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  1. Aura

    Happy Birthday Stretch!

    hope you had a good one, stretch!
  2. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    i need to mellow the fuck out My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
  3. Aura


    ^any plans to come to Chicago, Marc? both 2004 and 2005 are at a few different Binny's
  4. Aura

    KEF Egg

    following up... my impressions are that s2000 is well worth $400. sound good with everything. tested blu ray last night with the optical out and a fight scene greatly alarmed the dog.
  5. at what mile marker are you required to pull over and chug a hazy IPA?
  6. Aura

    The Live Music Thread

    50/50... wife leaves for a work trip the following day and i'm sure we'll have some stuff to take care of. a non-HC friend mentioned this concert a while back and might be interested too. he saw NeO the last time they were here (the show i had to pass on).
  7. Aura


    Catoctin isn't half bad if I remember right. Had it a long time ago in San Francisco, seem to recall it was slightly toned down from something like Willett Family Estate 2-3 year (actual Willett distillate, not the old MGP they sourced) but still in the same spectrum. I think Catoctin also does a limited cask strength bottling and I would buy that if I saw it (unlikely in IL though). Knob Creek Cask Strength 2009 is good. One of the best values in rye in the last few years considering anything of a similar age and proof is now $150+ (see Kentucky Owl). Naaman originally recommended it to me, and I took my bottle to Jeff's to compare to an old Willett FE 5 year rye. It's more a bourbon than a rye in some respects, like Rittenhouse in a way. But that's just how Beam does rye.
  8. Aura

    The Live Music Thread

    Beck at Riot Fest next month. And Sum 41 and Incubus for my inner child-of-the-90's
  9. Aura

    The Live Music Thread

    scratch another one off bucket list... Smashing Pumpkins at United Center last night. 31 songs all from first five cds (except for covers and one new single), 3 of the 4 OG crew. hoped for this for at least 10 years, couldn't have been better.
  10. Aura

    KEF Egg

    s2000 tempts me greatly. looks perfect for our living room's constraints.
  11. Aura

    The Live Music Thread

    About to see Dick Dale at Reggies in Chicago. Didn't know this fucker was still kicking. Should be dope especially after these PBRs...
  12. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    morning metal Deathspell Omega - Drought
  13. Aura

    The Live Music Thread

    ^hey us too! with @recstar24
  14. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    yeah i was pretty 'meh' on it morning metal here.. Thou - Heathen
  15. Aura


    I’d pass on Koval, just too expensive for what it is. Not sure on the others as I’ve never had them but High West is generally solid.