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  1. i am really glad i didn't buy ls50 wireless in the past... very good chance i will try these at some point https://us.kef.com/wireless/ls60/ls60-wireless.html
  2. not a good day - RIP to my father-in-law's best friend, Bill. Passed away at 71 shortly upon diagnosis of Stage 4 anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. pretty much a month from first symptoms to hospice. amazing sense of humor, almost as good as my FIL's. was easy to see why they got along so well. and a second RIP to Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell. legendary powerlifter, probably the most well known coach of his generation. massive ego and hated many opposing opinions yet had some of the most generous and kind support you could give to thousands of people over 40+ years. https://barbend.com/powerlifter-louie-simmons-obituary/
  3. i wasn't expecting 2022 to have some personal bourbon renaissance but that's how it broke. against extremely long odds i was selected a month ago with 9 other folks to do Four Roses first ever barrel selections for their official Mellow Moments club. event was on Thursday then bottles sold yesterday. made some bourbon friends amongst the group and imbibed considerably. felt like an HC event. picked top 3 out of 10 barrels. i am happy to report I thieved everyone's samples on the top choice, 11 year OESV from north side of Warehouse P. heavy pours on a fucking belter. ^Brent the master distiller and Mandy who runs the program ^magnificent 10 for selections
  4. normal Dragonfly prices are brutal and i wouldn't be a buyer... Similar to Bird Rock and Paradise. they recently did a big clearance and i grabbed the Elida Estate green tip at almost half off and it's much closer to worth it. not sure if those sales are normal or if i was lucky. Hatch is awesome and i would recommend. i had their advent calendar last year and it's the best run of coffee I've ever done. also their relationship with Finca El Paraiso seems incredibly unique and gives them access to stuff i haven't seen elsewhere. Paraiso is a ridiculously good farm, probably in my top two. (i should note i only do pour over. no espresso)
  5. i took a week off caffeine recently for elimination-testing reasons and the bean stash wasn't entirely empty... of course i didn't stop buying and now my counter collection is absolute 🔥
  6. bumpybump... nearly two years after doing my first A/B/C of Spotify, Qobuz, and Tidal (where i reported no differences of any kind)... i have revisited Tidal. continuing frustration over Spotify HiFi not being a thing, recent social dilemmas, and the current $2-for-3 month promo for the top tier all pulled me in along with plenty of @recstar24 encouragement. it's a huge jump this time. of 100 or so tracks so far, there's been less than 10 that i thought were not hugely improved specifically in staging and the '3d'ness of individual lines. maybe it's the rig... Tidal Connect into Naim Uniti HE to Utopia is some truly glorious digital. most likely i will stick with it unless Spotify pulls a 180.
  7. Fuck. Steve was such a real guy, so damn friendly and easy to talk to. Will be missed.
  8. re: Ode and SSP... i swear i read like 6 months ago on Home Barista or reddit that Fellow had confirmed they were exploring burr updates for an Ode revision. i assume just including an SSP by default. guessing that will make it more expensive. Nate - probably worth waiting on this supposed revision.
  9. sort of partial to the weber eg-1 onyx myself. https://weberworkshops.com/products/eg-1?variant=31624830386229
  10. i've got it bolted to a separate butcher block. it's pretty stable. still looks unwieldy and ridiculous.
  11. the finest setting is about as fine you would want to go on an aeropress, so finer than any pour over method would ever tolerate. it can't do espresso. that was also part of my justification to add a comandante which can go into espresso range.
  12. despite only doing pour over i manage to use 3 different manuals myself. OE Lido 3, OE Apex, and Comandante MK3. Comandante is the daily driver because it's the fastest and easiest clean up. Apex is for the super expensive bags or if i am feeling serious and trying to dial in. the grounds are absurdly clean out of this one. Lido is for adding a little more body to a brew if i've dialed in or i need excess capacity on a big brew. it produces less visual fines than Comandante and i go back and forth constantly on which produces a better cup. they are very comparable.
  13. beans from the past month. Savage Gesha definitely the #1 but the Brandywine Costa Rican was amazingly consistent.
  14. i don't understand the staging critique of Utopia. since when does any headphone ever do a proper sound stage?
  15. going off the deep end.... for USB strictly I am quite torn right now between Yggy Analog 2 with Unison or Denafrips Pontus II. Leaning Yggy. Just feels like Schiit has tried to solve USB the most.
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