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  1. what beans (origin and roast level) are you using? most anything African or a higher level of fines is gonna slow it down. do not swirl the bed during bloom, origami will choke up just like V60 if you stir up your fines too much. i use either Kalita wave (185 or 155) for flat filter or Cafec Abaca (red pack) for cone filter. Cafec is a very confusing brand and i don't know if the ones you are using are a culprit for slower draw. i started with these red abaca and won't switch as long as they are available. they draw fast and are well made.
  2. sorry meant to reply sooner, Jacob. being my only electric grinder ever, it's hard to say, but i haven't ever found P100 that loud. pretty pleasant deeper grind noise at lower RPM and it's so goddamn fast that even if it were too loud, it's literally 5 seconds for an 18g dose. just yesterday, Option-O unveiled the 01. it oddly seems more like a side-grade alternate to P100. i am unlikely to change to it. much prefer P100 smaller base for my specific layout. seriously doubt 102mm vs 98mm has any discernable difference. that being said... i will very seriously consider the new Mizen 98mm burrs they are releasing soon. sounds very promising and more flexible between spro and pour over and in a year (ha) when my Argos is finally ready maybe i will do the swap. https://www.option-o.com/shop/lagom-01 https://www.option-o.com/shop/mizen-98om
  3. it seems like i will be waiting a long while for my Argos lever machine (their QA process has slowed to a crawl) so i've resorted to faking shots using the Fellow Prismo attachment on my aeropress. grinding in espresso range on the P100, immersion for 1:00, then a slow press fully down to compress the puck and produce extra, albeit very thin, foam. the resulting drink is a "FakePresso" 1:3 lungo (18g in, 54g out) that is nowhere near real espresso-feel but the taste is great... way better than anything like a Nespresso. plus i feel like it will help me get used to concentrated flavors and help my real shots whenever i finally can do them. today was Savage Parabolic gesha roasted by Red Meow in Hong Kong.👌
  4. not ready to do final P100 comments yet until i do some espresso for a period of time but just dropping in to say apparently “burr break in” is a real thing. in the past few weeks the amount of fines has dropped considerably on all of my various beans and i feel like i’m nearing the final state of these burrs and ease of use in purging between doses. which is to say - no purging. there is nothing left from each dose. it is completely zero retention.
  5. i haven’t shared any coffee rec’s in a minute so here’s one of you are looking to splurge. the shipping is super pricey but international delivery was within three days after roast which is pretty incredible. Manhattan in the Netherlands is ridiculously good. Luna and Letty are from Finca El Paraiso which is a Colombian farm i know very well via Hatch in Canada. Janson is a Panamanian farm that i’ve been meaning to try for a while but kind of hard to find. Luna is just as i remembered with exceptional bright acidity and lots of interesting herbals. Letty may be one of the 2-3 best coffees i have ever had. the peach and mango notes are so pure and outrageous. Janson has been very challenging. extremely dense and slow drawdown regardless of brewer or grind variation. i ended up putting it through long steep aeropress which seems to have done the trick and pull up a bit more richness from what has been extremely delicate profile. i would pretty comfortably put a few other farms from Panama above Janson based on this bag (Savage / Fincah Deborah in particular).
  6. feel like the Duo’s motor needs to be beefier for flats but otherwise seems good. variable rpm is less an issue with niche running lower rpm to begin with. i’d probably be same boat, Jacob. Duo is a nice balance of entry in larger flats with the good workflow and a brand i would trust more than turin (DF83) or timemore (sculptor 78S). this Zerno Z1 seems pretty great but super new brand, model, and not immediately available. https://zerno.co
  7. proper light roasts including Nordic now seem to be recommending 30+ days of resting in many cases. Sey, Apollon’s Gold, etc. i let that Black & White settle for 3ish weeks and certainly didn’t feel like it lost anything. if anything has improved.
  8. it’s a beast. i’ve been messing around on this Black & White El Burro geisha for a month and first v60 with the Lagom today produced far and away the best cup. ridiculously good acidity. the kind where it’s just pure fruit juice. also it doesn’t matter but i am glad i got red speed coating on the burrs because they look cooler with it.
  9. Odyssey opened a very limited run of spots for Argos this morning that sold out in under 30 minutes. Fortunately I grabbed one in time. Starting with 6 bar for turbo shots + the Bluetooth add on. won’t be here for a while but glad i’m in line now. also my P100 arrives next week so will have a couple months minimum to break in on filter.
  10. hoping for late February arrival. the Flair would be a bit more hassle, so many add-ons and correct, i’d have to hack the milk portion separately. Argos can give me the wand and the lever action i’m looking for and not cost me 3 grand.
  11. spent way way too much time on home barista lately… ordered something ridiculous last week. Lagom P100 in silver. special request added to swap to SSP brew burrs which are a recent development and should allow for peak light roasted filter coffee and focus on turbo shots for espresso… meaning the next purchase will probably be a Flair 58 or (if another order round opens up) an Odyssey Espresso Argos. hoping for the latter. wife likes lattes.
  12. fortunately i have some burr seasoning plans that most of mine will probably go towards…
  13. Unfortunate situation for a local roaster (to me) turns into a rather good deal if you are interested. I grabbed a case. https://www.modest.coffee/2022/12/how-we-got-grifted/
  14. TLDR: if you are an old Plasma hold out it is time to move on. current OLED is significantly better in 99% of the viewing experience and getting 4K + HDR alone is worth it. -- couple weeks ago we upgraded from the old 50" Panasonic UT50 plasma (~2012 era) to a 55" LG C2 OLED. i knew it would be a jump but i am shocked at the improvements. every single aspect of viewing is better with (maybe) one exception in cinematic motion. i was never a fan of smoothing but with this TV you can very delicately apply it to de-judder and even things out. 1917 4K last night was absolutely spectacular. had i realized the jump from blu ray to UHD 4K I probably wouldn't have waited so long, however 4K is starting to get less expensive and i have a pretty large physical library of blu that will take a long time to upgrade even 30% of.
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