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  1. Speed, what really is it?

    Hi Head-casers, I've been thinking a lot of time about speed (or perceived speed?) of the phones... How come that I could feel that one phone sounds faster than the other while both of them can produce or reach about the same frequency spectrum (eg. ES compared to dynamic)? Without comparing, it is difficult to hear that perceived speed, but switching from HD650 to STAX and vise versa that "speed" difference become very audible. What I mean by speed in this case is the "free flowing" or un-congested sense of the music through the phones.... Is this the right term to understand it as the "speed"? How come that a driver that can vibrate good at 10Khz or so (dynamic phone, such as HD650) still felt sounds slower than a driver (on lower grade of Yamaha ortho) that might not even reach that high? How come that Stax (lower end) that I hear faster than HD600/650, but still deliver less details than the HDs? So, what really takes on the phone or phone drivers that we sense as speed? Could somebody help me understand the situation, please? Thanks, David
  2. which full-range speakers for 3k

    If I may suggest, please re think again to drive the 3K speaker with that Rotel amp. The speaker would not show their full potential.
  3. Beyer T1

    As T1 and HD800 come from Germany design engineering... they looks very different though.... T1 looks more "normal" than HD800...
  4. Erich Kunzel has died...

    Hmm... maybe I need to visit his works... All I know about him was once from my brother's Telarc's Tchaikovsky 1812... (which do not impress me actually...) For Pop-orchestra... I usually like John Williams works... especially for his OSTs...
  5. You are welcome friend, Great to hear from you, and shall look forward to exchanging views at some stage with yourself. Sincere Regards progress.gif

  6. Thanks for your warm welcome.... this is the only forum that personally welcoming the new member... I hope that I do not only learn something but could participate as well...

  7. Hello dw1narso, Warmest of welcome to this site, and hope that you enjoy visiting here. There's a wealth of knowledge which I have found to enhance my own personal knowledge so far. The members have been very helpful and genuine, and hope they are able to help you to' if and when you need it. Sincerest Regards