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  1. yea, i don't have any single ended sennheiser cable right now to test the headphone out of the dac. more impressions... in comparision to the transporter the CEC dac resolved ambient information well - noticeably better than the transporter. i can certainly understand why some people wasn't impressed by the transporter - some of the essence just wasn't there.
  2. one hell of a dac for sure. the bass has literally come alive!
  3. i will get the internal pics eventually but you're right, it's probably quite empty inside. the copper/bronze chassis is quite massively overbuilt (and quite impressive) but i wish they sandblasted the surface instead. the mirror finish is unnecessarily loud for a hi-fi equipment.
  4. i got it for $472. the US importer of isoclean is quite a shark - the 80 amp models goes for $1250 in Hong Kong but $4200 in the US.
  5. finally scrounged up enough money to replace the running springs haley PLC i sold 18 months ago. i was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound quality. the music has become much more full-bodied, and the bass has become really punchy. atmosphere's new album finally sounds right to my ears . pics: link to manufacturer
  6. tiberian


    played EQ for awhile and to think about it that was a complete waste of time...i was 16 and didn't know any better.
  7. i'm glad to know that you're enjoying your whiskey
  8. the lavry da10 is slightly inferior to the slim devices transporter but is a clear step up from a battery powered apogee mini-dac. the benchmark dac is around the same level of the battery powered mini-dac. i have no experience with truly high end dacs but if you're into PC audio, give the transporter a listen.
  9. tiberian

    Markl Mods

  10. i played doom and red alert when i was 13
  11. shit happens, don't take it personally.
  12. tekken 6 and soul calibur 4...enough said.
  13. save your money and spend it on something else. i seriously don't see the need to throw that kind of money on a vcap dock or a product that has such a limited use - your portable rig is already good enough.
  14. happy birthday dave, good luck with med school.
  15. 7C in Hong Kong and damn I miss minneapolis.
  16. happy birthday jay, drink up dude.
  17. jesus that was a fast response from grover, guess a lurker from headfi tipped him off!
  18. in my experience japanese produced albums tend not to be compressed to death...but i would say the japanese version of an american produced album will sound the same as the US version.
  19. nope its not a brochure. technically its a textbook for secondary school students by a publisher that's affiliated with the provincial government...
  20. xhadow is great stuff. good sound and user friendly.
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