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  1. Sun Kil Moon - Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
  2. I don't know if anyone else here is into SBTRKT but the primary vocalist he's worked with for years released a new solo album. Good as expected, so far. Sampha - Process
  3. Happy birthday Al!
  4. Happy birthday, Ed! Glad you're on the mend :).
  5. Happy birthday, Steve!
  6. Happy belated, brother Colin!
  7. I hadn't watched a single game since Christmas but randomly tuned into Cavs/Wiz in the third. Mac Daddy - ya boy Kyrie doing it again!
  8. #alternativeforums
  9. When you find yourself missing carbs, cook up a pound of bacon. All will feel right in the world.
  10. Happy birthday, big brother Mike!
  11. We went from black to silver for the new(er) car and that decision proved wise within 48 hours. Fuckin midwest weather.
  12. Farewell Parker Beam. Bravely fought ALS and raised a bunch of cash for others. Oh and his namesake, Parkers Heritage, had some pretty fucking good whiskey too.
  13. Also out. Buying a house, fixing the utilities, and replacing the car in the last 4 months = goodbye travel for some time.
  14. Thanks guys, surgery went without a hitch and her knee felt better the moment she woke up afterwards. She's a bit immobile but on the mend.
  15. Hanging out at a hospital about 30 min west... my mom is having some scheduled knee work on her meniscus. Tomorrow will mostly be helping her out with getting things since my dad has to work.