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  1. wow, you keep wowing me with your amp builds. fantastic job! thanks for sharing
  2. Melos SHA Maestro (with the right tubes) + Grado RS-1 Singlepower Supra + Senn 650 Xin Supermacro v3 + Etymotic ER-4S I own these combinations and feel like they synergize well. I have tried mixing them up, but these combos work best IMO. Ditto re: EAR+ amp & Grado RS-1s -- I used to own that combo Ditto re: KGSS (esp with Blackgates) & Stax Omega 2 -- have heard it and loved it
  3. I've seen some great deals on used Dyn's on Agon, and I'm a huge fan of them. If you haven't heard a pair, I'd highly recommend taking a listen to some if there is a local dealer near you. I've often considered upgrading from my Audience 70s...but my money keeps disappearing.
  4. if he hasn't been invited already, i'll be sending something to gopher. oh, and SIE (ServinginEcuador)
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