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  1. Y Cable Split - Stereo to Dual Mono On a more serious note... was it tight around your neck? I have a big head so it'll be something I'd have to take into consideration
  2. If the size shrinks down enough I might consider modding it to fit inside my UMPC. Doesn't really fit my purposes at this revision. I guess the price isn't bad in comparison to some of the other audio products floating around. What UMPC do you have? I use a UMPC as the vital piece in my portable/transportable rig Slim as in PSP Slim?
  3. The Amp on my PSP is enough for my SA5000s or UE-10 Pros It's a little bit quiet for K701s when I need to eq/convolv for bass boost(Ditto for the HD650s or HD600s) and I can get some volume for my K1000s(which would be the extreme end) I really hope the HD800s sound decent out of a puny amp(like the SA5000s do) and leave enough room for some eq/convolv magic
  4. I guess I might bite the bullet and add these to my collection Reasoning: I really like my K701s and SA5000s The look of the SA5000 is hot to me but I hate how the cable make so much damn noise The removable cables on the HD800 are definitely a nice touch Buying blind(err deaf) is fun and no one close to me will ever really get a HD800 >< A.Thorsen's review comparing them against the HD800 gives me some faith Anyone get a chance to hear them straight out of say... an ipod or PSP? My dedicated player is a umpc with a tiny bit better dac/amp If they're decent with
  5. No, he'd look like an average American Concerning the HD800s... It's a hard look to pull off correctly
  6. I don't like the looks and... "Estimated Retail price will be more than 700usd" Ewwwww
  7. I like the style/look They look goofy on middle-aged men, however
  8. I am utter newbie when it comes to the top-top dynamic amps. \ I haven't been able to audition a single one that has been listed! I recently ran into some good luck and I have accumulated some money for an amp upgrade. I had my eyes set on the LaRocco Headcode. It troubles me a little that it isn't mentioned here. Is there any reason why it's not so popular? Please be harsh, I would like to know exactly how you feel. Don't hold back If you love the amp... well don't hold back either
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