind of Blue Quintet on European tour in 1960.
  12. Formula 1 Thread

    I don't dislike them, it's looking more like a disputed battle than previous years. Maybe Bottas shouldn't be driving that car
  13. Watches

    Do you mean the Black Bay Fifty Eight? I like it a lot too, although I'm not sure I'd like better white or silver accents than gold. They're pretty discreet anyway.
  14. Watches

    The new Tudor Black Bay GMT model looks good too
  15. JH Audio stuffs

    Shelly, in eight-nine years your ear canals may have slightly changed, the anterior wall contacting the earpiece is the TMJ which is continuously moving and could suffer degeneration and inflammation. There are other parts that can change due to bone growth, osteomas, etc. You wouldn't spend a lot having new impressions made and making sure that the new IEMs are the best fit possible, moreover if one of the old pieces is a bit too long already. Just my opinion