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  1. Holy.....fucking.....shit......😪
  2. So sad indeed....and RIP to the countless "non-celebrities" dying of this virus.....
  3. Sounds good. Just to be clear, I'm still using my Aries, offering up the SMSL DP3......
  4. I'd recommend a used Auralic Aries Mini. Can handle all types of music (FLAC and DSD), has a built-in DAC and RCA analog outs, and coax/optical/USB out for digital out to DAC. Connects via ethernet or WiFi. You can use an external USB HDD, or mount a 2.5" inside. Transferring music is a bit slow/tedious, but it works. The App for it isn't bad, but I use mine with Roon & Tidal as it's a recognized Roon Endpoint. These are tough to find used, but a fairly nice option. Another thought: an SMSL DP3 (https://www.amazon.com/Headphone-Amplifier-SMSL-DP3-Turntable/dp/B07CQKKY5B). A kind of nice all-in-one unit, lots of similarities to Aries Mini with a few differences: 1) has a headphone out; ok, not great, 2) does ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth, 3) has a screen for seeing what is going on, 4) internal storage is SD card, 5) BUT....app interface is Hiby App, connected via Bluetooth, and I don't like it much at all. It has other connectivity options (DLNA, Airplay, etc.) so maybe there is a better interface out there. All that said, I have one of these if you want to try/borrow it Nate, along with the other stuff to come your way. 😊
  5. A very apt description, I've listened to V but not yet VI. And speaking of Brian Eno, listened to this the other day:
  6. Holy shit, that Minor Threat Golden Girls is awesome!
  7. It's a bunch of room-loaded passive radiators!
  8. Got it, but haven't listened yet.....didn't like Citizen Of Glass as much as Aventine, but still good music! EDIT: just listened....it does harken back to Aventine a bit more, so enjoyed the listen.....
  9. So much of all the above! RIP Curly, and thanks for the memories.....
  10. My fave REM albums go back even further.....! Maybe Reckoning.....though "Fall On Me" from Life's Rich pageant is one of my all-time favorites.
  11. RIP to Albert and Terrence. I'm fearing the Coronavirus will be the new "Fuck" target for RIP's soon enough 😪 Also RIP to Bill Rieflin, drummer who had played with several bands including King Crimson, NiN, REm, and more....
  12. Wow.....RIP Kenny. Reading more about him that I never knew, and seeing all that he had done in his life.....wow.......
  13. Happy Birthday DOTU Al! Enjoy as much as you can!
  14. A local dealer carries those Paradigm lines....some lovely things!
  15. RIP Genesis.....it didn't seem that long ago you posted that interview article..... And yeah, fuck cancer...!
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