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  1. I've listened to several Joy Division things today, including some early material when they went by the name Warsaw. For several years they were my favorite band, and are still up there in the top 5..... Probably my favorite song by them is Decades, the last song on the Closer album. In hindsight, knowing of Ian's suicide, this is such a powerful song to me. There is a keyboard "solo" towards the end that just sounds so frail...and of course the lyrics are very fateful..... EDIT: and the first single that new Order had post-JD was Ceremony/In A Lonely Place. Written while they were still Joy Division....the B-side is also incredibly powerful lyrically and in mood. Again, especially in hindsight....and it was the last demo ever recorded by the group apparently Lyrics: Caressing the marble and stone Love that was special for one The waste in the fever and heat How I wish you were here with me now Body that curls in and dies Hardship that often belies Warm like a dog round your feet How I wish you were here with me now Hangman looks round as he waits Cord stretches tight then it breaks Someday we will die in your dreams How I wish we were here with you now
  2. A fun guilty pleasure listen.... Japanese Female Pop-Punk band, Otoboke Beaver. That Yakitori song repetitiveness reminded me of this old gem:
  3. Happy Birthday! Hope it is/was great!
  4. <---- See my avatar for that one Ric.....😝
  5. Picked up a gift certificate at a local spa for my wife for Mother's Day. I wanted to give the monetary equivalent of three 50-minute massages ($87 each). The person getting the GC for me asked her co-worker what 3 times the price was, and before she could even pull out the calculator, I told her the amount. They both stared at me in awe, the second one double-checked my "work" and proclaimed I was right. they spent the next few minutes completing the card, and talking about how good I was with math. Scary.... They certainly LOOKED lovely.... 😂
  6. Wow....RIP Klaus.....another legend gone!
  7. Hey, give it a chance! I think it will give Pono a run for the money! 😄
  8. Love my boy....he surpasses me in sarcasm and is almost Bernie-left....but we had this fun exchange when he told me he was going back to Spotify instead of the TIDAL family plan (more selections and features for him and his g/f).
  9. Some folks aren't understanding the difference between something being publicly accessible but still not "a public space." This is a MODERATED forum. Over the years it has established itself to have a certain personality, for lack of a better term; and it is moderated to fit that personality. Yes, it can be exclusionary, but only to people who argue excessively about the personality and try to change it. Otherwise, we want it to be open. When someone is banned, it's not us being cowards, it's reducing excess noise from someone who doesn't respect what this forum is about. There are a good number of very technically-inclined and experienced people here. They freely give advice to those who ask, some design their own equipment, and overall have earned the respect they get. I have seen countless cases of people posting pictures and getting some great advice about what is good and bad about a design. As a group, we DO listen to a lot of music. There are dedicated threads for this, but there are also many threads for other things as well; we're quite an eclectic bunch. When it comes to equipment, though, we're not going to ONLY judge based on sound. As I mentioned before, sound is on par with build quality in this forum, and even if something sounds good but has potential build issues, it will get called out. That is part of the personality of this forum. I will read and respect someone's thought on sound, but will also read and respect good technical input, brash or not. If something is built well and sounds good, it gets praised. Otherwise, it's open season for criticism (based on sound or build). Again....this is the personality of this forum. Accept it, join and try to have fun. Or leave. But if you keep fighting it, you will be banned - to reduce the noise.
  10. The point is that things can potentially SOUND good, but if corners are cut there may be issues with usage and/or longer-term reliability. Some prime examples of this have been HiFiMan (QC issues with many of their phones but often sounded good; and "production" models VERY quickly upgraded to v2 or higher, which tends to mean the product wasn't even a fully finished product to start on first introduction), Cavalli (similar QC type issues and possible design shortcuts), and as an extreme example, Single Power (parts used that aren't in spec for voltages present, poor construction that could literally cause fires and failure; but boy they sounded great). This is not your normal forum, and while it's good to learn about new things there are colleagues in here that can tell many aspects of design and construction quality based solely on the pictures of the innards. So while your opinions on sound are worthwhile in some aspect, it is tempered by build quality questions; so many decide not to move forward and blindly accept sound impressions without more technical info. It could save $ and aggravation in the long run. The argument is that both go together, sound and design/build. So if one is clearly not up to par, then the other doesn't matter - at least to people here. I'm in no way saying these products are like Single Power, but a LOT of people got burned by him/that company.
  11. It's amazing that certain bands from "back then" still have the fanbase among new and younger fans. One of my ex-neighbors has a son that - when he was all of I think 12 or 13 - had a Misfits t-shirt he would proudly wear. I found out his mom - a quiet schoolteacher - was actually quite the punk fan in the day and LOVED the Misfits. My son has also reported to me that two of my favorite bands - Joy Division and The Chameleons - are held in quite high regards by several of his friends too. So I get to be "cool dad" for a bit 😊 And my old HS friend who died of COVID-related complications was in 2 bands up until he passed; one of them was a Misfits/Danzig cover band....
  12. ^^ That looks awesome Mikey...though I shouldn't partake of such things due to Passover laws. Of course, the bagel I had this morning when my niece and nephew (the astronaut-in-training) came by with their daughter was kind of delicious.
  13. RIP to Mike Bossy, hockey great with the NY Islanders. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33742790/mike-bossy-four-stanley-cup-champion-new-york-islanders-dies-65 As a hockey fan, he was doing some things that Wayne Gretzky did a bit later later, but I think outside hockey he was much less known. A legend, and from all accounts a great person. And...fuck cancer.....!
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