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  1. Smeggy hand delivered my pair last night, and have since enjoyed the hell out of his creation. I've never heard ortho's before so this was leap of faith for me. The fit and comfort are excellent, I have a massive skull so being able to fit these to my head comfortably is a huge plus; they manage a very tight seal without clamping on the sides of your head. Weight is comfortable, contrary to what you'd think as picking them up they're on the heavy side but the weight is distributed evenly across the headband making the last 3 hour listening session pain free. As a contrast the Grado headband on my PS1k's starts to dig in after a hour or so, limiting my listening sessions. They have a very tightly controlled, detailed sound. I've been listening with a Pico + DAC, Lavry DA11 and a very upgraded Bottlehead SEX kit. So far my preferred synergy is with the Pico. Smeggy brought over 2 pairs, each tweaked for a different sound. One (the one I kept) has a more forward mid / lower highs, while the other had very powerful bass. In an ideal world I'd want a pair of each for different music types, but for low volume listening I preferred the mid/high push model. More to come after I've had time to understand these new headphones. For now it was a blast getting to meet Smeggy in person, it was a treat receiving a hands on demo, Smeggy taking the time to explain aspects of the construction, and design decisions of the thunderpants, not to mention some quality bullshitting. An impressive set of headphones Smeggy!
  2. I'm curious if the USB Audio support will be a long term supported feature, or just an unintended consequence of driver support already existing in the device due to the chip-set and driver combo used for sound, so having the physical usb interface exposed just made it work? It seems like a really odd feature, one that we would all obviously love but none the less bizarre if they chose to support this as an official feature. If it pans out and the Pico + DAC works, well count me in.
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    Moving to Monitors

    Hell of a nice deal, having a complete set like that including all the original paperwork; you know it's been treated well.
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