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  1. RIP Louise! One of my FB friends said this: "One of the greatest characters in one of the best films ever made." I'm inclined to agree...
  2. Happy Birthday Jim! Are you a hippie yet? 😄
  3. ^^ Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack..... How do you like it?
  4. They are such beautiful things! I saw some great ones year ago, Karen and I went to a wedding in Skaneateles NY; they had a Wooden Craft show in town that weekend...some beauties there, even down to some awesome hand-crafted canoes and more.
  5. Love her too....amazing talent, and powerful voice. Her version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" eclipses Roberta Flack's by a good margin for me, and that version was already fantastic. On a side note, amazing that the song was written by Ewan MacColl, amazing himself, and father to the ever-lovely Kirsty MacColl (RIP).
  6. Going on a "industrial guitar" binge....been a while since listened to Peter Brötzmann's son....
  7. Wow....I have never seen that movie (and maybe it's a good thing; but I like Heather as well). My favorite Heather movie isn't actually Austin Powers, but instead a little no-name called Gray Matters. A light fun romp, not super deep but I managed to like just about all the characters.
  8. So my local dealer some time ago had one of these and had a long listening session using the same set of CD's in pairs, one un-treated and one treated in front of us. We never saw which CD's he would put in first but there were 6 of us that picked out the shaved CD's with almost 80% consistency. We DID think there was something better to the sound..... Not truly scientific and true A/B testing, but we were very pleasantly surprised. The dealer offered to shave/treat CD's that anyone brought (I didn't) that night, and the 4 folks that DID bring them all took advantage.
  9. Not sure how it is seen in the UK, but I know some here see it as the end of an era. To many, her death was the end of a generation with class and dignity. Starting now with Prince King Charles, it is a family with many issues, scandals, etc. It also helps take away focus from the shit-show currently going on otherwise I'd bet....
  10. Ugh..... RIP to a legendary lady.
  11. Fuck, that's awful to hear Steve....deepest condolences..... RIP Shaun, way too young, and fuck cancer badly!
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