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  1. or use some gentle compressed air and see if you can locate a spot of thermal instability
  2. remove the PCB on the power supply front panel there are 2 sets of wire jumpers for each one ,cut the 2 wires that go into pin 3+4 and solder them together The necessary pin connections are written on the board You should also reduce the value of the AC Input fuses by 50% WARNING: Do not attempt any of this unless you are qualified and experienced
  3. the tour? I can start one if there's still interest
  4. Here is a low noise 100v supply i worked on just need another pack of batteries
  5. And now for the Deluxe edition. It adds dual mono Golden Reference regulators and a motor w/ remote for the 47-step attenuator
  6. Round 2 for pcbs in the cfa3 - updates to back panel psu board, input connectors & new vertical layout for golden reference regulators also making it easier to wire the star ground
  7. condition could have been VG...or worse
  8. from my own limited experience, the loss of export sales is always 10x whatever could be saved by buying components from the country with the weaker currency. in theory RK50 pots should have dropped 50%, but they're actually up 50% from a few years ago
  9. a few years ago I was on some Zoom calls with another company that wanted to make a cheap electrostatic amp. 5 guys on a Zoom call. they expected to sell thousands. To who and for what headphones?? the whole thing won't cover the salary of 1 person. sometimes I'm not sure people grasp the size of this market
  10. Maybe this is how it went down?
  11. No, Edifier owns STAX. or did you mean own like as in pwnage?
  12. https://www.headamp.com/blogs/news/sony-buys-audeze The information they sent to dealers says that the company will remain independent with the same management and they'll continue to develop gaming products for non-Sony platforms
  13. I just realized, while working on a hand-drilled prototype, how much more likely it is for this type of thing to be problematic for a one-off or a DIY project that doesn't have CNC machined holes, pre-calculated lead bends, and things that result in the transistor lining up perfectly with the hole. Even many hand drilled/DIY projects where the transistor 'lines up' there may be force required to get it in place, a screw head going in at an angle - due to placement of the transistor, the hole drilled at an angle or both...all recipes for issues with insulators
  14. UberAmp2. it's like a headphone amp, but with more voltage and current. 4 boards = 2 balanced channels
  15. If those are the only 2 options id go with the 100v but if its a 115v primary not a 120 or you have high line voltage you’ll want to go to 200v+ rated caps for this board the difference in heatsinking isnt going to be a lot
  16. did you use Kevin's board files? correct they wont work with CT
  17. I ordered some panels of these. I’ll send a free panel if anyone is willing to build/test one once they receive it
  18. I decided to order some of these, 4oz copper, panelized/scored. Gilmore Purple People Eater, because purple is the most uber color the PCBs will be available if anyone wants a set
  19. another thing that gets people is not deburring their tapped holes ive had to deburr entire batches of Aavid heatsinks before
  20. what about the 90C version which is 900v instead of 800v
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