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    I came, I saw, I listened, I bought. I drank a bit afterwards.
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  1. skullguise

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Lets hope so Jacob! You've played the Martyr enough and got burned enough for it.....wish you all the best!
  2. skullguise

    ecp audio

    I replied to a gent on H-F, a nice old-timer I remembered, who asked me about my experience with the DSHA3F. Hoping it resulted in another order.....!
  3. skullguise

    RIP some fuck or another

    Ouch, a couple biggies....RIP Frank and Albert.....
  4. skullguise

    Happy Birthday Jeff (VPI)!

    Happy Birthday!!
  5. skullguise

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Glad it was a relatively easy fix....echo the stay safe wishes!
  6. skullguise

    ecp audio

    I don't have an HD800 or variant anymore....but I have tried an HD600 with balanced cable on the DSHA3F. Maybe not perfect, and indeed as Doug says maybe a little thin....but still quite nice.
  7. skullguise

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Peter Magowan. Didn't even know of him, but big respect to someone who fights to keep a team in a local market, especially if that market can easily support the team.
  8. skullguise

    ecp audio

    As a DSHA3F owner, I can say with general reservedness that I'm fucking ecstatic with mine! For both the Utopia and the Clear, I have heard no better amp.
  9. skullguise

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Jessica....seemed like quite a lady..... Makes me think of all the people in our lives, the ones we meet who make even a small difference. I think back on things, even back to High School, and people who weren't "in" my life, but who made some impact on me....
  10. skullguise

    Happy Birthday Absorbine_Sr!

    Happy Belated!! Enjoy the weekend...!
  11. skullguise

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Lorna.....never kept up with the Germs after Darby died....it was good to see she kept doing what she loved. And Fuck cancer.....
  12. skullguise

    Fuck in snow

    Last I heard it was going to be less snow, but more sleet/freezing rain....then a massive chill coming Monday..... My wife and mother-in-law were supposed to fly to FL tonight, when we first saw the snow delaying until later Saturday night, she decided not to try and get an earlier flight. She just found out this morning it was cancelled. They are now tentatively going out Monday morning....hoping the roads will be OK and they can make it....
  13. skullguise

    Kitty Talk

    More awesomeness! Congrats (and thanks) Jacob!
  14. skullguise

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP George, indeed sounds like a neat guy!
  15. skullguise

    Happy Birthday, Grahame!

    Happy Birthday! And Dusty, do I need to remind you again? Tickety-boo!