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Inexpensive balanced amp and balanced dac.


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I have an audio itch that needs scratching! shy.gif So I have been looking for an inexpensive balanced DAC with a balanced amp built in. I found the Audio-GD for $500 plus $71 S&H and although most may have not listened to this unit I would appreciate if "on paper" the claims by Audio-GD are sound and make sense.


If you all have a potentially better alternative I would appreciate hearing about it. Cost is a major issue, I would "feed the monkey" by selling a few items. Thanks.

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*Switching information output to: ass*

I would not like to judge a book by its cover... But take a look at that soldering:


I don't know about the whole DAC husbandry at Audio GD, but that Ref 7.1 seems like a pretty flagshippy product. Call me conservative but if that kind of soldering can go through the QC of a high-end DAC... Let's just say that it would make me to think twice about getting something from these guys.

*Reset information output to default. Audiophile databanks: inaccessible*

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Also not too sure about the balanced out capability of driving headphones, though the latest hf flavor of the month looks pretty nice.

The reason for the balanced dac was to eventually feed one of the Stax amps that have balanced input. The reason for the balance amp is to drive an AKG K1000 and a Head Direct HE6. Thanks.

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