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  1. So what would you Stax nuts recommend as a starter rig for getting into electrostatic? No, 009 and a BHSE(though I have some BH boards) is not an acceptable answer. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4
  2. Probably the most true thing I've ever read here. I would probably live with a pair of porta pros and the best used amp I could get my hands on with the left over $450.
  3. I might just have to buy both.
  4. Got this shot over the weekend with my DIY GoPro foot mount.
  5. My Contigo does the same. I usually take the lid off and let it sit for a while before I can drink it. I'd much rather that than it getting cold too fast.
  6. Do you guys have any recommendations for spill proof travel mugs? I have a few spilltastic mugs but they don't perform to hot in my backpack while riding a motorcycle. Currently I'm using a Contigo. I love the thing except it's starting to lose it's seal after 4 months or so of off and on use. The mouth valve bit leaks sometimes as well as the threads for the cap itself.
  7. Sorry I've been in WV jumping off of a bridge. =P So I tried to install the software on my desktop PC and it seems to have solved most of my annoyances. The skipping is gone, I haven't tried to pause yet, that will be tested tonight. One annoyance is the display on the PWD and the iDevice software never update when it goes to the next track. It will display the first track I started in the que but the timer just keeps ticking past the end of the track.
  8. 1. If I pause a track it restarts the track at the beginning every time... 2. ...that's if it actually pauses when I hit pause 3. The elyric software keeps crashing 4. The iDevice app is ungodly sluggish 5. When I hit play on a track it takes about 20 seconds before it actually stars 6. Tracks occasionally skip
  9. This Bridge fucking sucks. It's so damn buggy. I'm honestly surprised PS Audio put their name on the software.
  10. So the PWD came today... Why the hell do they include a pair of white cotton gloves??? Also via usb with audrivana on my MBA I'm getting a constant 3-4 pops per second coming through when tracks are playing. Time to dig. edit: messing with the audrivana settings seems to make it go away but not at any consistant rate. For example if the forced upsampling is set to max sample rate upsampling it will pop, I change it to none and it stops... but I change it back and it stop. O_o Then I will change a different setting and it will come back, if I change that setting back it will still pop. Confusing.
  11. Booooo Well I snagged one online for $425 brand new, seemed like a good deal. At the very least it will be fun to mess around with. I may have to pickup a wireless bridge as where I want to put my rig doesn't allow ethernet to be run in my apartment.
  12. Do you know if I can slap a USB hard drive on the USB port of the bridge and listen that way? I'm assuming you cant and it's only for diagnostics.
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