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  1. because @Dusty Chalk Hum - You'd Prefer An Astronaut i need to check out the new one soon
  2. Jim - don’t know if this will help for future integration but I wanted to correct myself, my sub crossover is a little lower than I had stated, currently at ~75hz. Alerion is spec’d down to 70hz.
  3. Antoine Dufour - Convergences
  4. i have been using a sub with my Alerions for four or five years. i copied Mike’s choice of an HSU Research STF-2 (he used/may still use with his Cicadas). it is ported but never seems out of time alignment (no “speed” issue i’ve heard about for some ported). i originally had the crossover set lower, maybe 50-60hz, but in the last year ramped it up to 80-100hz and noticed an improvement in the low end integrating into overall presentation (i continue to change my volume setting on the sub probably once a month, never feel like i have it right). in my current speaker positioning, the sub location has mostly disappeared but not entirely. that’s been my main issue and recently i have been thinking about making a switch to a more mid-tier sealed sub myself... either from HSU (ULS-15 MK2) or SVS. the REL you linked looks like another comparable option. my room is also pretty small, you definitely don’t need to push a ton of SPL from the low-end to get a dramatically fuller sound from these full range speakers. knowing both your speakers and your power amp... basically i recommend you go for it and it will make a huge difference and most importantly allow the lowther drivers to focus on what they do best... mid range glory. it is going to feel like something you should have done years ago. that’s certainly how i felt.
  5. i am very close to impulse buying a kamado joe classic II from Costco. they are doing some kind of close out... i’m guessing because the classic III is out now. anyone have experience using it low and slow? it seems capable...
  6. mono in mono... “there was music and wonderful roses...” The Beatles - With The Beatles
  7. fuck it all. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
  8. i've learned that the moment you think about stepping back is exactly when you should go further in... in seriousness for the last 5-6 years all i've seen is prices going up and previous avenues to purchase select bottles has dwindled to almost nothing. this industry swell has yet to make anything cheaper nor easier to access in the US since the early 2000's (or really with the end of eBay sales later on). every time i manage a successful import i wonder if it's the last time.
  9. the tariffs + COVID has created a very strange scenario for US retailers that can be summarized as both slow and unpredictable. my observations the past two-three months... Post-tariffs but pre-COVID: any releases in this window (e.g. K&L had a number of exclusive bottlings arrive from independents) - prices are increased as-expected Post-tariffs and post-COVID: if the planned released didn't happen before COVID, it basically still hasn't happened (e.g. Kilkerran 8 year CS sherry). there have been a minuscule number of new releases actually make it stateside in the last 6-8 weeks. If they have been - some prices seem increased (e.g. Redbreast 27) but not all Existing releases or core range bottlings (e.g. things like Lagavulin 16, Ardbeg 10) are largely still not increased in price. this is very region-specific but it appears that most of your go-to's are not yet much increased at least for California and Illinois. There are exceptions - Springbank bottles which were already expensive are now catastrophically so (Springbank 10 is now $100 msrp... get the fuck outta here with that shit). my answer has been to bypass all of this and try to import as much as i can from the EU. even with shipping costs and delays, the situation in EU is far more predictable and stable than the US. there are so many bottles that are so much cheaper if you import and they also are always getting independent bottlings that i'm particularly interested in. it's a bit of a shame as i want to support my usual locals but i'm at the point where buying is very selective and i'm not typically re-stocking standard bottles.
  10. Aura

    Grado Question

    a forceful scrub with plain old mineral oil has worked for me on RS2 and HF2.
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