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  1. That just looks horrible and I am not talking about you, Brent.
  2. Tom Bihn would never make something as crappy as that so must be Red Oxx.
  3. Waiting for Jp’s arrival. He has a bunch of he has a bunch of headphones to try out with his Matirx Sabre DAC. I have HP1’’s with the J Grado amp (Gene’s gear) as well as my Lola’s and Matirx Mini Pro 3 Streamer.
  4. I was out of V60 filters so decided to use my Aeropress (haven’t touched it in years). I need to get my ratio right but it wasn’t a bad cup using my Kenyan AA I roasted to about 1 minute into first crack. The Chemex is out for delivery so I will give it a try tomorrow morning.
  5. First steak in the Ooni. Pizza from lunch.
  6. I read a bit about what you and Reks wrote before pulling the trigger. I will update the thread once I get a chance to try it out.
  7. Anyone that wants to give the Chemex a try, Domestic Domestic has them for 40% off. Decided to give it a try after using a V60 for a while.
  8. tyrion


    Couldn’t finish the first episode.
  9. tyrion


    Doing what he always did at a meet, set up his gear and listened.
  10. I should have added Chobani. It's is excellent as well.
  11. I love oat milk. I don’t drink regular milk any more.
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