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  1. Set up my Rega in my son's room, on top of an Andover Audio Spinbase. But just picked up an ADL GT40a to listen via headphones, and do some vinyl rips. First up: Chameleonsvox, lead singer of my favorite band. Great 2 album live set on red and blue splatter vinyl, with bonus 7", CD's, poster, cards and more. Well-recorded too!
  2. Only time I went to a Fry's was when I was doing work for my company at sites in CA. It was pretty nice back then, this was back in the mid-to-late-90's. Still, another brick and mortar institution gone, RIP.....
  3. OK, I need a groan emoji......
  4. Great....now I have "Pushy Galore" going through my head again! 😂
  5. ^^ I saw that movie/documentary, was quite good!
  6. New Tash Sultana.....VERY nice, actually a bit laid back and groovy..... EDIT: after listening to the whole thing, I think she's leaning TOO much in the "Modern R&B/Soul" type of sound. But she still does it very nicely IMO!
  7. Just got off a Zoom call with 3 friends, who I've known 56 years/43 years/35 years. It absolutely filled my heart. Haven't talked (voice) or seen a couple of them for over a year, and as with good friends we just kind of picked up where we left off. Love it!
  8. Happy Birthday Colin! Come in and visit more, we need some quotes..... 😄
  9. Will definitely keep my eye out for this....in semi-related news, saw this today on Facebook and LOVE it!
  10. Happy Birthday Steve! Echo what Nate said.....thanks for your wisdom, humor, and humanity here!!
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