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  1. @recstar24 how dare you enable me.
  2. Aura

    Coffee Drinkers?

    two bags i saw come back in stock that may be of interest... Dark Matter Blood Lord (BA in FEW bourbon and rye barrels) Old Bisbee Bali Blue Krishna decided to pass on bali this time. i'm finishing up a bag of Reanimator Yukro Ethiopia that has been really terrific. i think i'm trending toward medium roasts with less bite and more fruit, earthy notes. good chance my next order will be with reanimator again...
  3. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    Fuck the motherfucking blues.
  4. Aura

    What are you Grilling now?

    the bottom one, duh. also you must be at ABT.
  5. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Dreadnought - Emergence
  6. Aura

    The State of DACSES

    messaged ya, todd.
  7. Aura

    The State of DACSES

    ^that's what i figured. easy choice for the desk space.
  8. ^solid tip, @purk i knew that a new DPS for the mk2 was on the roadmap, will most likely wait for that. but it's pretty cool that the headroom one can substitute.
  9. got my GLite mk2 in today. sounds good as fuck. /end
  10. Aura

    The State of DACSES

    bumpsies. does anything else in the $250-300 range compare to schiit modi multibit? asking for a friend.
  11. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    i fell asleep pretty early on but watched everything this morning on DVR. just nuts, crazy happy for the sharks. SHARK ATTACK
  12. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    fuck the preds. thank you Dallas for taking care of business. now go knock out St. Louis and i will be utterly satisfied with 2019.
  13. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    watched every second of the sharks game. was not disappointed.
  14. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    i'm a definite no to vegas, nashville, and st louis (because #hawks). would really enjoy colorado or winnipeg making it. wanted san jose but that's not gonna happen, they are such a bipolar team.
  15. Aura

    2019 NHL Playoffs

    so far this year is delivering. fuck pittsburgh. and, well, tampa getting knocked out in four was just plain fun. i would now like every remaining series to go 7 because moar hockey. also i'd thought caps vs. lightning was the ECF we deserved but now i'm thinking caps vs. jackets for a rematch from last year is the ECF we need.