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  1. Let's be serious here for a second. I post a thread here, come back 3 months later and the same thread is on the first page. People are not posting here or visiting this website often because there are not very many interesting post. I like the fact the you can say anything you want here. I just started this current thread because it seemed a little strange that there seems to be no censorship, then when there is an interesting thread, it is quickly locked. I just wanted to ask some of the head-case brothers a simple dating advise question. BTW, I got some insightful advise and it gave me a clear direction on what I had to do.
  2. I noticed that you can cuss and say just about anything you want in this forum. But I posted a tread a few weeks ago requesting some dating advise and it quickly got locked. Not sure why it got locked, but this site is surely taking a dive and I think it is because the interesting treads are being locked. Are we limited to only talking about really boring stuff here?
  3. I thought this place was Dildo Heaven.
  4. I met this girl and we had been dating for a couple of weeks. I'm not really sure if it is going to work out into a steady relationship. I like her, but I'm not sure if she is the right girl for me. I know Valentines day is right around the corner. If I don't do anything special like taking her out to dinner that weekend, do you think she will dump me? I'm not against going out to dinner, but I am just concerned that it might ramp up expectations. I hope I don't sound like a loser.
  5. I contacted the company I bought the headphones from and they said that other people complained about this before. They said the last guy who complained, they had an extra flight box around, so they mailed it to him. Not sure if they are going to mail me one, but I don't know what I will do with the one with the damaged corner. Since it still is functional and brand new.
  6. I received my HD800 yesterday. Maybe I'll consider electrostatics later. So far I am pleased with my new headphones. My older headphones which are the HD600 are still good, but the HD800 are better. To me the, HD600 looked cheap, primarily plastic. The HD800 really look like a first rate headphone. When I was listening to my CDs last night, I thought I heard something I never heard before on my CD. Like a buzzing sound in a song. When I listed to the song again with my HD600, the sound was still there, but with a different tonal presenation. Just a slight variation to the presentation brings the sound up to the front, where in my old headphones it make the sound blend into the background. Another note worthy thing, I was supposed to sign when I received the package. But I wasn't home so the UPS man dropped the box into my backyard over a 6 foot fence. The headphones weren't damaged, but the flight box in comes in has a crushed corner. I guess it is something to get bothered about. But oh well, nothing can be done about it now.
  7. Sell the 701 for around $250 + 1000 + come up with another $150 = $1,400 Then buy the HD800.
  8. Are there any other manufacturer currently in production that make energizers for the Stax headphones besides Stax, HeadAmp, and WooAudio? I primarily interested in energizers for the Omega II. Another question, do electrostatic headphones emit more EMF that dynamics headphones. I heard there were cases of people in Sweden that were getting brain tumors from too much cellphone use. Is there any possibility of electrostatics being dangerous?
  9. Ok, this tread has changed my mind. I was planning on ordering the HD800, but after posting this thread and reading everyones opinion. I think it will be wise to get another listen to the Omega II and the HD800. So, I'll have to read up on the Stax tread, but buying an energizer for the Omega II is a little difficult. Because the ones that people seem to like are no longer in production like the Singlepower ES1. The ones that are in production like the HeadAmp is described as being dark and thin or shy on the bass. Thanks for the info. guys because I didn't want through the trial and error process like you guys did.
  10. If we hate, HeadAmp, RSA, Singlepower, WooAudio. What left besides Stax?
  11. Are there any differences between the older silver Omega II and the newer black Omega II MKII, besides the color? Are there any cheap energizers for the Omega II that are made in the US. So far, I know about the one at HeadAmp.com and at WooAudio. And neither of them are cheap.
  12. What part needs to be modified, is it the headphones or the energiser? Can you just buy the headphone from Japan and an electrostatic headphone amp from Headamp or Wooaudio without having to modify or solder your equipment.
  13. This tread has got me thinking about the Omega II. Just a question, if I was to order one, I would want to get the Omega II MKII model with 007tII amp. Since I live in the USA, I believe the amp will be delivered with the Japanese 100v standard. Does Stax have a USA model that is 120v? The other question is, the Stax distributor is pretty expensive, it there another way to get the Omega MKII model and not pay retail. With these type of problems, I may just go for the HD800 to avoid the headache.
  14. I was able to listen to both of them for about 30 minutes and I thought they both sounded good. I think they are both in a similar league of headphone, being the best in each category. They are also around the same price. I guess the HD800 has an advantage of having more amplifiers available to be used with it. Has anybody had to chance to listen to both? What are your impressions as far as detail, being musical, or other preferences? I'm leaning towards the HD800, can anybody convince be that the Stax are better.
  15. I got a chance to listen it for about 30 minutes or so. It has a very warm tube sound. I liked the fact that it comes with a remote control and I thought it looked pretty nice. But I prefer a neutral sound, I don't like tube amps that add a warm tone to the music. And even if I liked it, $2,800 is too steep for me.
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