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    I came, I saw, I listened, I bought. I drank a bit afterwards.
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    Music & Audio, computers, reading, watching sports, family
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    Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Architect
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    * Stax SR-007A * Focal Clear (2 of them) * Sennheiser HD-600 * several Etymotic IEM's * Others, not so important
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    * Mjolnir KGSS-HV-Carbon * ECP DSHA-3F * ECP Black Diamond (Prototype) * Schiit Vali (on perma-loan) * AV123 X-Head (on perma-loan)
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    * Rega P3-24 w/Elys II and Rega TT-PS * Exogal Comet DAC * Lumin T2 * A whole bunch of other streamers and shit
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    Puremusic and Puremusic Jr (all-in-one using iPhones as streamers), Orchard Audio Starkrimson mono amps, some "chip" amps, Elac FS207A's, Evoke Audio Eddie's, Neat Iota Alpha's, bunch of other speakers, bunch of cables, bunch of power-related stuff, bunch of...other....stuff

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  1. Very Happy Birthday! (Time Zone belated 😄)
  2. Holy Shitballs! Just hope she can get to safety easily, secondary hope that things are OK with trailer....
  3. RIP Jimmy, sounds like an incredible person. Sorry for your loss Brent, as well to his family and other friends.
  4. ^^ OR, for when you really fucking hate your neighbors
  5. Such wonderful pictures! RIP Sophie, condolences to you and Yumi. Thank you for being such good humans for her!
  6. Sounds like great progress, Steve, wishing her and you all an easy time of things!
  7. RIP Jimmy. Arguably a legend, though like Nate wasn't a big fan. Always loved his song Come Monday, though.
  8. ^^ I like their new album Blue Rev, and I have their debut as well. My son saw them (for the second time) about a week ago in Boston. He said they put on a great show.
  9. I miss Gizmo.....what a personality!
  10. I have my share of baggage from my parents' divorce, and my dad "kind of" being there but not 100%. At one point, I had some good sit-downs with him, and I determined that he had his own limitations. One VERY wise thing he said to me, though: "None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. You just won't make the same mistakes I made...." Well said IMO.
  11. Those are still very good! I was lucky to have two older brothers into music. One was ~4.5 years older, and I got a lot of early taste from him (classic and country rock, and prog). But over time we 3 boys each found our own niche for musical tastes....
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