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  1. Given your use cases, either machine would work well. BUT....I'd add a docking station to allow you to have an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for that 99% home use. The GPU on the Dell is indeed lower than the MSI, but if you're not using that power for gaming and heavier video editing, you would still likely be fine; and, the external monitor @ 4K should be well achievable for both machines (the MSI resolution is a limitation of the screen, not the video card; so I'm assuming an external monitor can be driven at 4K and for home use you could ignore the laptop screen). For th
  2. Sorry to hear Jose.... What a great picture, though! It's clear how close you and Sargent are.....
  3. Sorry Jeff, condolences to you, family, and friends. And despite a "good" 92 year run, fuck COVID!
  4. As a Pink Floyd fan, with my favorites being mostly pre-1972, this is just fantastic (that is really what I think! 😄)
  5. Fuck Fuck Fuck. RIP to an incredible woman, and incredible PERSON. And RIP to the sanity of the Supreme Court. I only wish (hope) that they could delay a new judge the same way they did it to Obama....
  6. Happy Birthday! Wishing good wine, good food, good family times, and breathable air!
  7. Happy (belated your time) Birthday!!
  8. I looked at the specs on the Marantz slim model, very nice but only 50 wpc.....would need fairly efficient speakers methinks, a smaller room, or maybe use a separate multi-channel amp...
  9. I am just envious of Nate's gravity-defying beer skills.....
  10. RIP to a beautiful and talented woman!
  11. There's a guy in here named Steve that should make a joke about this.....
  12. RIP Gary....man, to play with Evans and Jarrett.....
  13. Karen and I finished the Netflix series (through Season 2) of In The Dark. There's not a lot we like to watch together, and this was out there in several ways, but captivated us.....
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