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  1. I used to call one of my cats Tawny Kitten when he was young....wife never understood why, I just explained it today. RIP Tawny....
  2. Funny pic from FB today, keep chuckling when I see it.....
  3. Yup....still got mine, and they lasted through my son's childhood for the road trips where he would watch movies.
  4. Interesting.....I can't help but be a pessimist on this, but I guess the "wait and see" attitude needs to apply.
  5. RIP to Daniel Kaminsky, security guru who basically saved the internet.....and fuck diabetes! https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/27/technology/daniel-kaminsky-dead.html
  6. Nice finish! Those look like they may be bigger brothers to the Philharmonic BMR's I have, which use 1 BMR midrange with a ribbon tweeter.....
  7. Experienced a bit of normal today....met son Andrew and his girlfriend Amy at an outdoor-seating Bertucci's for lunch, and then visited the new (4,000+ sq ft) home of some family - niece on my wife's side, her husband and their slightly new baby. Was so wonderful to see everyone, and the new house is fucking amazing!
  8. ^^ they are a fun and usually good-sounding listen overall! I was selling some speakers a few months ago and used some of their songs (Coffee was a big hit) to help make the sale.....
  9. AGD The Audion Mk 2 "GaNTube" amp. Clever ( ? ) use of GaN amp board inside a tube structure, with up to 170 watts into 4 ohms. Neat design, and I have a pair of mono GaN amps ($1500/pr) that likely sound just as good; so not sure it's worth the money to have it look like a tube amp..... Third picture is the old vs. new version of the GaNTube.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a great one....
  11. Oh, my....the Viking Acoustic Gottenburg. Has a 32" woofer in the back! BTW I heard of this because I'm buying something from a gent who has its baby brother, the Grande Voix, with a smaller 18" woofer....
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