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  1. skullguise

    Happy Birthday Kerry!

    Very Happy Birthday!
  2. skullguise


    Paddy is best....but yeah, really surprised he (and several others in the area) hadn't heard it!
  3. skullguise


    Been exchanging some one-liners with a co-worker...I can't believe he never heard this one. What's Irish and comes out in the Spring? Patio Furniture....
  4. skullguise

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    Not everyone hates Rask....it's more a media-hyped thing where some people look for click-bait, and a lot of the uneducated masses agree with them. When we fell in 2013 to Chicago, they didn't see that the Bruins were gassed, that Patrice Bergeron was playing with a fractured rib, punctured lung, and who knows what else. No, they saw a [more talented] Chicago team score two quick goals late in the 3rd, when the defense broke down. And yes, Rask let in the goals. But if you look at that year, the Bruins swept a heavily-favored Penguins team full on the back of a stellar performance from Rask. Same with much of this year, Rask was lights out in so many ways. Some of it is the Bruins defensive system, but a lot is him. So, some real fans know how good he is, but the casual or media-inspired fans jump on him. And they make more noise. As for this series, the Blues got away with a ton, because they are a naturally-heavy-playing team. And after the Vegas fiasco earlier, I don't think that ANY ref would call a 5-minute-and-game in any other series. The games they won both against San Jose and in this series (before last night), they won due in a large part to 1) knocking out players, and 2) getting away with a ton of holds and other penalties to prevent the Sharks and Bruins from executing (both on offense, and defense sometimes). It really was too bad, because I think the Bruins would have taken the series in 5, maybe 6, had the calls been more accurate and consistent. All that said, two things are important to note: 1) the Blues played VERY well last night. Yes, still some penalties that could have been called, but it wasn't as over-the-edge as other games; and they played a very smart forecheck and middle-clogging game; and of course Binnington had another great rebound game. And then 2) the Bruins' top 2 lines were near-no-shows. Some rumors have injuries to Bergeron and Marchand limiting them, but they and others were generally missing in action. If they were "on" just a tiny bit more, I also believe the series would have been over before 7 games. That the Bruins even got to 7 without their top two lines functioning is a testament to Rask and their depth. So congratulations to the Blues. There are several I like on their team, O'Reilly I don't mind even despite a drunk driving accident (he had been rumored to be reckless and a bit wild outside the game but seems to have come down to earth) with him running into a Tim Horton's. But I really dislike Berube, Ott (coaches, both ass-wipes and dirty players), as well as people like Perron (running the goalie a couple times, lots of over-the-edge play), Schenn (also over the edge, and went high on Chara several times trying for his broken jaw), and a couple others (the 2 suspended players). Bleah.....
  5. skullguise

    2019 NHL Playoffs

  6. skullguise

    Focal Utopia headphones...with Beryllium driver

    Bryan, it's just FOTM...or in your case, decade 😄
  7. skullguise

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    I am VERY nervous about this game now....the Blues have been on or over the edge, especially with head shots. The refs are loathe to call a 5-minute major and game ejection penalty anymore this post-season, so it opens up for them to go over that edge and knock players out of the game. They can deal with suspensions for the beginning of next season, as long as they do whatever they can to win the cup. I only hope that they are warned in advance to keep it clean....
  8. skullguise

    RIP someone or another

    RIP Sir Winton....and thank you....
  9. skullguise

    RIP someone or another

    😪Oh, man.....RIP Dr. John......
  10. skullguise


    Audioengine is having a 20% off everything sale June 6th-9th.....some decent stuff, maybe not over-the-top enough for H-C 😊
  11. skullguise

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    I used to feel a lot more neutral about them, but a lot of what san Jose complained about I'm seeing in this series. Yes, they're a heavy team, but they cross the lines WAY too much. Fair amount of near-or-at-head shots, running the goalie at least 3 if not more times.... Then that fuckwad Berube complains that they're getting too many calls against them. Sorry, it's just now they're ACTUALLY calling the penalties. Sadly, though, it's still inconsistent. Borderline calls made, worse calls missed....but while the Bruins wouldn't be called "clean" for sure, the Blues are way worse. So they deserve more calls against them. Nervous about tonight, hoping the Bruins win, AND remain healthy.....
  12. skullguise

    Ye Macce Threade

    This means you're getting two....or three?
  13. skullguise

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Karen and I "Met the Fokkers" last night. Our son Andrew has been pretty serious with a wonderful young lady he met at college. The great news is that her family lives 2 towns over from us, so they can see each other easily outside of the school year. Amy is going for 8 weeks to special program in Kenya this Summer, and she and Andrew thought it would be great to have the parents meet. Simple dinner at Bertucci's, but it was very successful, we enjoyed the company and chat very much. It helps that the father works in IT like me, has a slightly similar sense of humor, and looks just a little bit like Peter in Family Guy 😃 It just felt very normal and pleasant, and the fact that it was the kids' idea made it even more special....
  14. skullguise

    RIP someone or another

    RIP to 2 great music-men Leon and Roky.... RIP to Mr. Daryoush, what a nice story of making it in America. And RIP to Mr. Gell-Mann....amazing as well....
  15. skullguise

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Good to "see" you again Ozgur....no matter what goes on in life, we're a shelter from the storm, a home away from home, etc.