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APureSound: HiFiMAN HE-5 Headphone + APS V3 Cable (Unbeatable Package Deal)


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This headphone needs no introduction. Having been released late 2009 this headphone has taken the audiophile community by storm and with a good reason. The HE-5 is regarded as one of the best headphones available today, but at a very reasonable price. We were so impressed with the sound reproduction and quality of this headphone that we will now keep them in stock. Our only issue was with the stock cable in regards to design, construction, and materials used. Combining the HE-5 headphone with the APureSound V3 cable makes it the best headphone available for purchase today.

Headphone Specifications:

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We are having an insane sale on the HE-5 headphone. With only just a hand full left in stock we are almost giving them away. The HE-5 with the stock cable is available at a sale price of $549. The HE-5 with the V3 cable depending on the configuration it isn't much more. We also have 2 available with balanced V3 cables pre-made for $620 each. Do not let this sale get away from you. Once we have sold the remaining of our stock that is it!

Stock cable HE-5 information: HERE

V3 cable HE-5 information: HERE

Super sale HE-5 package deal information: HERE



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