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  1. Nate, I am one of those that in the past has rallied to support others on HC. I guess I had hoped that someone would have come to my defense and that of Jews in general. Instead I get a bunch of bs from people that have zero understanding of history and just repeat the same rhetoric that has for ever put Jews at risk. People spend all kinds of time liking the beer or cocktail someone is drinkng but almost know support for someone who has been a part of this community, although not as much as before, from the beginning. Seeing the people who have like the posts, other than mine, I think it is time for me to go. Please delete my account. I tried but could not figure out how to do so in the settlings.
  2. Apparently my last post has been reported. I did not realize he is a child otherwise I would have been nicer. I do apologize for calling you out for what you are.
  3. So you are an anti-Semite. You made that clear. You are simply ignorant of the facts, don’t want to learn them, just want to hate. I will leave you with the video of all the innocent Palestinians who were cheering on the dead body of a Jew. And you wondered why I expected more from HC but clearly should not have. James, I would love the opportunity to engage you in person. d6165af992a94bebbee35f1af05bd82a.mp4
  4. All you have done is suggest there is some moral equivalence between the sides. There is nothing the Palestinians can point to that is the same as Israel in terms of the history. All your comment suggests that you are ignorant of the history, which is part of the problem. As far as the UN, they said that Zionism is Racism which has led to so much anti-Semitic rage over the years. The UN is and has always been anti-Jew. You are kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. You may want to listen to what I posted above from YouTube. I suppose you want a ceasefire? There were many including on October 6, which was once again broken by Hamas, the government in Gaza. Israel has offered a 2 state solution since before 1948. In fact, in 1948, Israel agreed to give half, the better half of Israel to the Arabs and what did they do, attack Israel. Please get your head out of your ass, I’m sure there is a campus you can be in protesting in support of Palestinians.
  5. Wow, not a single like, not a single comment. Why am I not surprised.
  6. Comedians should stick to jokes not this. Don’t take casually numbers from Hamas, the group that started this in the first place. Palestinians spit on a girl who was raped and killed by Hamas. They were happy about the killings. They were not Hamas, they were Palestinians. Israel needs to do what they need to do to defend themselves against Hamas. Full stop. The US killed more civilians since WWII than Israel has in their war against Hamas. Hamas is responsible for each civilians death in Gaza. The civilians in Gaza are responsible for Hamas. They voted for them and have done nothing about them. Hamas has received billions of dollars and instead of making it a tourist paradise on the Mediterranean they used the money to build tunnels. Jews have been in that land for more than 3000 years. There was not a Palestinian people until, at the earliest, the early 1900’s. The Arab world hates the Palestinians and do not lift a hand to make their lives better. From the river to sea means annihilating Israel. It has been that way from 1948 on (actually long before). Never Fucking Again.
  7. Stay safe Tyler. If you know of any volunteer opportunities over there for an old guy that’s not working please let me know. Otherwise, I may have to go to one elite university at a time and beat the crap out all those in the student governments that are supporting Hamas.
  8. Long way to go but to quote my favorite band, "at least I am enjoying the ride."
  9. Why are you just a pile of nonsense? No need to answer, it's because you are Brent.
  10. Thanks Nate. I probably should take it to a shop for a tune up.
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