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    i like good music, not (c)rap. dogs rule!
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  1. well i am on occasion..... ;-) hopefully i'll be there too, though family obligations may interfere.
  2. hey Tommy, hope yer bday was a good one!
  3. Hey Todd, hope you had a fine birthday! congrats on surviving another year ;-)
  4. ha, just saw this. thanks guys - the good cheer is appreciated.
  5. I'm not sure if Catcher has been made into a movie - yet. certainly, as an immensely popular work for near 6 decades there are those that would be chomping at the bit to do so. and since i can't find a more appropriate forum here goes: J.D. Salinger Dies at 91: The Hermit Crab of American Letters - TIME J. D. Salinger News - The New York Times J. D. Salinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. one more happy bday wish for you my friend!
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