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  1. No problem guys I will get some nice internal pictures and contribute them to the proper thread.
  2. First 3 orders get 30% off of any APureSound XLR or RCA IC. APureSound Interconnect Cables Thanks, Alex
  3. As some of you already know APureSound is the official reseller of Einar Sound amplifiers. Einar Sound contacted us and send us a demo unit to try. We absolutely loved the amp taking sound quality, price, and build quality into consideration and agreed to be their reseller. The VC-01i is a result of many years of research and development. It was designed to be a real uncompromising balanced solution, along with the hardest effort to minimize practical dimensional size. The entire circuits from input to output process separately the positive and negative phase of the signal for each channels
  4. All new HE-5 headphones have been now sold. We have 1 demo unit left which is to be sold with our demo unit APS V3 cable. For details check our For Sale page here: APureSound - Where The Music Is Always Pure - APS Audio LLC. Thanks, Alex
  5. We are having an insane sale on the HE-5 headphone. With only just a hand full left in stock we are almost giving them away. The HE-5 with the stock cable is available at a sale price of $549. The HE-5 with the V3 cable depending on the configuration it isn't much more. We also have 2 available with balanced V3 cables pre-made for $620 each. Do not let this sale get away from you. Once we have sold the remaining of our stock that is it! Stock cable HE-5 information: HERE V3 cable HE-5 information: HERE Super sale HE-5 package deal information: HERE Thanks, Alex
  6. I am not able to edit my original post so the sale price is now available below. This price is good only for as long as we still have them in stock so get them while supplies last! For each additional foot add $15. Thanks, Alex
  7. Accurate on both counts. Wait... What?
  8. I never got a welcome PM... I don't know the rules.
  9. I just wanted to mention that we will be caring and keeping a stock of the HE-5LE headphone. On side note we will have a sale on the remaining HE-5 headphones that we have in stock. Contract us for the discount price! Thanks, Alex
  10. This headphone needs no introduction. Having been released late 2009 this headphone has taken the audiophile community by storm and with a good reason. The HE-5 is regarded as one of the best headphones available today, but at a very reasonable price. We were so impressed with the sound reproduction and quality of this headphone that we will now keep them in stock. Our only issue was with the stock cable in regards to design, construction, and materials used. Combining the HE-5 headphone with the APureSound V3 cable makes it the best headphone available for purchase today. Headphone Specifi
  11. Great. That is exactly as it should have been mounted from the start. I hope you enjoy them! -Alex-
  12. Oh my.... WTF did they do with my cable! The wires are left long so that is is easier to install. You simply leave the extra or cut down to where you need them as opposed to what they did. Feel free to send the headphones to me and just cover shipping. I will fix it and get it right back to you. I would hate to have the cable fail due to a poor install. Thanks, Alex
  13. I will since I unknowingly got dragged into this to begin with so I will help make things right. Make sure to read my post above.
  14. You need the urethane that goes around the driver, the urethane that goes between the wooden housing and the frame, and a new set of ear pads. Part #'s are below. 2-116-074-01 - small urethane 2-116-075-01 - large urethane 2-116-077-01 - left ear pad 2-116-078-01 - right ear pad
  15. Actually the problem was that the pair that was sent to me has been previously repaired and the current owner was not aware of this and so neither was I. Long story short I opened then and both drivers had 2inches of voice coil wire just hanging loose from the repair which I caught with the removal tool ripping it to the point of where I can no longer reach it. Again this is because the R10 was already repaired and the voice coil was left hanging out in the open. I honestly can't believe how many people email us about damaged R10 headphones. :palm: Andy's headphone was reterminated by me
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