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  1. it Was great seeing everyone ,its been a long time.Also meeting emooze for the first time. Thanks Marc for dinner Sat Night The Viva amp was very unimpressive.
  2. I will be staying at the hotel Saturday night I booked a room so can hang out Saturday night ,See everyone soon.
  3. Merry Christmas to all ! Happy & Healthy. 🎅
  4. Thanks guys Spent my birthday in the hospital Having growths on my kidney removed.At home now recovering. Also closing my business by the end of the month as I sold the property, time for retirement. This is a birthday I will always remember
  5. I will be there booked a room .My wife wants to come with me ,catch up with you guys who are coming
  6. Happy Birthday Justin,Hope you had a good one !
  7. Merry Christmas to all a happy & Healthy one! 🎅
  8. Happy Birthday Hirsch! Have a Good Day!
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