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  1. running through this one now. yessir very good.
  2. As happy as I am with Edifier in the living room, the Wireless 2 LS50 sure looks fucking great.
  3. Very sorry, Jeff. (((Hugs)))
  4. monday \m/ Of Feather And Bone - Bestial Hymns of Perversion
  5. The Newton Brothers - The Haunting of Hill House (Music from the Netflix Horror Series)
  6. yep it’s a BJC. they’re the bestest.
  7. Very sorry, Al and Claire. Run free, Mae. ☹️ and fuck cancer.
  8. i ended up grabbing an Adcom GDA-700. the price was dirt cheap, it has the outputs i wanted, and it has all the old tech and sound i’m familiar with. no regrets.
  9. that part is easy. Schiit Eitr. works like a charm and made a noticeable improvement in sound in both my rigs.
  10. Ric - what newer options are you comparing against? Also still using an unmodified 1100 in the speaker rig. i can’t say i have issues with imaging or instrument location (this is with Pioneer M22 + Lowther DX65). soundstage could be a bit wider.
  11. thanks for the advice, gents. the Bifrost 2 is my fall back option given it has everything i’d need plus the unique Unison USB (which would be interesting to compare against USB Gen 5). i would agree, Nate, that i’m not entirely convinced on balanced out as i’m not sure it will actually net sonic benefit? the path will be GS-X > Clear so not much power needed here. i’m searching for vintage because these modern options appear less overbuilt as the 90’s, have chips i’m not familiar with (yes i know this is not always the major sound factor), and don’t seem quite as good value. it does s
  12. with the new amp incoming i’m officially looking for a balanced DAC option... but these brooklyns and lumas and such are overkill. given my old familiarity i think it’s better if i stay in my lane. anyone have a Parasound 1600, Adcom GDA 700, or some other vintage R2R piece with balanced outs sitting around collecting dust? if so, hit me up.
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