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  1. pomme de terre

    Top Gear

    Yay, new season of Fifth Gear is back. Should keep me occupied until TG is back on
  2. I thought I'd throw in that I've also noticed there are two variations for bowl pads. The current ones are like the ones Tyll has pictured, but there are also older bowls that have slots cut around the hole like the flats. I'm not sure what effect this has on the sound (if any).
  3. From what I understand, this is the case with the 727. Is it also just as simple on the 323?
  4. How much worse is the battery life after doing this? I'm currently fetching every 30 mins but wouldn't mind if I could get emails faster.
  5. pomme de terre

    Top Gear

    The second episode of TGUS was pretty good... and the latest one (third) was alright. However, I thought the first one was terrible. I almost fell asleep watching it, even with the whole Viper chase segment.
  6. pomme de terre

    Top Gear

    I think it was the best DVD/special that Clarkson or Top Gear has ever put out. Top Gear Apocalypse came out this week... and that was just terrible. No Clarkson, boring as hell, and they were trying too hard to be funny.
  7. If memory serves me right, I recall reading that the O2 MK1's had fragile drivers that tend to fail easily... which was then remedied by the not-as-good-sounding MK2? Reason I ask is I'm tempted by this FS: Stax Omega II mk1 - Head-Fi.org Community
  8. Does the SR-202 have the same problem? I'm trying to decide between a used SR-202 kit right now, or splurging more for a used SR-404 kit. So which would you guys recommend... or neither?
  9. Hey guys, I've got my mind set to get a set of Stax. Now I'll admit I haven't read through all of this thread, or the Stax thread at the other place... but just how bad is that upper midrange peak that the SR-404 has? Worse than the peak Grados have?
  10. I don't think a pair with a serial #, from 2004-2006, would have pink drivers. My pair is from 2001 (around the time of 9/11, it even came with the apology letter signed by John), with no serial #, and they had already started using white drivers. Kind of unlikely that Grado would have pink drivers left over 3-5 yrs later.
  11. HF-2 B Stock! - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio B-stock HF2's... I wonder what they look like
  12. Thats really interesting because the ESW9 is a seriously sexy can. On what level (sound-wise) are they, or what other cans are they comparable to?
  13. So how do you guys feel about the AD2000? (serious question here )
  14. Using them with the stock bowls since I've heard that flats make the bass even more pronounced and muddy
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