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    Hi, Thomas here!

    My audio rigs have been in a perpetual state of disarray ever since heavily cutting back many years ago.
    Maybe there will be something new in the future - perhaps a promotion in the Stax mafia or a journey into the world of speakers!
    But nothing special is planned for now.

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    law, philosophy, applied math, software engineering, art, photography, graphics design, NHL, NFL
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    HE60, λ-Sig, SR-X MKIII, SE535LTD, SE215, W11JPN, A700, SJ5 (no longer here: HD650, CD3k, SA5k, W100, W10VTG, W11R, AD2k, DT880, K701, Σ-pro, λ, λ-pro, λ-nova-sig, Triport)
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    SRM-1/MKII/PP, SRD-7/MK2, SRM-T1W, Mini³, Asgard2 (no longer here: A205A MKII, PINT, GCHA, PPX3 SLAM 6SN7, SRM-Xh, SRM-3, SRM-T1, SRM-T1S)
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    Pico DAC, D/AC1600HD, Duet, SL-XP6 (no longer here: Krell Studio DAC, Fubar II, DAC-38)
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    Quad 11L, TP22, Marantz 2252B

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  1. Tyll published a short post on InnerFidelity yesterday and appears to be very impressed by the Elear. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/disruption-headphone-world There are also measurements of the Elear, Utopia, and pre-prdocution Mr. Speaker Flow in the post.
  2. First, a wonderful tool: http://www.synology.com/support/RAID_calculator.php?lang=us Yes, you can increase the space in your system by adding additional drives. There are a few caveats or things of note: - Your initial choice of the redundancy configuration has an impact on what happens. - If you have Synology Hybrid Raid, then the new drives must be at least as large as the largest current drive. (New space will be efficiently used if new drive is larger than your old drive) - If you have Raid 5 or 6, then the new drives must be at least as large as the smallest current drive. (If your new drive is larger than your old drive, some space on your new drive will be unusable; Raid 5 or 6 will use the same amount of space on each drive as the smallest drive in the RAID) - A temporary issue is that expanding a system may take a long time depending on how much data you have (many hours or potentially many days); the system is accessible during the expansion process but will be significantly slower. - It is also possible to increase space by replacing smaller drives with new larger drives. You probably would not want to do this unless you have reached the max number of drives in the machine. I recommend starting with Synology Hybrid Raid with 1 disk redundancy: http://www.synology.com/support/tutorials_show.php?lang=enu&q_id=492 That would however mean that if you have N drives, the space of N-1 drives will be available. In particular, see http://www.synology.com/support/RAID_calculator.php?lang=us Small note: in SHR, once you choose 1 disk redundancy, you cannot change to 2 disk redundancy. (This shouldn't really matter for many people.) Relevant information if you are adding drives to add space: http://www.synology.com/support/tutorials_show.php?lang=enu&q_id=559 Relevant information if you are replacing smaller drives with larger drives to add space: http://www.synology.com/support/tutorials_show.php?lang=enu&q_id=560 On a side note, my DS412+ died a few days ago. It would consistently abruptly lose power about 3 minutes after booting regardless of whether any hard drives are in the machine. Thankfully, the machine is still under warranty. Synology technical support was quite prompt with diagnosing the need for a RMA. I just shipped out the machine today. Let's see what happens next.
  3. Happy Birthday Peter!!! It was one of Peter's early headphone reviews a long time ago that first introduced me to the hobby. Tyvm!
  4. Schiit Vali because disposable amplifier is the best amplifier. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about the Vali.)
  5. Indeed. I like the menu bar utility. Free upgrade for 1Password 3 owners who bought this year; $25 for people who bought before 2013 $40 for now for new users; price going up to $50 later I think. Good security changes: http://learn.agilebits.com/1Password4/Security/1P4-security-changes.html
  6. Wow... that is monstrous. So are the current-gen Sony receivers with the digital amp modules considered respectable overall?
  7. Oops late to the party Happy Birthday Tyll!!!!!
  8. Unfortunately the high humidity in my environment makes me extremely uncomfortable about the potential condensation. I don't think I have a convenient way of making the bag airtight either. I think I might have to give up on the data in the drive for the foreseeable future. This is what my drive sounds like: While looking around on YouTube, I came across this: Heh.
  9. I got my new NAS up and running and attached my old Seagate Go Flex external hard drive to the NAS to transfer files over. I come back half a hour later to find my Seagate drive emitting a continuous droning sound with no files transferred over and invisible on the NAS. Eeks. I tried booting the external drive up while connected to my computer. I can hear the disks spinning up and what sounds like the the actuator making a few repeated and consistent activation(?) sounds, before the drive then automatically turning off. (This sequence occurs within a span of a few seconds.) The exact sequence occurs when I tried taking the hard drive out of the enclosure and connecting it directly to my desktop's mobo. Now I have to figure out what I can do.
  10. Awesome! Super happy birthday Todd!!!
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