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  1. Went to take a shower today, and a very young mouse was visiting in my tub😮 Should have taken a pic, very cute little thing. Put it in a box with air holes until I could take my shower and put it outside. The dichotomy of our reactions: Karen: "Oh, gross, we need to get rid of it and any others...." Todd: "It's SOOO cute, we should get a habitrail and keep him...." 🤣 I did let him outside, but fear he's too small to survive on his own. And we got some no-escape traps to see if others are here and can be captured. I also plan on getting some humane packages of those mint or other deterrents....
  2. So cute, and awesome of you to adopt an adult! Hope she brings you many years of happiness!
  3. I literally listened to that song last night, part of "The Morning Lasted All Day: A Retrospective" album. Oddly (or maybe not) there was something I just loved in that video about Lara St John as she grooves while doing the chorus....
  4. I just recalled a bad memory.... When my stepfather passed away, he had a nice Rolex in wonderful condition, had it for literally decades. In his will, it was left to his oldest son. That son didn't care one bit about the memory or what that watch meant to his dad, and sold it for I think close to $15+K.... My mom was pissed, though of course he had every right to do what he wanted. It was just a lack of respect to my stepfather's memory in our eyes. EDIT: I contrast that with my wife, who got an expensive Cartier watch from her mom after she had passed. Even though she'll never wear it, she has trouble selling it based on how much her mom loved it. THAT is respecting a memory. That said, both her sisters said they'd be OK if she wanted to sell it.
  5. Yeah, I don't want to go to the beach so much these days....(woops...need to watch on YouTube)
  6. When I was in college, I was in a suite with a gent named Chuck (Charles). He would go to me and others with receding hairlines and warn us "...your follicles are CHOKING, pal....!" 😄 I am now almost completely bald, but I gave him some humorous grief that his receding hairline up his forehead went faster than mine. Only difference is now he has more (and darker) hair on his sides and back then me. But I enjoy this....I use a trimmer to shave what little is left maybe every 2-3 weeks, no cost to get a haircut anymore.
  7. Very Happy Birthday, hope it was fantastic!
  8. ^^^ Brings back great memories..... I had 2 older brothers that got me into music, so much so that at age 7 my first 45 record was The Who - Love Reign On me. And at age 8 or 9 my first album was J Geils Live Full House. Aerosmith's first album was soon after, and my brother's copy of Get Your Wings found its way on my turntable a fair bit too. The extra live part after the main portion of Train Kept A Rollin' was probably my favorite musical piece for several months if not longer. I remember too The Joe Perry Project played in our High School Auditorium....maybe 1981 or 82..... In the mid-70's I got into ELP and Pink Floyd, and I was hooked even more.
  9. ^^ X2. Congrats on your wedding Jacob.....and you absolutely DO count! But please try and get rid of the anger. If you and Steve don't get along, it's between you two.
  10. Karen and I went to what was SUPPOSED to be a comedy night at a local farm, but apparently there was an over-abundance of entertainment. We missed some of the magician's act, but we were able to catch this fine gent doing karaoke-style vox, complete with requisite open shirt and gold chain 🤣. Cheesy to say the least (though his voice wasn't too bad).
  11. Holy crap, some big names recently..... Donald Sutherland is a minor deity in my book. Oddly, my two favorite movies of his are Eye Of The Needle and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He had a level of golden touch IMO....
  12. ^^ Was just coming to post the same thing.....happy to see this!
  13. Very Happy Birthday!!
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