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  1. Happy Birthday Aimless1!

    Happy Birthday, Al!!! Follow you namesake's advice and get well soon.
  2. 30T SSD big enough?

    That's great news. If the price is sensible, a smaller unit could be very high in my computer "need" list
  3. Guitar-Case

    It'd be very sad, but I don't think they'll disappear, they'll fire people and close factories to build just as many guitars as they can really sell. We'll see.
  4. RIP some fuck or another

    Condolences, Todd. I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Carol.
  5. Happy Birthday Colin!

    Happy Birthday, Colin!!! Stay safe
  6. Happy birthday, Steve (swt61)!!!

    Celebrations are being made in your honour this side of the Pond I wish you have a great day!
  7. The Headcase Stax thread

    That's probably the best improvement in your system
  8. Happy Birthday EdWood!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Who are you, where's Dan?
  10. Happy Birthday Thrice!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Ye Macce Threade

    A few minutes later... Pasting the URL from the concert page didn't work because it was asking for some password which wasn't the one that identifies me into the video site, nor anything OSX related. On two trials using slightly different URLs it just was getting the trailer of the concert, but not the concert itself. However if I used the Chrome add-on of Video Download-Helper to choose one of the videos from the list (it's a PITA because long concerts come in separate videos for each movement as far as I could see) to grab the URL, then pasting it into AllmyTube voilá it got a nice 14 minute video at pretty good resolution in mp4 so no further conversion needed. It's a bit of work but I think less than the VDH and then converting using ffmpeg. Probably worth paying the fee. Thanks for the heads up
  12. Ye Macce Threade

    I'll try it this way, the potential problem is that the online site offering the videos has different qualities at different bitrates depending on user's bandwidth, so there's no direct URL for a single video. Let's see how it handles that
  13. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Heal well, Colin.
  14. Ye Macce Threade

    I've downloaded the trial of Wondershare AllmyTube which is less than 30 bucks, but the Chrome integration doesn't seem to work. I'll check later if it works on Safari in the website I want to grab videos from. If it doesn't, I can either try the Converter Ultimate, or installing Firefox and using the Video DownloadHelper. This one is some sort of add-on with a complement you need to install too, but it's a bit complicated to get the video files working, you need ffmpeg and running a few commands on Terminal which is not my cup of tea.
  15. Ye Macce Threade

    Thanks. It looks more Youtube oriented, but it could work at other sites, who knows