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  1. kelvinz

    Emotiva XPA-1

    Have B&W 805D's and Denon's AVP-A1HDCI Looking at new poweramps and the XPA-1 Gen 2 (https://emotiva.com/products/amplifiers/xpa-1) Specs seem to be pretty good. Anything else I should be considering for my 2.0 setup in the sub $2,000 range?
  2. Both my JH13 cables failed. Purchased a Moon Audio silver dragon as a replacement. It works. Sounds a little better. Feels like a quality cable.
  3. in on one of these. As you all know I don't know much about equipment and just like to listen to music... S So here's a question. If this thing has a digital pre-amp is it possible to run it in a line-level output(I think that's the term) to a headphone amp/analogue pre-amplifier by passing the built in digital preamp?
  4. I tracked it the second day I owned it so yes a bit crazy Surprised how good of a car it is based on the hate most american cars get I previously had 2006 STI it was probably one of my least favorite cars luckily we don't get much snow. When it does snow I work from home.
  5. new car perfect for the seattle weather
  6. I'm not going to bother. I'm happy that they don't hurt now and I'm not confident that they would get the fit any better the third time around.
  7. I get the comparison too I just think the jh13 and the o2 accompish conveying detail in different ways
  8. monkey I have the same feeling about fit. they are 100 times better now and dont hurt but my right ear piece is ever so slightly too small now and if I push on the earpiece I get more nosie isolation/bass. I don't think these sound similar to the O2's. The o2 is darker and has as someone wiser than I described a much vaster headstage. for the person who asked i have tf10's and while they sound better than my se530's they in no way compare to the JH13 writing this on my phone so if you want more dettail ask
  9. Got my JH13's back from my requested refit. They fit much much better now
  10. only 6 drivers? I was UE's response to have at least 12
  11. I bought some TF10's for running/gym and tried them for the first time today. What a huge difference I can't believe that these are top tier IEM's everything sounds distanced and muffled/muddy compared to the JH13.
  12. Dusty considering his previous watches I would guess that cost of the one you posted to be ~$150,000
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