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  1. Aura

    Happy Birthday Mikey!

    happy birthday brother!
  2. Aura


    random thoughts in regards to cask strength and just heavy-ass notes (both aroma and flavor)... i was best-served in allowing myself time to "get past" my palate requiring a certain intensity. it takes time to revert back to appreciating downproofed whisky or whisky that offers a more-rounded presentation (which doesn't mean there's less complexity, just less dominance of specific notes/flavors versus the full range of notes in that drink). it's a rather ironic journey - it's common to work your way upward in proof and intensity but after you've become accustomed to that, you could be missing on great stuff simply because it delivers a different presentation. TLDR - don't be afraid to trust a distillery or bottler when they release something that isn't cask strength or not super peaty, super sherry, super-whatever. there's also a good chance when you look for stuff outside the three realms above that you're finding a ton of value too (because higher proof, more sherry, darker color, etc. almost always results in more hype and a higher price).
  3. Aura


    ecbp in a nog... nuthin but respect.
  4. Aura


    ^that one’s all on the distribution. used to be Preiss, switched to Pacific Edge maybe 2-3 years back. before the UK cut off exporting i got Longrow 18 for $60-70 less per bottle than it is in my area now. unfortunately springer doesn’t have many substitutes for that profile. so if it’s your thing, gonna have to bite the bullet.
  5. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    St. Vincent - MassEducation liked the original and sure liking the stripped-down version
  6. Aura


    ^i edited my list - it was for unpeated non-islay distilleries. all would be worth exploring if you're not into heavy smoke.
  7. Aura


    ^in support of the blends Mikey listed, Compass Box Flaming Heart is generally a must-try. Latest edition should just be hitting shelves in the US. -- for non-islay and non-peaty, here's a random listing of some of my target malts based on the dominant flavors that i usually pull from them... sweet (in a general way) - benrinnes, glenfarclas, longmorn, mortlach waxy, fruity - clynelish salty, briny - old pulteney, talisker tangy, funky - kilkerran, springbank / longrow
  8. Aura


    in for Cali Costco group buy on Laga 16... (also not in Illinois for that price). also if you’re feeling ardbeg 10, uigeadail (oogie) in the $60 range doesn’t have too much direct competition for the value for sherried islay.
  9. Aura


    Have a full 750ml that’s been sitting in the fridge since last year. Never meant to let it go the full 365 but I will definitely sample it before getting sick as a dog and throwing out the rest.
  10. Aura

    Happy Birthday Jim (morphsci)!

    Happy birthday Jim!
  11. Aura

    Happy Birthday Stretch!

    hope you had a good one, stretch!
  12. Aura

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    i need to mellow the fuck out My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
  13. Aura


    ^any plans to come to Chicago, Marc? both 2004 and 2005 are at a few different Binny's
  14. Aura

    KEF Egg

    following up... my impressions are that s2000 is well worth $400. sound good with everything. tested blu ray last night with the optical out and a fight scene greatly alarmed the dog.
  15. at what mile marker are you required to pull over and chug a hazy IPA?