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Preamp, Stax Amp and Controlling Volume level...

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I have a two speaker system and I'd like to incorporate a STAX setup into it. I'd like to continue to use my preamps remote control, and I want to use my preamps XLR output vs. my Rec Out's because well, I'm just funny like that.

Is there a preferred way to adjusting the two volume controls when using a preamp and STAX amplifier?

I know the 717 & 727 have a volume bypass switch, but I'm trying to open up my options to what amp I eventually get.


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don't think there's a right or wrong answer

You can turn the volume to max on the Stax amp and then adjust the volume from the pre-amp. This will be similar or identical to using the volume bypass switch

or, adjust STAX amp volume level so that your preferred pre-amp volume level is in the middle or most comfortable portion of the preamp vol ctrl range, then adjust from there using only the preamp volume

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Thanks for your reply Justin. I did contact STAX to hear what they had to say about it. Their reply:

Thank you for your inquiry.

1. It is NOT recommended because it is equal to two pre amps under the same system, and repeated amplification may cause distortion.

2. If you still prefer this setting, you can try to turn the volume on STAX headphone amplifier to 12 o'clock. If you don't hear the distortion, you can gradually increase the volume, and then use the volume of another pre amp as the main control.

But the best setting is to connect without the pre-amp.

Hope the above will help.


Anyone care to answer as to why,  to achieve a certain level of gain, two preamp sections would induce more distortion than a single preamp section? Me don't know...

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