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  1. nice shit, you using the balanced out to power your hd650s?

    yea, i don't have any single ended sennheiser cable right now to test the headphone out of the dac.

    more impressions...

    in comparision to the transporter the CEC dac resolved ambient information well - noticeably better than the transporter. i can certainly understand why some people wasn't impressed by the transporter - some of the essence just wasn't there.

  2. don't suppose we can get internal pics :) probably void all kinds of warantees. I won't even say what little is in the Shunyata Hydra thingy... absolutely silly.
    i will get the internal pics eventually but you're right, it's probably quite empty inside. the copper/bronze chassis is quite massively overbuilt (and quite impressive) but i wish they sandblasted the surface instead. the mirror finish is unnecessarily loud for a hi-fi equipment.
  3. Hey guys, I usually try not to get too personal on forums but I figured here would be the best place to post anything because I do have a ton of respect for the members on this forum. I just wanted to say that after a year of dating my gf I was recently given the boot for the following reason: "people change and I don't think its going to work out." I sort of saw this coming months ahead of time but wanted to say that I have a better understanding for what others on the forum have gone through or are going through when relationships end badly [i hope I am not out of context but..Philodox and Edipisreks come to mind] and that you can welcome me to the club!

    I guess what i've learned from everything is how easily you can become attached to someone and after its taken away from you it feels like a part of you is missing. Another thing i've learned is that whisky truly does heal all pain :P

    i'm glad to know that you're enjoying your whiskey :)
  4. save your money and spend it on something else. i seriously don't see the need to throw that kind of money on a vcap dock or a product that has such a limited use - your portable rig is already good enough.

  5. While I was looking to buy some CDs, I had come across a post somewhere claiming that Japanese versions are mastered in a way that makes them better than other regions.

    Simply put, is this true?

    in my experience japanese produced albums tend not to be compressed to death...but i would say the japanese version of an american produced album will sound the same as the US version.
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