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    I came, I saw, I listened, I bought. I drank a bit afterwards.
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  1. Agreed with ^^ My favorite comment on FB by a friend: "Next year, U2 should come out with Songs Of Retirement"
  2. There's a very cute movie, She's Having A Baby; very clever IMO and I enjoyed both Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern in it. Kate's song This Woman's Work is very wonderfully placed in that movie. EDIT: the whole soundtrack is actually quite good.
  3. It's been a while since I pulled out any Led Zeppelin.....this is so fine! GREAT music!
  4. Hope it is/was an awesome birthday!!!
  5. I actually don't mind AudioGD stuff, have a couple of their cheaper items in the past. But every time I see their name I can't help but picture this in my head
  6. Steve, in reply to your "octave" comment 🙂 EDIT: I think I've seen that performer you linked previously....can't remember where....
  7. I have an ex-work-colleague who's good friend was caught up in that crap, and he's in jail now. He wanted to be a MA State Trooper but was getting too old, so someone suggested he try for Baltimore PD. He got in, and stayed pretty clear of the bad crap. But it roped him up, in that he got calls by crooked cops asking him to bring a spare gun to a scene and the like. And even though he didn't, the records show he got those calls so he was included in the prosecutions. A really sad state of affairs....
  8. Oh, man, my wife will especially be sad to hear that. RIP, and may his memory be a blessing.
  9. I've been loving some reaction videos, mostly to Heilung, recently. One favorite is a woman who goes by "The Charismatic Voice" and she is quite the Heilung fan-girl; she is amazing at picking music apart. Another was a woman, whose outburst of "Holy Shitballs" may be my single most favorite reaction expression....
  10. Holy shit....brilliant and scary at the same time....he's gooooood......
  11. RIP Marty, will raise a toast...sorry Mikey!
  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Dad and DIY'er!
  13. Rot in Fucking Hell.....glad to see this result, I WAS concerned that there was still missing evidence and they might not convict.....
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