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  1. I have seen 1 or 2 pairs need replacements but i think they are ones that were all early production
  2. keep in mind the thermal transfer for this package is not great, with a good insulator the IC will be 3C/W hotter than the heatsink. so you do need to keep the heatsink cool. temperature in this case with the RAAL is dependent on music and how loud you're listening. My guess is in most uses the heatsink will not exceed 40C. with no audio it will be room temp. so if the heatsink reaches 40C w/ an average of 15W per IC then the IC temp will be around 85C There is also the TO-3 package @ $150 ea. and Apex has parts of a similar price
  3. I received a suggestion that the grounds for the L/R output, which in this case is the 4-pin XLR but would also be the negative posts on the speaker terminals, be wired back to each L/R channel board rather to the star ground at the switching PSUs open for debate on that
  4. can try but it will be limited by voltage swing. 25W/8-ohm and 50W/4-ohm as of right now here is where the difficult work actually starts, and the time consuming work. I'd be interested if anyone wanted to finish it up before putting in the $$/cost on their own unit. for future board revisions: - make the jumper over the bass boost 3x 0.1" pins so a push-on jumper can be used + have a place to store it and/or add small signal DPDT 24v relay to switch it (add a 2nd value with moar boost?) - don't block the heatsinked part mounting screws with the electrolytic caps - ho
  5. RAALstar v0.1 with one of Ray's old test discs raalstar.mov
  6. mine are complete at allpcb using those files. shipping on hold to combine w/ a different order
  7. Meze Empyrean or Abyss AB-1266
  8. nope, i ordered 2oz for a prototype
  9. oops..one mistake. the tantalum caps (10uf) should probably be ceramic such as RCER71H106MWK1H03B or use the tantalum ones and bypass with a .1uf c0g under the board such as RDE5C1H104J2K1H03B
  10. Mouser #: 595-OPA541AP Mfr. #: OPA541AP Desc.: Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Hi-Power Monolithic Op Amp 4 $21.40 $85.60 4 Shipped 06-Aug-20 57782631 Mouser #:
  11. i have 5 on the way, but i don't know how many i'll blow up yet. you should use allpcb though, it's like $1.99 for new customers to order these
  12. I like how a heatsinked 3U chassis is now the modest build answer
  13. can we call it The Unbalanced RAAL Driver
  14. Since i'm getting behind the times, i finally installed Roon last night. Worked instantly on my 2015 Android TV, Mytek Manhattan II, Denon receiver (though that is a bit redundant with the TV, not sure which is better). Only negative so far is you can't stream the same music to multiple devices simultaneously if they do not use the same protocol. For Mytek it's a no brainer, it's infinitely better than the mcontrol software
  15. so many IEMs for sale now are straight copies of JH designs..its not even possible to keep up anymore. Just about everything is all marketing these days so to go after JH marketing is a bit ironic
  16. There hasn't been a warranty card here since Yama's, everything comes from Edifier
  17. checking out Willie Nelson's new album. also another recent REL sub addition here (the unmarked wood box)
  18. for me I have set the bass control once where I liked it and then left it alone, and have found it to be a useful feature. I'm going to be getting a couple plain black sample pairs that could be passed around (with proper cleaning) if anyone wants to try them
  19. Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively to dealers (HeadAmp is one). We have some on the way, and some black shelled demo pairs as well. The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones. https://www.headamp.com/products/jh-jimi-aion From Jerry Harvey Audio:
  20. looks like the same headphone though. check archive.org to see if its always been there
  21. unless that link has changed in the past 12 hours it looks like the regular USA black SR-007 mk2
  22. i didnt even notice the $420 price till it was pointed out to me
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