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  1. RIP Ennio and Charlie. Another two long-time greats gone..... 😩
  2. I had a friend in High School who loved them, as well as several of the other Ralph Records artists.....(The Residents of course) EDIT: just found the song he loved to play the most for me
  3. Happy Birthday!!
  4. ^^ I thought so too, I used to own those. Apparently with mods they sounded pretty good....they were like $50 a pair IIRC.
  5. Love the jacket-over-shoulder, vested look Steve! I had a pair of pants in the 70's that was in essence a patchwork of....patches of pants of REALLY ugly design. Thank goodness there are no pictures, I remember hating them even as a young kid.... I recall reds, stripes, plaids, etc. STILL working out the issues from wearing those! 😃
  6. I believe more in Power Conditioning than Power Cords. Almost any good shielded design works fine after a conditioner in my house. That said, another Crump design (TG Audio SLVR) seems to make a positive difference to my ears no matter where it's used..... I didn't want to believe, but just when I thought I was out they dragged me right friggin' in 😂
  7. Oh, wow.....RIP Carl.....!
  8. I like it a lot. For the size and (relatively low) price, it performs quite admirably. My current reference is a custom all-in-one unit using the Purifi amp modules (this is a new company started by the gent who created the Hypex and NCore designs). The manufacturer of this custom unit - Mivera Audio - puts his own input buffers in front of the Purifi modules, and then adds a DAC and a lightning dock. It uses an iPhone as a streamer/Roon endpoint, and has some of the best sound I've heard; the transparency is eerie at times. The Brooklyn amp gets me a pretty high % of that sound, actually excavating deeper in the bass. Compared to the Mivera, the transparency is a bit less, resulting in a slightly larger/bit more diffuse sound - the Mivera is just SO precise in image and instrument placement. But this is a pretty close second place to that. I also need to do some comparisons to a heavily-modded EVS dual-mono ICE-Edge amp, which is also right up there based on memory. Tonally, no complaints, it seems very well-balanced. The deep bass is not overdone, so it doesn't take over. And the highs seem very extended and smooth without any glare (caveat: my age is getting up there, and my hearing above ~16kHz has been degrading over time). So overall a very nice amp, really love the small form factor and how much is there for the size and price.
  9. That's awesome Steve! Are those some GR-Research designed speakers? The drivers look like the same ones used in my OB-7 speakers designed by them....
  10. Reminds me of one of Tyll's old reviews.....
  11. ^^^ Never knew this existed! Listened to some, which led me to this. There's also a documentary video about it....
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