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  1. Those are the Avant-Garde's I believe....I have heard their younger brother....
  2. Saw that as well, was posted by Mark Burgess from the Chameleons....he was a fan. Sad news indeed, RIP....
  3. Agreed too, re: Enemy Mine....though I didn't LOVE the movie, I liked it a fair bit and loved his part
  4. I'm mixed on this, it's horrible on one hand, but at the same time Hamas hides behind civilians anyway, including in or near schools and hospitals....even firing weapons from those locations into Israel. I will always support Israel, but this (really Netanyahu and his actions) have me questioning SOME of that support. I truly wish there was another way to break out Hamas from the civilian population and deal with them separately. One thing that does provide some comfort is that a big group of Israeli's want him out, and have been protesting in some very large numbers. Even members of the military have been organizing against him (not as a coup, but in protest). What I have not seen is any Palestinian civilians protesting Hamas government. Maybe they can't in fear of violence or death, but that also says a lot to me (before the fallout after October 7th, who was more oppressive to Palestinian civilians?). And many of those civilians cheered and spit on corpses of murdered and raped Israeli's being paraded through Gaza.
  5. The last couple days I've been mellowing out with some good Stockfisch Records music. Two of my favorites, both have good music and good recordings (and both lucky to have on DSD). Sara K - Made In The Shade and Steve Strauss - Just Like Love. Good mellower folk-type music....
  6. Very Happy Birthday Doug!
  7. Karen screws up lyrics so often we got a dish towel that says, "I hate when I'm singing a song and the artist gets the lyrics wrong" 😄 Then there's this commercial:
  8. I prefer the mini-happy cyclops....
  9. Happy Happy Birthday (Birthday)!!
  10. Love to pull this out every now and then, always a long-term favorite. DSD format is better than regular-rez....
  11. I'm liking her solo stuff! I cannot count how many times I see the words "cookie butter" and her tune comes into my head.... 🙂
  12. Great news, and at such a great price too! Good luck with it and thanks as well for sharing so much and offering two key folks here the opportunity to try them out.
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