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  1. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    the v60 rocks. just about done with this Ethiopian after getting mixed results on aeropress. make one brew with this hario and it is significantly better from start to finish. i think the aeropress will be reserved for experimental purposes. used James Hoffman method, very easy and seems like a good base recipe to adjust off of for new bags. also i love getting two reasonable cups from one brew.
  2. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    ^queue'd up here too, sounding pretty great
  3. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    well i'd really intended to get a kalita for pour-over instead of a hario v60 but i came across the v60 drip decanter and it looks about perfect... uses a plastic size 02 so i can make two cups for Mrs and me and save time. plus Prima restocked the untabbed 02 filters which are (apparently) hard to come by now so i ordered a bunch with the decanter. pour over come at me bro.
  4. Aura

    What are you EATING right now?

    i think it's the one thing they don't change out on the menu. pretty fun, the helium only messed up my voice for a few minutes 😀
  5. Aura

    What are you EATING right now?

    anniversary dinner last night at Alinea. every single bite was great. and a few in particular were absolutely epic (the halibut/fennel/apple and rabbit/beans/sassafras).
  6. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    wait that's not how you test for correct coarseness?
  7. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    fuck yeah it's coffee time got the lido today, everything i read online is pretty much on point. adjusted the dials twice and brewed a medium-dark Kenya AA, very well rounded cup when it got a few ticks above room temp. most interesting is my yield was noticeably better with this lido compared to the hario. my bypass/water addition was like a third of what i'd been adding before. i think this made the cup a bit heftier overall. afterwards i did adjust the grind to a little less fine for my brew tomorrow morning, a little more coarse should dial this in. fun stuff, also got some Ethiopian in from Heart Coffee in Portland so i need to rush through the remainder of this Kenyan which should be easy since i'm drinking twice my normal amount since i got the aeropress.
  8. Aura

    MLB playoffs 2014

    supposedly taubman's punishment effectively equals a permanent ban but the same should have been applied to other folks or they should have taken many more picks away. NBA took away like 5+ years of picks from minnesota for something way less damaging. feels closer to a slap on the wrist. not surprised.
  9. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    was never much into Rush but i'll give a few spins this weekend. starting this morning with one of those albums where every time i listen to it, i can't believe i don't work through it as last once every few months. Fiona Apple - When The Pawn...
  10. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    ironically, my hario skerton seems to do worse with coarse grind for french press than it does with medium/medium-fine grind for aeropress. the wider the gap for the burrs, the more variance it seems in the grounds. hoping the lido 3 alleviates this (reviews online suggest that is the case).
  11. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    ^yessir. what carafe do you use? was thinking maybe this 600ml hario as the matching kalita carafe is 500ml and might be better to have a slightly larger volume. (this is assuming carafes are interchangeable)
  12. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    added a proper scale (jennings cj-4000). needed to have precise measuring on my bean-to-water ratio (starting with 1:16 after bypassing and will play around with that). i now have everything i would need to do pour over except for that actual pour over device, something i said i wouldn't go off the deep end for... i'll give it a couple months before i end up with a kalita wave or hario v60. more interested in kalita, seems a bit easier to use and more consistent.
  13. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    thanks for this link, Rob. i noticed that inverted method produces a smaller volume and a more concentrated pour so i tried bypassing this morning with a few different volumes and that worked quite well. balances out the pour.
  14. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    finally got around to grabbing an aeropress this weekend. used three times with three different test runs (Old Bisbee Kenya AA beans) including one inverted pour and it's just a killer cup each time. it will be quite a while before i french press again.
  15. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    since i just bought tickets to see sleep... Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain