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  1. Fuck. Steve was such a real guy, so damn friendly and easy to talk to. Will be missed.
  2. re: Ode and SSP... i swear i read like 6 months ago on Home Barista or reddit that Fellow had confirmed they were exploring burr updates for an Ode revision. i assume just including an SSP by default. guessing that will make it more expensive. Nate - probably worth waiting on this supposed revision.
  3. sort of partial to the weber eg-1 onyx myself. https://weberworkshops.com/products/eg-1?variant=31624830386229
  4. i've got it bolted to a separate butcher block. it's pretty stable. still looks unwieldy and ridiculous.
  5. the finest setting is about as fine you would want to go on an aeropress, so finer than any pour over method would ever tolerate. it can't do espresso. that was also part of my justification to add a comandante which can go into espresso range.
  6. despite only doing pour over i manage to use 3 different manuals myself. OE Lido 3, OE Apex, and Comandante MK3. Comandante is the daily driver because it's the fastest and easiest clean up. Apex is for the super expensive bags or if i am feeling serious and trying to dial in. the grounds are absurdly clean out of this one. Lido is for adding a little more body to a brew if i've dialed in or i need excess capacity on a big brew. it produces less visual fines than Comandante and i go back and forth constantly on which produces a better cup. they are very comparable.
  7. beans from the past month. Savage Gesha definitely the #1 but the Brandywine Costa Rican was amazingly consistent.
  8. i don't understand the staging critique of Utopia. since when does any headphone ever do a proper sound stage?
  9. going off the deep end.... for USB strictly I am quite torn right now between Yggy Analog 2 with Unison or Denafrips Pontus II. Leaning Yggy. Just feels like Schiit has tried to solve USB the most.
  10. i had general impressions of Utopia ready within an hour of receiving them but took the week to work through various material (still a lot to go). significant upgrade from Elex and Clear. there's a bigger gap from Clear to Utopia than Elex to Clear and i think it's because Utopia does things that Clear simply cannot HD600 comparison is apt, actually i think Utopia is more in-line with presentation of HD600/580 than Clear or Elear. there's a subtlety and smoothness to Utopia that is not in Clear, in hindsight i actually may be finding Clear a little wild now in it's presentation god-tier detail, imaging, bass, PRaT not bright. not to me. had some female vocals at time that i thought were slightly-off tonally and then went back to HD580 to compare and it was effectively identical the most unexpected thing is how easy they are to listen to. you'd think with this insane level of detail that it would be devoid of emotion or push you out of zen state... well i have the complete opposite experience. shocking ability for intimacy. so... yeah. this headphone concludes my adventure. there's nowhere else i care to go. TLDR Nums put it right.
  11. i'm back to support my homie @morphsci and his opinion that the dude's opinion is FUCKED also these arrived today from @justin and after five drams i can tell you these headphone are the absolute GOAT and please go right fuck off if you feel otherwise because obviously your ears are broke AF okay adios bros edit - also shout out to @naamanf because he's a manly man
  12. it’s not clear if our good friend @grawk has actually started his roasting service but when i received this today it sure felt on-par with any current roaster i use (and i have used quite a few in 2020)... starting with the Brazil. this is a clean, clean cup on the v60, lesser acidity (above room temp) in favor of nutty and spicy and tea-like attributes. i find this stupidly drinkable.
  13. Aura


    living on the wild side... i teaspooned some Laphroaig into a sampling of this year’s batch (now 11 days in). honestly? tastes great. just a trace of the smoke and it adds some more rich, earthy stuff in the taste that is totally unique. all bow down to the PEAT NOG
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